Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flowers in our garden...

Pink/orange bougainvillea

Jatropha Integrimma - "Miss Hong Kong"

Allamanda cathartica

The last couple of days I've been working in the garden; weeding, which was long overdue. The hot and humid climate at this time of the year makes everything grow with record speed, and weeds are no exception. I don't mind weeding, as long as it doesn't turn out being a full time job! I love our garden, and I think it is kind of recreation and I'm often lost in my own world being there. It's amazing to see how fast it grows here, compared to Norway where everything is so concentrated for a few months only. I didn't believe hubby when he told me; "put a branch in the soil and it'll grow" - but it is true! We have done that with quite some branches, and most of them are small trees now.
I love all kind of plants, and I also have a "selection" of potted plants on the porch.


The Heart of Paul said...

Bougainvilleas are abundant in my country because they are so easy to plant. We call them Bunga Kertas or 'paper flowers' lol. Alamandas grow well here too.

I really like those 'Miss Hong Kongs' by the way. I wonder if they are available here. I haven't seen any....yet.

Astrid said...

Bougainvilleas as well as Alamandas are abundant here too, you'll see them everywhere. Yes, "Miss Hong Kong" is a beautiful plant and grows easily too.