Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stash & Stash and card exchange

It's true what I say; stash diet is impossible - unless you have tons of willpower, which I don't have! I received these two fabrics and the cross-stitch patterns today. YIPPEE!!! The fabric to the left was on sale at US$ 4 per yard, while the other one (batik) was normal price. I love batiks! I'm dreaming of making a batik quilt! Don't ask me when I'll start making it! The same question appears every time I want to start a new project; do I have matching fabrics??? And if I have, do I have enough??? I consider making a quilt for the swing too... The question is when! Hubby is near to pass out every time he hears the word "new project" or "fabric"!!! Perhaps I had too if he had been into something as passionate as crafting... :))

Yes, I did buy some cross-stitch patterns! After joining NNC I have been introduced to some very creative and talented cross-stitchers, who have inspired me to take up cross-stitching again - after approx 20 years or even more. I bought the patterns from the US, but didn't buy floss or fabric - hopefully I'll get it here.

I have signed up for a card-exchange! HELP!!! :) I have never made a card in my life, except those odd Father's & Mother's Day cards we made at school. After I read the rules I got an idea how to make the card, and today I began working on it. Phew! That's not easy for a novice like me! I can't go into details before my exchange partner has received the card. The card & I haven't been friends today! :( I'm starting the 4th attempt tonight - hopefully it turns out OK. It's not easy though! It's not always easy putting the pictured project into practise - is it?!

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