Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brand new ironing board

I'm trying again! Last night the Internet connection was worse than a yo-yo and it failed to publish these two photos. :(
Yepp! I bought a brand new ironing board some days ago - got it today! The one I have I got from MIL when I settled here six years ago and already at that time it had done part of its job. I have used it a lot too and now it is worn out. The top (plywood) is broken, part of the filling on the top is gone and it feels like ironing over a road's speed breakers! Wasn't it time for a new one?! :) I haven't unpacked it yet - have to admire it while it is still sealed. LOL! I wonder what Birre-Liten does now... One of his favorite places to sleep is on the old one - what will he do when the new one is unpacked?! Which one does he choose? :)

My blog is not complete without including our pets - here is little Chico. Well, he is not "little" anymore; he is approx 10 months now. When we got him the vet estimated he was born in August last year. Chico is looking through the window into my sewing room - checking if I'm there and what I'm doing. Usually he does that when he's hungry or needs to go out for a "business trip".

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