Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday celebration

Yesterday was my birthday... I intended making the cake the day before my birthday, but didn't. Actually I did make the base - sponge cake - but didn't do the filling. Yesterday we went out very early and came home late in the afternoon, so I was too tired even thinking of the cake and decided doing it this morning. It's a very simple cake - very popular as birthday cake in Norway. The base is sponge cake, then sliced into two, filled with whipped cream & fruit cocktail (tin) and covered with whipped cream and garnished with cherries. We just had a taste now - oh so yummy! :)
I have received so many birthday greetings; snail mail cards, e-mails and sms, and I've received some lovely gifts too. Thanks to everyone!
It's not only my birthday I'm celebrating, but my 50th blog post too! When I started this blog back in January, I never dreamt of that many posts within a few months time! I wasn't even sure I liked blogging, but it has proved wrong. When I started this blog, I intended to make it quilting/patchwork related only, but my life is more than that, like other crafts, our house & garden, our pets, pen palling and of course this beautiful island. I'll share more photos and some history of the island with you later on, but be sure there will be lots of crafts too! :) Since I have reached post #50, I want to thank everyone who has visited and commented on my blog. Your wonderful comments mean a lot to me and encourages me to continue working on crafts I love the most.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

happy Birthday Astrid!! the cake looks wonderful. Is it a Norway thing to put fruit cocktail in between the layers? I had not heard of that.

Sharon said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday:)
And all the very best

busymum100 said...


Happy belated birthday!!!

I missed wishing you earlier in the NNC group.

May you have many many more happy returns.


Astrid said...

Karen, Sharon and SMZ - thank you so veeery much! :)

Sølvis blog said...

Gratulerer med dagen som har vært. Fin blogg du har. Hilsen Sølvi

The Heart of Paul said...

Happy Belated Birthday Astrid!!! That's cake looks delicious!