Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tea Cozy

It's "winter" in Mauritius! At least that is what the locals say... Of course it is not winter with tons of snow and freezing temperatures - how can it be - in the tropics? June, July and August are considered as "winter months", when the temperatures drop approx 10 degrees from the peak of summer. This morning - it was +13C (55F), which is very cold for the locals. You can often see them wearing leather jackets, which I find a bit funny of course - coming from a wintry country. :) I love this time of the year, because it reminds me of the Norwegian autumn.
Well, I was not going to talk about the weather... DH drinks tea every morning and has asked me making a tea cozy to keep the tea pot warm. I completed it yesterday. It turned out to be a little bit too tall - I think - perhaps I'll make another one smaller. The tea pot we use daily is a bit taller compared to the one on the photo, but even then the tea cozy is approx 5 cm (2") too tall...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hadn't thought of you being in the opposite season right now. Yes 55 degrees for winter doesn't sound bad to me either! Our winter is usually fairly nice and most often we are in the 40-55 range all winter. Sometimes we wear sweatshirts more than jackets.
As always another interesting post from the island :)

Sissel H.S said...

Bloggen din gir meg mye inspirasjon det er en award til deg på min bloggen.