Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Storage bags & Potholders

I'm hit by a virus called "brettepose virus"! I don't know the word for "brettepose" in English... perhaps "storage bag" or "basket", since they are small bags for storage. OK, I'll call them storage bags. :)) I'm a member of the quilt group "Quilt Skandinavia", where there is an outbreak of "storage bag virus" these days. :) I'm not quite sure how many storage bags have been made within the group - I have made eleven! Here are three of them. They are perfect as gift bags, where almost anything can be added; sweets, tea & coffee, nuts, shampoo etc. The sizes may vary; the two small ones are 4,5" x 8" (11,5 x 20cm) and the bigger one is 4,5" x 10" (11,5 x 25,5cm). They can be made bigger too.

Do you remember this post - where I got obsessed by 9na's "Jule-sy-mysterium"? I made quite some blocks that is not going to be potholders - perhaps a lap quilt... I wanted to make some potholders too, and here is one pair made of some coffee fabrics and Moda Marbles steal blue. I like the color combination - perhaps I'll make some place mats too, but not right now. :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the bags are cute! have fun making them.

Kari Aspenes said...

Kjempes√łte grytekluter!
Really cute pot holders!


erinrizz said...

Nice storage bags Astrid...Well done !!!

The Heart of Paul said...

Great work Astrid!

busymum100 said...


They are lovely. Now you make me want to try to make one or two myself. Thank you for giving the idea, and also the links that you gave us in NNC.

BTW, I am distracted by the tablecloth(is it) that you use to put your quilt products on. It reminds me of the the "pop-corn" that we used to crochet. Did you crochet that piece?

Astrid said...

Thanks to you all for your comments! :)