Sunday, January 24, 2010

Attacking UFO's!

I've been working hard on the UFO's this month, and here are a few more that are finished.
I made a few of these log cabin blocks last year, but didn't know what to turn them into. Perhaps my brain works better in the beginning of the year?! No, I know what it is! "5 before 5" - the UFO-contest as well as the OPAM! Competition BUG has got me!!!
I made the log cabin blocks into a table runner! Two years ago - even more - I made the "Christmas in your Heart" wall quilt (sorry no photo). I had quite some fabrics left I wanted to use. You may notice the runner is quite long - yes, it is! I wanted it to fit our dining table, which is approx 2.10 meters (approx 7 feet) long. The table runner is 67" - 1.70 meters.

Details of the runner.

I made two pair of place mats too - using leftover fabrics. Cut the fabrics into stripes and sewed some together - and - empty for ideas! I didn't think of the stripes fabrics at that time (the angels are actually border fabrics). I fussy cut some of the angels - and voila! Here's what came out of it! :)

and another pair - using the same fabrics.

I was supposed to make these place mats before Christmas.... Well, I did, but ran out of fabric for the binding. I had to purchase more - fortunate the web shop had more in stock - even on sale! I received it in the beginning of January - another UFO done! :) I've used "disappearing 9-patch blocks" - gingerbread folks fabrics.
As you may have noticed; I haven't change the curtains in the kitchen - still the Christmas curtains! Well, Christmas lasts until Easter - as the saying goes..... :))

A little peek of the "little-girl-quilt" I'm making from these blocks, which I talked about in this post. It was supposed to be a baby quilt, but it has turned out bigger than that. I've been quite obsessed by making it and last night I finished the top! Woooo-Hoooo! :) I'm not sure I have suitable backing for it.... Perhaps I'll buy flannel at the textile market in town.... Since January I'm on SSD (Strict Stash Diet), so I don't want to buy any stash - unless I really need it! :) So far I've done well!!! I've bought some needed buttons and batting - that's all! :)
ZERO TEMPTATIONS! (What a joke!!!!)


karenfae said...

I love that long wooden bowl on your table. I have seen some like that in antique stores - I think t was a couple years ago that I was browsing through one and saw several like that. Were they originally for making bread in do you think or for something else. Such an interesting shape to it.

Mrs Moen said...

I'm totally and utterly in awe, Astrid, so many beuatiful finishes and January is not over yet! Are you going for 50 before 5???:-)

siv hege said...

Well done, love your finishes. Great thing, the OPAM concept!

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, my! What an inspiration you are. I have many UFO's, and have been trying to get them finished. This month, I finished a round robin quilt enough to send to the quilter. That was a biggie for me. I like your diet!

heather said...

I love the ladies on the table runner. Great use of the log cabin blocks.

SheilaC said...

Great job getting so many UFOs done!!

Luckily I got my 1 finish for OPAM this month!