Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jack-seed paste

Have I invented a new recipe?
I posted about jackfruit (here) some days ago. At that time we didn't do anything with the seeds, except keeping them in water. The next day DH removed them from the water and wrapped them in newspaper - to let them dry up a little bit. Yesterday morning they were removed from the newspaper and put in the sun to dry more. (Sorry no photos from that process). Last night part of the seeds were boiled - like potatoes. Yummy to eat when still warm with salted butter added! :)
Here are the boiled jackseeds. Have to remove the "shell" from each of them before eating. I call it "shell", because it is a bit like the shell on shrimps.  
After the seeds were cleaned, I put them all in the food processor. I added garlic, olive oil, water (jack seeds are dryer than potatoes), sesam seeds, leek, salt, pepper and different spices. If one wants it spicier, add chillies and more salt. I didn't do that, because I find chillies too hot.
It can be eaten at dinner as well as bread-spread.

It turned out so yummy!!!

MIL told me jack curry as well as boiled jack seeds were "poor-people's-food" in the old times. Many families were fortunate having a jack tree in their garden, and often they ate jack three times per day...
There are not many vendors at the fruit- and vegetable market selling jacks nowadays. The younger generation doesn't bother about it anymore - sadly. In DH's family, there are only I and him who know how to clean jacks - and MIL - of course - and some of her siblings.  Perhaps we are fortunate having such an exotic fruit in our garden! :)


Mrs Moen said...

I love reading about your (to us) exotic food, now I'm hungry:-)

karenfae said...

neat idea for you to use the seeds too. I can see why they call it the poor man food. Sometimes when you can use so much of a plant that is what it becomes!

Dirt Lover said...

This is so interesting to me to read about your jack fruits. I've never heard of them. Great idea to use as much as possible! It looks really yummy.

Lappedamen said...

It sounds delicious with the fruit and seads.