Friday, February 5, 2010

Quilt top (UFO) finished

Another quilt top (UFO) is finished! Hurray! :)) It all started last year with these blocks, but at that time I never made any quilt out of the blocks - stored the blocks away! :) I'm determined to finish the UFO's I have before I start a new project. I hope I'm able to hold on to that, because we all know how tempting a new project is - don't we?! I have worked on this quilt almost every day for approx two weeks. Today I made the last four star blocks and added the last piece of the outer border to the quilt top. I want to use flannel for batting and backing, but haven't bought anything yet. Yes, I am on SSD (Strict Stash Diet), but I allow myself to buy flannel since I don't have anything for the two quilts I've made.
I know I have showed you just a few pieces of the two recent quilt tops I have made... I thought I was going to wait until they both are finished to show them in full - are you able to wait?? :))) As you may recall, these two quilts are my own designs... Perhaps I'm feeling a bit shy showing them... :))

Some "terrific" thunderstorms hit yesterday and during the night! It has been so hot, humid and sultry for days so something had to happen. Yesterday morning we went grocery shopping and on our way back home we were hit by a thunderstorm. We don't have a car, so we usually walk it to the supermarkets in the area, which is very good exercise! :) I don't like thunderstorms that much, bad experiences from where I grew up where lightning hit off and on. Some years ago a lightning hit our neighbor house (in Norway) - it burnt down - sadly. I didn't feel very safe walking in an open space yesterday, with an umbrella over my head - have heard about too many scary accidents where people have been hit...! We were soaked when we returned home! I have mentioned earlier I don't mind being soaked by tropical rain and this time I loved it too! It feels so good after a warm shower, dry clothes to put on and something warm to drink; this time "French Vanilla" coffee and Cadbury Wholenut! YUMMY!! :) The thunderstorms continued during the night so I didn't sleep very well. A house not far from us was hit by the lightning, it hit the solar panel (I think it was) on the roof... and made quite some damages inside the house too. There was a blackout all over the island for approx 5 hours during the night - what a "terrific" weather! I hope there won't be any thunderstorms tonight! I want a good night's sleep! Oh no! What did I say?! I hear the thunder in the distance now....... :((

The coolest place in the house?! Poor Birre-Liten feels the weather conditions too. He - as well as the dogs - find the days too hot. They don't really know where to stay, but it seems the best and coolest place is inside the house; on the floor tiles - or on the wooden table - my sewing table! :))
Oh, and there's a GIVEAWAY - from Norway this time. Lappestua has a giveaway. Look at these yummy Easter fabrics!


heather said...

I like the design of your quilt.

karenfae said...

I hate bad storms too, we have had close calls by lightening too, one time years ago a tree next to the house was hit, it did not fall but needed to be cut down the following year when we realized it was dead. We lost a lot of electrical things in the house from the storm but at least the house didn't catch on fire or anything.

Dirt Lover said...

I have not had any bad experiences with storms, so I love to watch and listen to them. The best is inside with a cup of some hot chocolate, next to the wood stove. I love your pattern! Great job on finishing a UFO. I finished a quilt top and back from one of my UFO's, (a round robin) and it makes me feel great to know it can be quilted now. Time to move onto another UFO!

Nettie said...

Beautiful quilt top Astrid! your kitty is lovely too ;o) our dogs are finding it too hot at the moment . .

Sigrun said...

Denne toppen her ser bare så flott ut. Likte godt måten du har satt sammen fargene på. Den gleder jeg meg veldig til å se helt ferdig.
Og det er kaldt på Ski nå, -10 gr. men sol så det er praktfullt å se ut. Men jeg gleder meg til litt varmere vær.