Friday, June 4, 2010

Walking in the sunshine

Wednesday this week was such a beautiful & sunny day, so we decided to go for a walk to a Tamil temple not far from where we live. Well, when I say 'not far', it means not far to us who are used to walk, but for others perhaps 45 minutes walk IS a long walk. I think last time we visited this temple, must be approx 4 years ago.

It's built high up in the mountain, a bit of a climb to reach there.

Don't know how many steps there are...

...but it's worth the climb, isn't it?! View over part of the town.

Beautifully decorated and painted.

My Gosh it was blowing that day! The gusts were so strong, I could hardly hold the camera... I think meteo said gusts of 60/70 km/h (38/43 miles/h)

Corps de Garde - 719 meters above sea level. The temple is to the left, not visible from this side.

Beautiful sugarcane fields in bloom.

A wonderful walk - altogether a 3-hours walk.



Dirt Lover said...

What a beautiful day! So glad you took pictures for us. And sugarcane? I've never seen it growing before. Oh, happy birthday, in 6 days!! Will you do anything special?

karenfae said...

such pretty photos - I can hardly imagine having to walk every where. I know you are on an island but it is too large to walk everywhere? Here in the countryside of Arkansas I have to drive everywhere. The nearest grocery store is 3 miles which I have walked to at times just because I felt like it, but everything else is further (and no buses out here).

Fleurette said...

Beautiful photos!

Michelle said...

You live in a gorgeous place!

Heather said...

That is a beautiful temple.

PJs Lapperier. said...

Den promenaden fyllde på både kropp,själ och öga.