Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some finishes, FMQ and an Award

Have you missed me?
I've not been hiking since my previous post, so didn't get lost in the forest or attacked by a wild boar! I have been extremely busy making some Christmas gifts to be sent to Norway. Every year my intention is to start early making the gifts, but it fails - always - I do wonder why?! Anyone who has an answer to it? :))
There are some Christmas gifts I can't show here! The recipients read my blog, and I don't want to spoil the suspense! So to you who know there's something coming your way; just be patient! :))

Well, there are two gifts I can show, because the two ladies who will receive these gifts, don't read my blog. I'm safe! One of them - an 84 year young lady - kindly sent me six quilt covers and a few other things, which I'm going to use for backing. I think the best way to say thank you, is to make her a little gift...
I've made two tablecloths, where I have used the same pattern and fabric. Very fun and easy to make.

Do you remember these table runners?
They have been on my "to finish" list for some weeks now, and finally now they are done!
I had some fabric left from the orange/green hibiscus, where I fussy cut some hibiscuses and leaves to applique on the table runner.

Here's the bigger table runner, with more applique.

Perhaps orange/yellow/purple is an odd color combination? I was advised to remove the orange border because it didn't match the purple, but I didn't do it. When it comes to colors, my personal opinion is that we should not follow any "rules", but do what we feel is right and not be afraid of doing something else. Perhaps the applique should have been orange, but I'm not good at drawing at all, so the "safest" for me was the fussy cutting. I've been lazy; did machine applique. I've used orange and green cotton thread (DMC) for the applique, turned out quite nice.
All in all; I love the table runners, and perhaps there'll be another quilt in the future with these "odd" colors together! :)

I've been hooked on FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) over the last days! It's all about practising, nothing else! I need to practise more on even movements. I have a tendency to move the project too fast, and I feel it goes a bit out of control. I used the Suprime Slider, which I talked about here, and Machingers Quilting gloves.  
When I googled for a photo of the gloves, I ended up at this blog; 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs. Perhaps you already know it, but it's new to me - I'll check it out...

Even if I'm a newbie, I think the FMQ turned out quite OK. This is the back of one of the small tablecloths.

I don't know if I should show only one tea coaster? :) It's a set of four (different patterns), but I have made one only.....

I thought I had the patterns here, but now I can't find them... The others are an apple, corn (maize), but I can't remember the last one....


Long time ago I received an award from Michelle, and last week (I think it was), I received the same award from Natima. Until I received it from Natima, I had completely forgotten about it - SORRY Michelle!

I am supposed to tell something about myself that you already don't know.... What should that be? I don't think I have that many secrets - lol!
I'm also supposed to pass it on to a few bloggers, which will even be worse. There are sooo many talented and versatile bloggers out there... OK, I'll pick a few then...

1) Sharon - L'Atelier and  Live Your Style
2) Elisabeth - Livet paa gaarden
3) Eva - Min Lappeverden
4) Peggy - Peg's Place
5) Bjoerg - Bjoergs Blogg

Please tell something about yourself we don't already know, and pass the award on to a few others.
I almost forgot to say a big THANK YOU to Michelle and Natima who selected me for this award!


Huisvlyt said...

Unlike me, you have done a whole lot! Love the purple table cloths. I think the orange and purple work well together. Orange is in fact blue's contrasting colour...
The other table cloths are very cute, and I think you are sweet to give a thank you gift to the "young" lady who sent you the fabrics.
You are definitly getting better at the FMQ!!! Your work is gorgeous. The 365 days - blog is really something. And she has a shop too!!! I bought the "ultimate quilting kit" there, and is very pleased with my new toys...
I like the tea coaster. I am sure the others are just as beautiful.
Congrats with the award - twice!!! You deserve it! Well done.

Notjustnat said...

Yes I have been missing you. I nearly have to send out a search party looking for you in Mauritius! Glad you are back. Good to keep busy. Starting Christmas present early is a good idea. I started making something for Christmas too, but first for myself. If I'm happy with them I will make for others lol! Enjoy the award - Hugs Nat

Anonymous said...

Funny girl Astrid! :) You still haven't told something that we don't know ;). Thanks for the award and I will get on to passing it along!

Thanks for you kind words about my tablerunner, from you the Queen of tablerunners. Yours look nice too! I especially love you tea coaster! A maple leaf in Fall colours.

I have been free motion quilting too. In fact I spent Saturday with our local guild honing my skills and I must agree with you that practice is the key! Are you planning on doing a whole quilt like that?

Later, and keep on quilting!

Michelle said...

I think the best way to prepare for Christmas if you're going to make things is to start in January. :-) Have I ever done this? No. Although some day I hope to.

All of your items are beautiful, but the appliqued table runners are outstanding. I love the colors. They look so tropical and happy.

Your stippling looks fantastic! Way to go!

Sharon said...

I like your take on color. Sometimes, we should really do what we like and not worry about "rules".
Thanks for the award! That's awfully sweet of you:)

Joanne said...

Love all of your work ... including your color choices.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good finishes Astrid...and the colours are perfect!!! Congrats on the award!!! Great job on the FMQ too...I hope to learn it one day too...Dzintra♥x