Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas gifts / 50th Anniversary gift / I-net connection

I haven't sewn anything since the middle of November, so the only projects I can show in this post are the Christmas gifts I made.

Purse for my dear "niece" Nina.
The front...

... and the back.
I've used different fat-quarters from my stash.

Two pair of pot holders for my dear friend Johnny.

I've made several tissue holders for friends, which is quite addictive! :)
Here are some of them... Can't remember how many I made...

Cute cats.

Tea bag totes. Very easy to make, and addictive too!

Sorry for the very poor quality of this photo.
A "wine-cow" for my dear friend Kari (no blog).
The "cow" is a cover for a 3-litres wine bag.
Click here for a better photo.

A sheep wall quilt for my dear friend Elisabeth (no blog).
Elisabeth collects everything sheep, and this is her 50th birthday gift.
I made the quilt at the end of 2008. Since I couldn't attend her birthday party in 2009, I finally presented it to her during my stay in Norway.
(Sorry for the poor quality).

My beloved "Nina" (sewing machine Bernina) is at service since the beginning of December.  I'm far from happy, because the guy at the service centre managed to break a small piece of the stitch plate when he tried to adjust something! (Don't ask me what he tried to adjust!) There has been a strange sound in the bobbin case area for quite some time, which disappears each time I oil the machine. The manual says the bobbin case should be oiled after each 80 000 stitches, but to make that strange sound disappear I have to oil every day I use the machine, which I find quite abnormal. I don't think he'll get a new stitch plate until middle of January, so I just have to be patient! :((


There's still no good news - or news at all - about our service provider Nomad - or "Yes-Mad" - as we have named it! Still no news how long Vista is going to be off-line. Still the same communiques. Impossible to get in touch with any at the customer service; just a sweet female voice telling all the operators are busy, so please send a sms..... How long are they going to fool their clients?! No one bothers to call you back! XP is the only operating system that is established at the moment, but still doesn't work properly. One may wonder if they have had a web attack or what the heck is going on.... It can't be upgrades taking that long?!
If the lack of information and Vista still not established over the weekend, we'll have to consider another service provider! Nomad should be aware of that they can't treat their clients as they have done over the last two - almost three weeks! I wonder how many have escaped to another service provider?! 


Sharon said...

Poor you! Try to switch to My.T if you can. Faster connection and less hassle. But I gotta say, I love how you manage to post, even when the net and the sewing machine are kinda k.o. Hats off Astrid =)
Happy New Year 2011 and wish you and your family all the very best!

karenfae said...

sorry you are still having problems with the internet. That would be making me very angry.
you got a lot of work done with year with your quilting
Happy New Year

Michelle said...

What a lovely collection of projects. The two red, black, and white bags are so striking.

Sorry about your internet provider. :-(

Dirt Lover said...

Astrid, I LOVE the bag! Very classy. Boy, you have been having some fun making things for friends. I feel bad for you not being able to use your beloved Bernina like you would like. My Bernina got sick a few years ago and ended up in the repair shop for way too long. I hope you have patience, and your machine will be better soon. And the same with your internet. Maybe you should change??

QuiltSue said...

You've made some great things, but I love the bag especially.

As for service providers, I think you must have more patience than me - I'd have changed weell before this.