Thursday, December 23, 2010

Escaped frozen Europe / Frustration over no I-net connection

Dear friends, followers and readers!

It has been way too long since my previous post. I escaped the freezing cold Norway / Europe before the airports closed due to snow. Norwegians can't help it but smile though; it rarely happens airports in Norway are closed due to snow! I thought - or better say hoped - my flight back to Mauritius was in time, but no. We boarded the plane bound for Paris in time, but got stuck at Gardermoen airport (Oslo) for two hours, before we were able to take off - due to snow storm (5 cm snow - big smile!) in Paris! I missed the flight to Mauritius, but "fortunate" the next flight that evening was almost five hours delayed so I was re-booked to that flight. The flight went well. There has been some positive changes at Plaisance airport, and going through immigration didn't cause any problems at all. Wearing a residence permit I didn't have to line up at any of the "tourist counters", instead I went to the "resident/work permit counter" where there were no queue at all. Wonderful! :)
I left Norway in -24C - landed at Plaisance with its +28C - what a thermal shock! It felt like walking in to a sauna - phew! 
I had a wonderful stay in wintry Norway. The last days of my stay provided -12C, clear, sunny sky - a real winter wonderland! I enjoyed walking in the cold, breathe the cold, fresh air, enjoy the landscape; trees covered in white etc. BUT, I must confess it feels wonderful being back in the tropics, where I don't have to dress in layers of warm winter clothes! After seven years in Mauritius, I guess I have lost the habit (already) of wearing winter clothes - lol. :)) 
I have more photos to share with you, but it has to wait.


"Thanks" to our service provider Nomad, we have been without I-net connection since Dec. 13th. According to them, they are upgrading the system for better service and faster connection. (It is allowed to hope!) Does it really take almost two weeks - or even more - to upgrade??? Are there other problems that is supposed to be a secret?! I don't know how many times we have called Nomad the last days - in vain! 

1) They don't pick up the phone.
2) ... "the connection will be established within the next hours"
3) ... "the connection will be established this afternoon"
4) Communiques; "the connection will be established within the next hours" 
5) ... "there will be a reduction on your next bill" (Hurray!!!) 

These are some of the answers we have got, either by a person who "accidentally" picked up the phone, or by several communiques. 

When it all started - Dec 12th or 13th - we were told they are upgrading and the connection will be established the next day - Tuesday 14th at 2 o'clock pm. How many days have gone by since then??? 
I think clients had been more understanding if Nomad had informed about the upgrades in advance and not told "stories" all the time! I know they informed about upgrading the modems - it has been printed on the bills - but as far as I know (perhaps I'm mistaken) there has not been any information about when the upgrades were going to take place! 
I don't know if I should say "by chance" we got to know from a poor soul at Nomad's customer service that XP is operative, but not Vista and Windows 7. 
There is something called "customer service" - and I URGE Nomad to work hard on establishing a proper customer service, which - according to me - does not work to any customers satisfaction as it is now! At Nomad's homepage it is written; 
1) "send sms to ...."
2) "send email to ...."
I don't know how many times we have sent emails or sms's, because they have not picked up the phone, but it has NEVER happened any at Nomad's so-called customer service has gotten back to us! In the end, we have had to take the phone call! Are they saving money???
I can't believe otherwise than there are many furious Nomad clients in the country these days. Some weeks ago Yashvin became a follower to my blog, and I have the pleasure to read his blog. Yashvin - thanks for following my blog - and thanks for sharing your frustration about Nomad - we relate to it! 

I can also mention Nomad's account department - another part of Nomad that doesn't work properly. We always pay bills before due date, but still; outstanding amount accumulates each month - how come??? The connection has been "chopped off" many times due to "lack of payment", which is darn annoying when we know we have paid; we know it is their fault, but still we have to make the call! We have called; "yes, we're going to look into it"...... etc. We have sent e-mails and sms's - no replies. Finally, after months, the latest bill show "no outstanding amount" - for how long...??

Per today, we have no idea - no information - how long Nomad's "upgrading" is going to take. Since XP is the only system that works right now, I have to use my "dinosaur-pc". The poor thing - the pc - is almost ten years old, but even if it is slow - at least it still works! :) 
I was going to post more photos from wintry and freezing cold Norway, but as long as Nomad is acting up I'll have to wait until I can use the laptop/Vista. 

Advice to Nomad;
Tell your clients the TRUTH - don't try different stunts by lack of information!!! 


Yashvin said...


Thanks for mentioning me in this post. I am some kind of anti-nomad mascotte lol.

Nomad has always been upgraded its services, since years and yet, nothing has changed. After more than 2 years with MyT, I enjoy a much better and reliable connectivity.

btw, I had so many rebates on my nomad bills lol! At that time, I was a VIC (Very Important Client).

As a blogger, I think that I have been doing a great job for Nomad : (bad) Advertising :-)

Merry xmas and Happy New Year!

Huisvlyt said...

Oh, Dear Astrid!!! I feel your frustration 9especialy about the bills that says it is unpaid) and know how you must wish you could kick these people or give them a "wake up" slap in the face! Wish I could give you a working internet service for Christmas, but it is out of my hands...
Glad you made it back. We were wondering if you would make it back in time, since we have been checking the news about the snow for weeks now.
Merry Christmas to you and DH!

karenfae said...

glad to see you back Astrid and hope your computer server problems clear up soon. Looking forward to seeing your photos and have a very Merry Christmas.

Dirt Lover said...

How frustrating for you!! Sorry to hear of all your internet woes. Glad you made it back safe and sound. I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves with all the snow, and then you could go back home to your warm weather. Looking forward to your pictures. Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

Sorry for all of your internet connection problems. Sheesh! How frustrating.

Glad to hear you had such a lovely time in Norway though. Hopefully, the upgrade will be completed soon and will function wonderfully. Then we can see your pictures.