Monday, January 31, 2011

Sewing on Sunday / BBQC / Christmas Ornament Swap

We've had such nasty - but needed - weather the last days; rain and thunderstorms (you can read more about that here) - perfect for indoor activities.
Still no news about my dear "Nina", but good news is a dear friend kindly lent me her sewing machine for almost 3 weeks while she's on holiday - how great is that?! 

Do you remember my previous post? Yesterday I started piecing the blocks for a baby quilt. I have more than enough for at least two more baby quilts, but I'm running out of the white tone-on-tone background fabric. It is sold out from the web shop, so for the other baby quilts I'll have to think of something else for the background.

I've been sewing almost the whole day today, now I need a break! :) I've done 18 blocks - 6 each in pink, green and blue. I think that will be enough for one baby quilt. I haven't decided on size yet, I'll have to see how wide I do the sashing.

Sneak peak BBQC! :)

Already on Wednesday, when I got the sewing machine, I started sewing! The project for the BBQC is almost done! It is basted and ready to be quilted. I hate to brag, but I must say this project turned out much better than I expected - because purple is a bit outside my comfort zone! I really, really love it! :)

NNC's Christmas Ornament Swap 2010 turned out to be quite a thriller! The Postal Service - either in Malaysia or here in Mauritius decided to play a little bit with us! We all know parcels/letters take 1-2 weeks extra to reach its destinations during Christmas, but when one small parcel and a letter - both registered - had not reached here by the first two weeks of January, we began to worry. We were in touch with the post offices in both countries, where different answers were given how to inquire the parcel/letter.

Finally the registered parcel and letter arrived at the end of January, more than one month after they were sent from Malaysia! The Postal Service made us hold our breathe for some days!

Here's the lovely cross-stitched Christmas ornament I received from Margaret (no blog). The pattern is from Blackbird Design - Stocking series - all handmade!
I looove it! :)

The all-crafts ornament is from Nik.
I believe it is your "Em" that has done it, Nik? It's very beautiful - I do love it!
I love that tag too! :)

Margaret and  Nik; thank you so veeery, veeery much! I do loooove it all!

Those are the all-crafts Christmas ornaments I sent to Nik in Malaysia and Maria (can't find her blog link) in Portugal.

The stockings are made of felt, decorated with rusty bells and buttons.

Not to forget; a huge THANK YOU to Margaret at NNC for organizing both swaps!
You can read about the other Christmas ornament swap here.

Here's the Christmas gift I made for my dear friend Grit (no blog) in Germany. It is made in her favorite colors red and yellow. :)

I forgot to add this when when I posted Christmas gifts I made, look here for the other Christmas gifts I made.

A warm welcome to my new followers;
- Sandy over at Beary Quilts
- Josephine Yap
- Joe over at The Mauritius Adventure 

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.
Josephine, do you have a blog? I'd love to see your works and what you are working on.


karenfae said...

looks like you have been very busy - love the mug rug and the baby blocks, sometimes if I am running out of white on white for backgrounds I mix it up and use a variety of white and whites and it usually looks just fine.

Elisabeth said...

Good luck with your baby quilt. I guess that it will be beautiful.
That ornament book looks great too!
Good luck with bouth.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Astrid you have been so very very busy and how good that you were able to borrow a sewing machinge...Dzintra

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely ornaments received and sent. Your baby blocks are just too cute! I just can't wait to see what you have done with the Brown Bag fabrics.

Notjustnat said...

I'm catching up with your posts here. You have been busy Astrid. All the Christmas goodies you received and sent. What a lot of fun. Hope you Nina comes home soon - Enjoy the rest of the weekend - Hugs Nat

Dirt Lover said...

Great inspiration! I really like your Christmas swap gifts. How lucky that you have a friend that loaned you a sewing machine while your Bernina is in the shop. I enjoy reading your blog. You have such great things going!

JO Yap said...

I really have to get the inspiration from you to get on with my unfinished quilt Astrid. You make such beautiful quilts! And the mug rug! Members of the NNC are catching the virus, LOL!
BTW, my blog is