Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been featured / I have a QI - too

I have been featured!
By nobody else than Angie Padilla in Ecuador!
Angie is doing a research about quilters in countries where quilting is not a tradition or where it is not very popular, what kind of problems we face etc. due to fabrics, notions etc we don't get in the country we live.

Angie has interviewed some women from other "not so known quilting" countries too;

Theodora from Greece - visit her blog here.

Irene from Guatemala - unfortunate no blog yet, but you can see her quilts on Flickr.

Geta from Romania - visit her blog here. Geta does amazing shadow trapunto quilts.

And here you can read my interview! :)

Angie is a quilt maker, teacher, designer and author.
Visit her wonderful website.

Thank you!


I didn't know I have a QI (Quilt Inspector) - too - until I read Michelle's latest post!
You have already met my QI; Birre-Liten...
The latest quilts he inspected, are my finishes from this post.

First of all; the morning toilette is very important! First the right side...

... the left side....

... and after several turns...

.... quilts inspected and approved! :)

My dear cutie! :)


karenfae said...

I just checked it out - if it wasn't for the postage I would be sending you supplies! You live so far away :( if you meet the other quilters maybe you can all go in together to place a quilting supply order and share the shipping?

Huisvlyt said...

Congratulations on being interviewed! Now you are famous and a quilting superstar !
Good to know your Quilting Inspector approves of your work. :)

Dirt Lover said...

Congrats, Astrid! Now you're world renowned!!!

Elisabeth said...

Jätte söt katt, en riktig lins-lus:-)

Ha en trevlig dag.


Azie NZ said...

what a handsome cat you have ! he reminds me of my late nemo who looked exactly like your cat.