Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger's BOM #4 and NYB blocks

Block #4 is designed by Pat Sloan over at The Voice of Quilting.

I'm not sure I like my color choices - only myself to blame for that!!!
Next block - #5 - will be designed by John Adams over at Quilt Dad.

As you may remember, last year I tried my hands on New York Beauty blocks. Piecing those blocks are not the same as piecing squares together; they have scary curves!!!
These are the first ones I made... I'm far from happy with them; they are wonky and no way they turned out the size they were supposed to be; 6.5 inches square. :((

I decided to make them different, by omitting the two curves at each side of the center/points, cut the two pieces a little bit bigger for so to trim the block to the right size later. This is how they turned out;

Still a bit wonky, but I should get some good practise working on those, before I proceed to the more complicated ones - like those I made first... :)

To those of you who makes those blocks; do you prefer hand- or machine piecing?  


Elzaan said...

Those BOM blocks are not looking too bad. This one is a bit "fullL, but when I put the blocks with the others, mine didn't look to bad.
Your second group of NYB are looking good! Those first ones were your first try - now you know what to expect!

Gudveig HN said...

Dette var da absolutt en god begynnelse!
Lykke til med resten :-)

karenfae said...

I would probably do a mixture - the curves by hand. I think your blocks will look very good when you get them done and they are in the quilt - you won't notice any mistakes then.