Friday, June 7, 2013

Some new Christmas / winter projects

The binding is finally thread basted to the Postage Stamp Quilt! I need to let it rest a little bit before I start hand sewing the binding to the back. That is always a bit boring, but it has to be done of course or else the quilt will remain a UFO! :) My goal is to finish it within this month.

We all know how fun it is to start a new project... I'm far from any exception! What 'bothers' me is that I'm in the Christmas mood! Not that I have began to sing Christmas carols, but I'm working on a few Christmas projects - and it's not even 'Christmas in July'! Well, for me; 'Christmas in June'! :) Doesn't really matter, does it?! :) 

'Santa Claus is Coming' - an Advent calendar - Nancy Halvorsen design. 
The panel has been sitting on the shelf for quite some years now, so isn't it time to take care of that? :) 

Usually I get bored with some fabrics, but one of them I don't get bored with is Arctic Holiday by Debbie Mumm. I still have some stripes and fabrics left from that collection. 
This is going to be a teapot cosy. 

I had some gorgeous fall fabrics sitting here too..... 
A table runner.... 

These projects will keep me busy over the weekend, unless something else comes up! :)
Have a wonderful weekend! 


Karen said...

Lots of lovely projects and of course you know my favorite!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hand stitching the binding does take a little bit of time doesn't it. I know as I am working on it right now too! But I am eager to get it done so the quilt will be done too.
I'm not even thinking of Christmas yet but I would like to get the red/green quilt done by the end of November so I can put it on the bed for the holiday season!

Hilde said...

Koselige ting du holder på med. Bestandig deilig å holde på med jul, uansett årstid. Er på ferie i usa, varmt og deilig. Koser oss.
Ønsker deg en flott helg

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love making Christmas projects year round! They're so fun! Who cares what time of year it is! I love all your projects! You always make lovely quilts!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Astrid how much fun to be in the Christmas mood go girl ...and enjoy the moment!

Anita said...

Hi Astrid,
I love Debbie Mumm fabrics!!! Yummo. You have been very busy with the projects, they're lovely.
Cheers, Anita.

Carrie P. said...

Christmas! oh, I am not going to think about that right now. LOL! I do love the fabrics you are working with though.

InGa said...

Hei Astrid
Söte julemotiv. Blir aldrig lei av slike. :-)
Du ser ut til å like mange prosjekt på gang som jeg.... merkelig det der med å starte på nye ting... tror det er vanskelig å la väre.
Men noen fristelser skal man vel falle for, eller?
Som blog hop for eks.?

Oops-Lah said...

Who cares if it's Christmas or not if it makes you happy to stitch something christmassy! And your project will be ready in time. No use of starting a Christmas project at around Christmas because chances are that it won't be finished in time.

Fleurette said...

Lovely fabric and some nice projects you have lined up - enjoy!