Sunday, February 4, 2018

WIP's and UFO's

What have you been up to lately? Any progress on WIP's or UFO's? New ideas?

The heat, rain and humidity this time of the year makes me unwell. I don't take this climate very well and I don't venture out unless I have to. Some days ago I made the 'mistake' by going to the Custom in Port Louis to pick up a parcel. It was the day before two public holidays and the motorway was packed, long lines at the Custom, and even crazy shoppers at the supermarket (as if there were NO days AFTER the public holidays)! :( Needless to say I was totally drained when I returned home! Note to self: never go to PL this time of the year if you don't have to!!!!

I've been busy sewing and proud to say I have a finished UFO! :) 
Available in my Etsy Shop

I've been working on this, that and everything. I bought some gorgeous poppy fabrics some years ago, but couldn't decide what to make. Now I came up with a few ideas and I had enough fabric for a TR, TT, a couple of mug rugs and a bed runner. 
Now to finish them all! :)

The bed runner was supposed to be a TR, but since I made the green/yellow border first, it turned out too wide for a TR, I think.... I'm quilting straight seams and it takes forever! LOL I have yet to decide on how to quilt the border, any suggestions? 

I've made - and finished! :) - another TR for my shop. I have had 'bad hair days', and I can add 'bad photo days' too! :( Most of the photos I took of this TR turned out horrible, even after editing I can't use them for my shop. I have to take new photos. UGH! 

What do you do when there's no I-net connection or the CPU doesn't want to cooperate? 
I made 6 new blocks for my PS Quilt! :) Now I'm running out of 2.5 inch squares from swaps! I have quite some greens, blues and yellows left only. To make more blocks I have to start using my own cut squares. High time doing so; too many boxes containing squares - to hubby's despair! He claims there's no space for him anymore! LOL 

Not going to buy fabric, batting, thread etc UNLESS I NEED IT!!! 
...and look what I've bought already!!!! 
Well, the first photo shows fabric I ordered last year but received this year, so that doesn't count, right?! :)  They are for the blue and white Irish Chain UFO. The 2nd and 3rd photos are the fabric I went to pick up at the Custom in PL. Well worth the sweat that day, wasn't it?! Aren't those fabric gorgeous? I just couldn't resist! 


Updated UFO list per February 3, 2018 

#1 - Log Cabin Table Topper (orphan block)
#2 - Table Topper Purple Pansies - FINISHED! 
#3 - Wall Hanging Hawaii Dancing Girls
#4 - Christmas Place Mats - set of 4
#5 - PSQ - Squares and Pinwheels
#6 - PSQ - Scrappy Squares
#7 - Scrappy Irish Chain in Blue & White
#8 - Bonnie's 'Provence'
#9 - Sunbonnet Sue - NNC block swap
#10 - Lap Quilt in Red & White
#11 - Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen
#12 - Scrappy Log Cabin
#13 - Got the Blues
#14 - Nifty Nurses
#15 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt
#16 - Scrappy Christmas Quilt
#17 - Lap Quilt
#18 - Scrappy Black & White
#19 - Scrappy 1 inch squares (sewn into quilt)
#20 - Bag



Pamela said...

Love those blue and yellows, and I think I have one of those panels as well - it might have to be something for me, who knows!

Phyllis Pharis said...

Tell your hubby he is among an elite group of quilter's husbands, and they all complain of too much fabric! LOL Congrats on finishing a UFO. I love those new fabrics and can't wait to see your blue and white quilt, and what you come up with for that gorgeous bicycle panel!

Karen S said...

Glad you have been able to fit in some sewing even if the weather conditions are not pleasant.Lovely project finishes and love the bright poppy fabric you are working on.
Good luck with the diet!