Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another UFO...

When I was still new to quilting, I decided to use what I had of fabrics to make a huge bed cover; measuring approx 95" x 105" (2.35 x 2.65m). I became overwhelmed by the thought of quilting it, and that is why it became a UFO. After Easter last year I decided to complete some of the UFO's and did bast the three layers together, but it still remained a UFO....
I still have so much to learn when it comes to patchwork and quilting, and what I had never thought of earlier was "tying quilts", using pearl cotton. I got the idea from a member at one of craft groups I belong to - thanks Diane! :-) I believe tying it is a much better solution than doing it on the sewing machine, due to the size.
I've already bought the pearl cotton, but don't ask me when I'll start tying it! :-) Perhaps hubby wants to do it?! He always says his fingers are "thick" when it comes to fine work! :-)


Janet C said...

The quilt is cheerful - reminds me of the sun and sea. I believed its official name is Ocean Waves.
Very pretty.

M. Regina said...

Hello Astrid,
Your bed cover is beaufitul. I love quilting too. Kisses
Regina, from Brasil


Astrid said...

Thanks Janet! I like the colors too. I have never thought of it like you, but now I see what you mean!

Astrid said...

Hi Regina,
thanks for popping in at my blog! You make beautiful quilts too!