Sunday, April 21, 2024

RSC Week #16 - End of Yellow... Almost least for me!

I have a small finish

The table topper got black border and binding, Grunge Onyx Black

The hot pads, placemats and coasters are quilted and binding added to the front.

Round hot pads and coasters

Square placemats and hot pads

Both fabrics have some blue / turquoise and I found this Moda Marbles Key West Blue 9880-49 in my stash. I had a look at the new Moda Marbles color chart and it looks like it has been replaced with 9863 Turquoise.   
The bindings need to be hand sewn or machine sewn to the back. I do not have matching thread at all, either too light or too dark. 
Need to purchase a small spool, but that has to wait some days. Usually parcels to Mauritius transit through Dubai Airport. A few days ago, Dubai got rain worth of 2 years, in about 24 hours! Streets flooded, airport flooded, flights cancelled, everything to a standstill. Airport is still disrupted after the storm. Parcels are usually shipped UPS, I wonder if the company is redirecting flights to other airports. 

Yellow yardage and squares are stored away for this time. 

This weekend I'm actually working on a UFO! Part of it is quilted and before I continue, it's time for an afternoon CUPPA. Thunderstorms this morning and torrential rain expected, meteo says. Perfect sewing weather! 

Fascinating scenery this morning. If you look closely to the right, you'll see a faded
 second rainbow.

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

RSC Week #15 Yellow continues

First of all, as Chantal pointed out in my previous post, that I sewed three of the four bowtie blocks the wrong way! I was a bit cross-eyed after making all those blocks that day! lol Mistakes happen when we are tired. 
I had to make them the right way, or else it had haunted me forever!

Here they are! Redone!
Thank you Chantal for pointing it out! 

Yellow Scrap Jar blocks done

...and finally; Zipper blocks

The small yellow table topper has got a black border. I used a piece of ... well, not really 'ugly' fabric, but... a bit too yellow to my taste, for the back. (Forgot to take photo of the back). The black border is 2" cut, I may trim it down a bit after the quilting is done. 

Currently working on some hot pads, placemats and coasters.
I want to do as much as possible on these this weekend. Monday is already middle April and I so, so, so need to work on UFOs! 

The last days have been HOT. April, it is supposed to be cooler. The last couple of days we've had +32C / 89.6F (+34C / 93.2F in Port Louis and along the coast). Meteo says +3-4C above seasonal means! It feels like it's February! Not April! 

More yard work was done the last couple of days. 

This is the 'Rodrigues Lemon' tree I wrote about here
The leaves are looking healthy and I hope it stays like that! 

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Saturday, April 6, 2024

RSC Week #14 - Yellow for April


Easter came and went, I hope you all had some relaxing and nice days. For us, it was all normal days. In Norway, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are all public holidays. None public holidays for Easter in Mauritius. I never get the feeling of Easter here, except seeing the odd chocolate Easter bunnies and Easter eggs in the supermarkets.

New month and new color!
Angela at SoScrappy has chosen YELLOW for April's RSC - Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I don't know about you, but I prefer doing the RSC blocks the first week(s) in each month. When the blocks are done, I can concentrate on my 'to-do' list. No, I don't make a 'to-do' list for every month. That had freaked me out and I hadn't been able to do anything! LOL I don't even make plans for the next day. 

All the blocks for 'Keep the Home Fires Burning' are done 
6 four-patches

2 Pinwheels

4 bowties

3 friendship stars

2 nine-patches

2 nine-patches

Split-9 blocks in yellow. These are fast and fun to make

...and I had all these (already cut) 2.5 inch yellow squares. 
A box containing quilt shop samples were gifted to me some years ago. (Quilt shop in Norway that had to close). I didn't like these yellows, a bit too modern for me. I cut the samples into squares and I have used some in scrappy 36-patches and there were still a lot! 
First I thought of making two placemats, but 'of course' there were not enough (by one square!) for making two! 

I was playing with the layout and this is how it turned out
...a small bright sunny table topper! 
I think it needs a narrow black border, what do you think?

I still have the Scrap Jar and Zipper blocks to make.

The green table quilts and coasters are finished and off to Norway they fly next week! 

I have neglected housework for ..... I don't dare saying for how long!!! It's long overdue and I have to get to it soonest. 
But first; COFFEE!!! 
Second: Housework (ugh!) 

Linking up with Angela and the RSC - Rainbow Scrap Challenge