Saturday, September 16, 2023

RSC Week 37 - September is Aqua + RSC August was Yellow

 Hello, dear readers and followers! 
Days & weeks seem to keep me busy with other stuff than blogging. The last months have kept me busy making Advent Calendars for my Etsy shop. I've made some new calendars this year and some that sold out last year. I'm almost done! I was not going to make any fall items this year, but ended up making some small items.

In between making Advent Calendars, I've kept up with the RSC, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
RSC color for September is Aqua. I knew I don't have more then a few aqua. What to do? I figured out I can use a variety of aqua, turquoise and teal. That is how the blocks for the Swirling Stars Quilt were made

The big block

The small blocks
(OOPS! I forgot ironing before taking the photos!)

The RSC color for August was Yellow, and here they are

Big block

The small ones

Now I have all the blocks for the Swirling Stars Quilt, in the following colors: purple, green, blue, pink, orange, red, yellow and aqua/teal/turquoise. 8 big blocks and 16 small blocks. They will be set aside for some time while I'm working on more items for my shop

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Saturday, July 29, 2023

RSC Week 30 - End of the RED for July

Hello everyone! Have you missed me? lol 
I can't believe my previous blog post is dated beginning June! Where did those weeks go?! It was not my intention not to blog, it just happened without any particular reason. 
July has kept me busy making Advent Calendars for my Etsy Shop. There are some new calendars this year and some that sold out last year. So far 36 (no, it's not a math mistake!) calendars are done, left to sew binding on some. The pockets can be a bit tedious, but it is mindless sewing and I do love making them. 
Sewing took a break at the beginning of July. DH and I were down with a sort of 'plague'. It may have been Covid or a flu, we didn't bother to get tested. I'm back to normal but DH's coughing is dragging a bit although he is much better. 

Goodbye RSC RED - Welcome the color YELLOW for August! 

July and the color red is at its end. I don't have a big variety of Red either (mostly Christmas reds) - same with orange - but enough to make the blocks for the Swirling Star Quilt

Small blocks

What else have I done in red? Not scrappy, but they are red! :) Two Advent Calendars

New Scandi 2023 Makower UK

Festive Magic by CocoGigiDesign for Dashwood Studio 
Backing is red dots on white, from my stash.

This weekend I'll take a break from Advent Calendars and finish up some Halloween / Fall items - she said hopefully! lol 

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Monday, June 5, 2023

Ongoing and New Scrappy Project

 Do you have an ongoing project? ...Or a new scrappy project? 
Those of you who have followed my blog for some years, know I cut scraps from 1.5" to 5" squares + 1.5" strips, selvages, and saving those odd triangles! I'm keeping up with 1.5" squares, doing pretty well with 2.5",  not so good with the other sizes, strips and selvages.

I spent some time during the weekend catching up on my ongoing scrappy 1.5" squares.

I make 36-patches and I have 9 blocks, I sew them together to 324-patches. It will be easier to handle this size when sewing them into a quilt. Per yesterday, I have ten 324-patches = 3240 squares pieced together + approximately 180 squares already sewn together but now enough for a big block.

 The box looks rather empty now compared to what it did before the weekend! 

You may wonder how I keep up with it?

To avoid uncontrolled accumulation of scraps (had my share of that!), I cut scraps into squares and strips when I'm working on a project or when a top is done. 

One of the (three!) 2.5" boxes. When I need a break from a project, I usually add some squares together. I have a heap with 36-patches, my guess is I have enough for two quilts. Forgot to take a photo of that heap, but you can see it here, row #4, middle photo. More 36-patches have been added since January! 

New project! 

A chance to use up some 2.5", 3" and 5" squares

The pattern is called 'Patchwork Potpourri", part #1 posted in Love of Quilting March/April 2023. Part #2 and #3 continue in the next two magazine issues. 
Finished size is 82" x 82", 100 8" blocks. This should keep me out of trouble for some months!