Sunday, March 19, 2023

RSC Week 11 - Green Updates

Another GREEN week, inside as well as outside. 
It has been raining and Friday at around midnight we had a spectacular thunderstorm that lasted about 2-3 hours. Some fishermen were interviewed on the news, they said they'd never experienced such a heavy thunderstorm. 

March is the Green month. RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) hosted by Angela over at SOS Scrappy.

Rainy days and what is better than stay inside playing with stash?!
I have finished the 48 Churn Dash blocks for the boy's quilt. 

Churn Dash blocks are fun and quite fast to make. 

Some leftover pieces I plan to use for a pieced backing

Table scraps turned into big crumb block!  

... and a small one! The crumb blocks are for the backing too. 

Some rectangles I didn't need for the Churn Dash blocks

I turned them into a small table topper 

...and a smaller one, all batiks. I love these greens, 'sour' greens, as I call these bright green colors. 

A pillow cover top for my friend in Norway, it has two different greens.

More green emerged from the shelf! It's going to be some round placemats for my shop

...and outside; avocados from the tree! 

Linking up with Angela and RSC - Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Saturday, March 11, 2023

RSC Week 10, GREEN all over

 GREEN and wet outside - GREEN and cozy inside!
It's week 10 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - RSC hosted by Angela over at SOS Scrappy. March is the GREEN month. It has been more rainy (and h*** humid!) than sunny days this week hence no venture out (except grocery shopping).  

I've been working on green, trying to reduce some of the approximately 30 yards measured. Where did all that green come from?! Someone must have done some purchases! LOL 

After making the pink quilt (left to add binding) for the little girl, I decided to make a GREEN quilt for her brother. 

The first idea was to make a Rail Fence quilt but decided against it. Curious to what block I've chosen? Scrappy Churn Dash! This block would make a more fun scrappy quilt, IMO. (A Rail Fence quilt is still on my bucket list). 
I have 22 blocks, each block 12" finished). I'm aiming for a 72 x 96 inches quilt. The kids' two uncles are 6.56 feet / 2 meters tall, the nephew may take after them, who knows? 

The first I did this week, was to make the blocks for the Swirling Stars Quilt
This is the big block, 22.50" square

Two small ones, 11.50"
They look pretty in green, don't they? 

Slow progress on my UFO; two more 'trees' made. Now I have all the 'trees' needed. It's going to be a Christmas Card Holder. 

A dear friend in Norway has asked me to make two throw pillows and a table runner. We decided on 'Granny Squares' for the first pillow and maybe reverse the colors for the second one. Two different greens (Moda Marbles) will be used. 

I began this post with 'Green and wet outside', and that is exactly what it is right now!

Taken from our porch less than 30 minutes ago. The mountain in the distance (west) is covered in clouds and rain. Not sure if you can see it; the berries on the trees in front are coffee beans (berries). Click on the photo to enlarge. Then there's some banana trees and in the background a palm tree, known as latania palm by the locals. 

Bananas! Fresh from the garden! No pesticides or herbicides. We usually get the bunches off the trees before they are ripe to prevent birds eating them.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Too Many Bunnies and Busy Quilting Week

 One week into March! Any progress on my sewing table? 
Let's see what I've done: 
- Table toppers from this post are quilted and trimmed, bindings cut. 
- Table runner is thread basted (ran out of quilting thread, more on the way)
- Pink girly quilt is trimmed and binding cut
- One big and two small GREEN blocks for the Swirling Stars Quilt and RSC
- two small blocks for the same in BLUE
- Cut white background fabric for the Swirling Stars Quilt's remaining blocks
- 4 Pinwheel star blocks for the Star Streams (blue) quilt

Any progress on UFOs? Nope! 
The goal is to get at least one UFO off the list this month! 

Have you ever had too many bunnies?! 
I think I have! But they are on fabric! lol

I've had these cute bunny fabrics for awhile and I don't know how many times they have jumped to and from the shelf, lost count! Easter is approaching and I have a few ideas for some Easter-ish items. 
What quilting thread color would you use on the bunny stripes? I was thinking maybe blue as the background (sky)? I'd love your opinion! 

Isn't this tulip fabric pretty? 

...and this one?
The tulip fabrics went hiding when I gathered pink for the February RSC! 
These fabrics have GREEN too so I think I'll add them to the RSC GREEN MONTH and let's see what can be done!

Progress on the blue Star Streams quilt,
5 out of 5 Pinwheel blocks done

Two small blue blocks for the Swirling Star Quilt

Will I succeed in reducing my stash with 9.50 yards and hopefully more this month? 

Bunny stripes: 3 yards
Bunny galore: 3.5 yards
Watercolor Tulips: 1.50 yards
Pink/Multi Tulips: 1.50 yards
Total: 9.50 yards