Saturday, April 10, 2021

Scrap-Happy Pineapples; continue, or not?

 Good Saturday morning! 

I hope it's a good morning for you? Not so good for me; I had one of those rare nights when I woke up just after 02:00 a.m. and no chance getting back to sleep again. After about one hour twisting and turning, listening to the rain and thunder rolling in the distance (I think it was the distant thunder that woke me up) and looking at the clock umpteen times, I gave up and got up! Even the cat was surprised to see me that early! Usually it's him who wakes me up when it's 'food o'clock', but today I woke him up! HA! Revenge for all the early mornings he has terrorized me to get out of bed to feed him! I've made myself a strong, big cuppa. The coffee should kick in soon and make me feel more awake, but I definitely see a nap coming later today. 

UFO finishing goes very slow so far this year. During the lockdown last year, I finished several UFO's because I was so determined to finish as many as possible. This year I've been a slug; we are into month #4 and I have finished the UFO for January only. 

Yesterday, after I finished quilting and thread basted the binding on a table topper, I pulled out one of my UFO's; scrappy pineapple blocks.

I have 16 blocks (I made one yesterday). Each block has 53 strips and measures 11.50" square (before sewn into quilt). 

I've been debating with myself either to stop it here (wall quilt) or continue making it into a bed quilt

My conclusion; with all those strips left, I'll continue making blocks and turn it into a bed size quilt. What do you think? My goal is to make one block a day, until I have enough blacks for a bed quilt. Time will show if I stick to my goal! :) 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Patriotic Table Runners, This and That

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. For us, it was just normal days. Here, compared to Norway, there are no public holidays related to Easter. In Norway; Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. Now that we are on partial lockdown (phase #1 in reopening), all church services are closed. If you would like to know more about lockdown Easter celebration in Mauritius, click here

UFO's are put aside, since I'm currently working on two Patriotic table runners. It's a custom order to one in the US. 

OOOH! That photo doesn't look that good, shot in the late afternoon in lamp light, but alas, you see what it is! lol This flag is in the centre of the table runner, which measures approximately 82 inches / 208 cm). Since the customer wanted a monogram, I have hand embroidered 'May 17, 1814' at the top and bottom of the flag. This date is the day the second oldest (after the US) constitution was signed and celebrated as Norway's National Day

The second table runner is shorter and doesn't have any monogram. Not visible here, but the pinwheels differ slightly from the longest table runner. Both are quilted and ready for the binding. 

Does any of you have an on-going project? 

My insanity project! 1.5 inches squares. So far, I have pieced together 1512 squares. For not being overwhelmed by all these tiny squares, I piece them together when I see there's enough for 2-3 36-patch blocks.

All the arcs for the Double Wedding Ring quilt is done.

...and in between quilting and housework

LHN's 'Coffee Menu'. Love how it turns out! Not much left to do. I love doing counted cross-stitching again; fun and relaxing. 

Our bougainvillea in full bloom.


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Very Little Progress on UFO's, Cross-Stitching and Second LOCKDOWN

Today the calendar shows March 23! More than two months since my previous post! How did that happen?? 

So, we are on the second C-19 wave, which resulted in lockdown from March 10 until March 25. UGH! With increasing numbers (202 per this morning), I'm quite sure the lockdown will be extended another 1-2 weeks, at least! 

My previous post shows accumulated UFO's from 2020 and older. I'm quite sure they multiply overnight! As part of APQ's  and Quiltsy Team's UFO Challenge 2021, I did finish #7 (January Challenge). 

These blocks were leftovers from a quilt I made for my DF's Mom in 2010!  The blocks have been in and out of the shelf several times and this time I didn't want putting them away again! 

Table Topper

...and a bed runner or large / long table runner

My goal is to use fabric from my stash and found this beauty, just enough for backing on both items! The binding is Moda Marbles 'Cocoa'......... eh......... or is it 'Coffee'?? I can't remember! LOL 

Except from these two, I've not finished anything. The challenges for February and March are both 'trouble-items' and need some deep thinking. 

Sewing is a bit slow these days, but I have finished the last 3-4 (out of 48) New York Beauty blocks for a scrappy batik lap quilt 

...and I'm also working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt, my first one ever! Picture shows a test.

It has been year's since I did counted cross-stitching! To see the last ones I did, click here. It used to be my first love, then I was hit by the quilting bug and cross-stitching put aside. Some weeks ago I was looking for DMC black embroidery floss and there I rediscovered all the embroidery patterns I bought some years ago; mostly 'Little House Needleworks' and 'Blackbird Designs', all so darling! 

With the lockdown and just taking it easy, I have enjoyed cross-stitching Kit & Bixby's 'Merry Wool'! Stitched on White 14 Count Aida, not too bad for the eyes!

I'm sooo in love with this one! What else could it be than a 'Coffee Menu'?! LOL It is stitched on Zweigart 28 Count Cashel Linen - Vintage. Gorgeous linen. A bit strenuous on the eyes, but with good daylight it works fine. I'm using DMC embroidery floss as well as hand dyed cotton floss from Classic Colorworks (former Crescent Colours) and The Gentle Art (former Sampler Threads). They are just so yummy!