Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Advent Calendars

Hello everyone!
Not much has happened in the quilter's household lately, except I have been and am working on Advent Calendars. These take time to make, especially when there are +100 pockets and felt bags to be made.  

I have a few finishes

A fun and cheerful calendar to make. It has 24 pockets, some pleated, randomly placed. I have used a green holly with white berries fabric for the binding. 
Available in our shop

It's also available with red/green binding

...and here's one of my favorites

It has 24 red felt bags tied to brass rings and it comes with a drawstring bag to keep the felt bags safe when not in use
I'm sewing almost every day and trying to get a few days off doing something different. 
Last Sunday was such a gorgeous sunny day and I know I had felt bad if I'd stayed at home. 

Tranquility! Away from cars, pollution and people! 

The first cuppa of the day is empty. Time to start my day. The goal today is to finish .............??? Yes, your guessing is right; two advent calendars! :) 


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Advent Calendars and Tortilla Warmers

Where on earth did the first part of 2019 go?! I'm sure someone stole it, as one said! 

I'm busy as ever and determined to finish some Advent Calendars

Over the last days I have quilted, added pockets and sleeve to four of these. I have one left to do, I ran out of fabric for the back! UGH! More on the way, expected to arrive end of July. 

There are 24 single small pockets, measuring 2 x 2 inches. They are tedious to add and I must say I was relieved when all 96 pockets where done! 
This calendar is one of my favorite. It's a Debbie Mumm design; Jolly Christmas

The four Snow Village Calendars are done as well

The brass rings are sewn to the calendar. I hope to get a photo of the complete calendar - brass rings and felt bags - one of the first days, if the weather permits. 

Currently working on a tea cozy. Love those cardinals. 

I have new table runners listed in our shop

I've made a few tortilla warmers (cozies) for the upcoming Christmas Fair in Norway

These are easy to make and a fun addition to the table

Made of 100% cotton, the tortillas can be heated in the microwave oven.

Last night - after being in limbo for a few hours, lol - I pulled out one of my scrappy UFO's. Yes, there are more than one! :)  

It has been put aside for more than a year because I couldn't decide on light or dark sashing (first border). Last night I decided on a dark brown scroll fabric after trying a few light ones. Black is suggested by some, but I'm not a big fan of black. Not brown either, but definitely better than black, in my opinion. :) After all, it is scrappy, right?! :) All the squares (centre) are from swaps. The pinwheels are fabric from my stash. 


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Scrap Challenge and more

Midsummer came and went, can you believe we are heading towards Christmas and New Year again?! 

I've been super busy and I'm not sure where to start. Quite a lot to share, I may share it into two posts. Why don't I post more often?! :) 
OK, let's start with the Advent Calendars.

 When I wrote the previous post, four Calendars were already quilted and the binding thread basted. A little progress; the 24 felt bags and a lined drawstring bag (to keep the felt bags) are completed. Next step is to add 'gold' metal rings (to hang the felt bags). I may do one with buttons - instead of rings - as well, IF I get the right buttons. I went to the neighbor town earlier this week, but the shop where I usually buy buttons were sold out on those specific buttons. 

The Quiltsy Team's Scrappy Spring Challenge is done
(see previous post for details)

I made a scrappy star wall hanging. All batik are from my stash. 
I love how it turned out and have yet to decide whether to keep or list it in our shop

2019 is my 'year of batiks'. Ever since I started quilting I have 'collected' batiks, and batiks are often too beautiful to be cut, right?! LOL This year I'm trying to use up some of the batiks and after making a few quilts it has not made a dent! 
I have made scrappy star blocks off and on. After 35 blocks I pieced the blocks together

I'm not sure about the size though... As it is now, it measures 60 x 84 inches / 152 x 213 cm. Isn't that a bit too long for a lap quilt?? If I add one row (7 blocks) to the width, the size will be 72 x 84 inches. If I remove one row on the length, it will measure 60 x 72 inches.
I'd love to hear your opinion, please! 

I've bought the most beautiful batik for the back! 

I had in mind a multi-colored backing, but when I saw this one I couldn't resist! 

I've been naughty! In spite of SFD (Strict Fabric Diet), I have bought some fabric, BUT defending myself; only some FQ's I didn't really need! Haha! 

These fabrics are for binding on some other Advent Calendars

...and here's the brown batik FQ's I didn't really need! Well, yes, somehow I need them, because I have not more than a couple of brown batik left in my stash! Always excuses to buy beautiful fabric, isn't it?! :) 

Nasty 'winter' weather these days; rain showers and strong trade winds.
Birre-Liten knows best

...the best place in the sun! 

I have more to share, but that has to be another post.