Friday, May 30, 2014

Custom order - Table runners - Charms PSQ Swap - Log Cabin Quilt

GASP! It's more than 3 weeks since my previous blog post! My intention is to do a blog post once a week, but it seems that isn't always possible. Some finishes, gardening and a couple of hikes have kept me busy. 

UPDATE: I started working on this blog post about two weeks ago. Then we lost our beloved Birre-Liten (cat). He was such a special and loving cat and we miss him tremendously. It has taken me some days to gather myself; life has to go on.... 

The customer order is done and on the way to Canada!
(Received by now and the customer is very happy - makes my day!) 

Four placemats

Teapot cozy - front

... and back - or your choice :) 

Four lined napkins

I love these fabrics and I loved doing the customer order! I have some fabrics left and I'm thinking of a table runner... 

I have a few other finishes; 
an olive green check star table runner. 

.... and a pink/light cream HST table runner

I don't really have a sewing room... My 'sewing room' is the dining-room table, the fabrics and notions are stored in the studio and bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I decided tidy up / clean the studio. I had stored quite some containers and a couple of baskets in one corner of the room - because there are no other place to keep them! Years ago I bought a basket on Rodrigues Island (10th district of Mauritius) and since it is quite big a lot of things can be kept in it. On the top there were lots of plastic bags... Why have I kept all those plastic bags?! 

I removed all the plastic bags and guess what I found?!
Charms!!! 2 and 2.5 inch charms from a swap in 2012! Most of them from the US, but also Australia and Canada. Earlier this year when I collected all the 2.5 inch charms from several swaps, I thought I had them all... I had totally forgotten these! What a treasure! :) 

... and speaking of charms... I have received all the charms from the first 2014 PSQ swap; 900 2 inch charms; from England, Canada and the US. 

I've been working on the green/light cream/yellow log cabin quilt again. My idea was to make it a queen size by adding a 'flying geese' border, but I didn't have enough of the light cream tone-on-tone.... Instead I added two strips to the first border I had already added and it is now a good twin size quilt. Fabric for the back as well as batting is on the way from the US. I was fortunate to get fabric to half price and batting 20% off! 

I had a couple of leftover blocks from the log cabin quilt and made them into table toppers.

Love using up bits and pieces!
Set of 4 coasters.

Set of two black / gray coasters

Our 'hiking season' has started and here's the link to one of the hikes we've done recently.