Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some of the items for the Culture / Christmas Fair in Norway

As you know from my previous post, I'm busy making items for the Fair that takes place in Norway at the end of November. Today I finally got around to take some photos of some of the items I have made over the last weeks. I am very strict on myself; I want to use up as much of my stash as possible and I don't allow myself to buy new fabric 'just for fun' - LOL! So far I have done rather well, but I must confess - YES - I have bought a few yards, which was needed or else I had not been able to finish some items. 

For this table runner I have used fabrics I bought a couple of years back. It looked beautiful, but when I received the fabrics, I didn't like them that much after all. Earlier this year I even tried to sell it... didn't sell either, so here's what came out of the fabrics...

Love the village scenery... :)

Couldn't help it! Some DM fabrics that turned into placemats

Mug rugs...

.... and more mug rugs

...two more... :) 

Some autumn / harvest pot-holders...

Christmas pot-holders

Egg cosy

Penguin coasters

... and two more...

...four more...

Some of the photos didn't turn out good enough, so I'll have to redo them. I have more items done and today I'm working on a table mat and a table runner. I also have several items where the only job left is to hand sew the binding. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time for an update....

I should not talk about missing days, but that is what I felt at the end of the week; I was so sure it was Wednesday when it actually was Friday! Scary! Where did the two days go?? Well, perhaps not so strange since I have been very busy with items to the Fair. 

Do you remember 'All that metallic'?  It's done! :)

The trees and stars are machine appliquéd by using buttonhole stitches. 

The star in the center...

... and as some of you suggested; I've quilted stars. :) I'm very happy with the stars, turned out better than I had expected! :) 

I decided to make a table topper too...

Close-up of the center. Don't know why the color on the background fabric changed that much... It's something in between those two photos. Buttonhole appliqué here too. 

... and quilted stars...
I think the fabric is so pretty, if it had not been for that terrible metallic. :) I have only left quite a lot of the cream poinsettia fabric.. I think I will keep it for possible appliqué. 

The binding is finally added to the 'Snowman Gatherings' table runner

A pair of placemats. I had the background fabric sitting here for a couple of years and didn't know what to make out of it. One of those early-morning-wake-ups I got the idea to use my gingerbread cookie cutters as the pattern and dress up the gingerbread man & woman! This is how they turned out! :) 

Close-up of the gingerbread man. Buttonholes stitches (machine), added rick-rack, and sequins for the eyes.

The gingerbread woman

These are only a few of the finished items I have made for the Fair.
More photos to come! :) 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Table toppers and mug rugs

It's already September 1st! It feels like August was never there.... I think that means I have been busy?! 
Yes, I have! I have - still am - extremely busy making items for the Fair in Norway at the end of November. EEEK! 
I think it has affected my brain.... I wake up at around 4 o'clock in the morning - or should I say 'middle of the night' - with ideas how to design a table runner, placemats, mug rugs etc. This morning - at 03:30 (!!!!) I came up with an idea for a pair of placemats! Had to get up and note it down. Well, I have a little one who wakes me up that early almost every morning; our cat! He doesn't give up either, until I'm out of bed, feed him and let him out! Phew! :) That doesn't bother me, I've always been an early bird and I love the pristine early mornings. 
Yesterday I finally got around to take some photos of a few of my finished items.

Log Cabin table topper. 
Here I have used fabrics from Primitive Gatherings; 'Snowman Gatherings'
Lovely combination of navy blue, cream and white. 

I think those snowmen are just too cute! :) 

A small table topper, table mat or even candle mat

... and of course... mug rugs :)
These are from a Nancy Halvorsen panel; 'I believe'....

Most of the details I have outlined using matching quilting thread.

These mug rugs are all made of scraps from other projects. Happy to say I don't have much NH fabrics left... What I have left will be cut into 2 and 2.5 inches squares. 

I have several other finished projects, but no photos yet. Hope to get that done soonest.

We have such lovely weather this 'winter' and some days ago we did a wonderful hike at the South western part of the island. You can read about it here and here.