Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Scrappy Christmas quilt - progress

 Thank you everyone for your comments on my previous post!

It has been some busy few weeks. I decided to paint one of the bathrooms and the top floor porch. It has been 13 years since the interior of our house was painted, I think it's high time to repaint! (It took time to convince DH! LOL). Going from yellow to light grey with a touch of lime green in the bath/wash room, it looks so much better! We are almost there, left to do some drilling - (do I need to say I hate concrete walls?!) - and getting things in order again. 

In between painting and running errands during daytime, I've enjoyed sewing very early mornings and late nights. I must say making scrappy quilts indeed are addictive! It may be a bit tedious sewing many same size squares together, but it makes me happy! 😊

These are the last two rows. I have left to make one full and one half blocks before I can put it all together. 

My sewing table this morning. It may look like a mess, but I have full control! lol I'm running low on green and red Christmas fabric. That's OK, feels good to use up bits and pieces. 
Looking at the photo; don't you think it's time to make a new sewing machine cover?! 



Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I'm Sew Scrap Excited...

.... engrossed in scraps, I even forgot to take an afternoon nap yesterday!

You may wonder what has happened? Due to Covid-19 and flight interruptions, purchasing fabric from the US (as I usually do) is very limited, and expensive! (Fedex Express Shipping) Therefore, I haven't bought much fabric this year, which is a very good thing! After making some Christmas items, I'm running low on Christmas fabric. Not that I'm running out of Christmas fabric, but you know, those leftovers from other projects that can't be used for anything else than scrap quilts or applique. 

We all love looking for ideas, don't we? My favorite is Pinterest and there are tons of ideas for scrappy quilts. I did not really have in mind to make a scrappy Christmas quilt, but when I saw this pattern, I knew I just have to! I bought the pattern!!! 😊 

 I spent almost all day yesterday going through and cut some fabric scraps. 

I decided to go for scrappy grey as the background for the star. This is not enough, but at least it is a start!

Some of the red and green scraps


The first block is born! 

This is also a star pattern I've not made before. It was fun to make. I may not have the same opinion after making 18 + 6 half star blocks! LOL I will alternate green and red in the blocks. First I was thinking I use one color for the star only, but I'm glad I decided against it. I think the quilt will look more cheerful with two colors stars. What do you think? Also, for this block, I didn't have enough of the green for one color block. 

It's early Wednesday morning; time for the first cuppa of the day! Enjoy!