Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Curfew UFO Sewing

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all are safe and staying at home sewing in this crazy CoVid-19 times. Mauritius has been on lock-down for some days (except grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries etc), then curfew and from today there's a 7 days complete lock-down (curfew) all over the island. 

I've been stuck at home since last Thursday (when I had to get some groceries). I've been busy with this and that, finished a few items for my shop (no photos yet). 

As most of you know, I love log cabin quilts. Recently I have finished two scrappy log cabin quilts, you can see them here and here. Yesterday I worked on UFO #1 (13) I've been piecing the blocks for some time, can't remember exactly when I started, maybe 1-2 years ago.

1-2 weeks ago I decided on a layout and yesterday I first pinned the blocks together and marked each row

.... and voila! 

Here it measures 64 x 64 inches (162.5 cm square). After I took the pic, I added one row to the top and bottom (64 x 80 inches / 12.5 x 203 cm). I've yet to decide if I want to stop here or make it larger? 
I think this one is going to be another favorite! I just love, love, LOVE this design, and of course; it looks even better when scrappy! :) 

I've made my very first wedge place mats! 

This is the fabric that has been in and out of the shelf umpteen times. Earlier this year I finally decided what to make (link) From the fabric I had, I've made 1 tea cozy + coasters, these and four other place mats. 

This is what is left of those fabrics, cut into squares, strips and rectangles. 
More squares for scrappy quilts! :) 

I'll never get tired to this view, every day is different 
(Sunday, March 22, 2020)

Such a glorious morning (Friday, March 20, 2020)


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

APQ and QUILTSY TEAM UFO Challenge March Finish

APQ & QUILTSY Team's UFO Challenge for March 2020 is #7,
....and mine is FINISHED!

It was an easy finish, so to say; the top was already done and I had the backing fabric and batting. I finished it the first week this month, but didn't get around to take photos until a couple of days ago. Lots of rain and gloomy days lately, not the best weather for photographing.

I love scrappy quilts more and more. I had so much fun rediscovering 'old' fabric, some from when I started quilting 15 years ago. (Gasp! Is it really that long ago?!) 

It's a fun 'I spy' (Eye Spy) quilt, where kids can look for objects that are difficult to spot from a distance. Do you see the cats? The Eiffel Tower? The baubles? Sliced bananas? 

If you are a scrap quilter, don't you just love all those different fabrics that has a history? 

When I saw this fabric, I knew I had to buy it for this quilt! It fits so very well a log cabin quilt! I love it! The disadvantage is it is not a wide backing, which I prefer. (Wide backings make my life easier!) I had to add two lengths together. I have machine sewn the binding to the back, to avoid putting stress to my not so good elbow. 

This is what is left of the backing fabric; some 2", 2.5" squares and some 1.5" strips. Already cut and stored in boxes for a future scrappy quilt. :) 



#1 – Log Cabin #1 (my list #13)
#2 – PSQ / Pinwheel Lap Quilt (10) FINISHED!
#3 – Scrappy 2” strips (15)
#4 – Black/White Wall Hanging (7)
#5 – Deer Log Cabin TT (17)
#6 – Nifty Nurses WH (3)
#7 – Log Cabin #3 (18) FINISHED!
#8 – Snowman Village WH (9)
#9 – Log Cabin #2 (14) FINISHED!
#10 – Snowman Village Attic Window (8)
#11 – Scrappy 1” squares (16)
#12 – Star batik quilt (12)


MY UFO LIST per March 17, 2020 

#1 - Got the Blues
#2 - Irish Chain in blue and white
#3 - Nifty Nurses Wall Hanging
#4 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt
#5 - Lap Quilt
#6 - Scrappy Christmas Quilt
#7 - Scrappy Black and White Wall Hanging
#8 - Snowman Wall Hanging / Attic Window
#9 - Snowman Village Wall Hanging
#10 - PSQ / Pinwheel Lap Quilt - FINISHED!
#11 - Advent Calendar - FINISHED!
#12 - Scrappy Star Quilt batik
#13 - Log Cabin #1
#14 - Log Cabin #2FINISHED!
#15 - Scrappy 2 inch strips
#16 - Scrappy 1 inch squares
#17 - Deer Log Cabin Table Topper
#18 - Log Cabin #3FINISHED!



Monday, March 2, 2020

APQ UFO Challenge March and February Finish

It's March already, and another UFO to finish. 
APQ UFO Challenge this month, is #7. For me, that means 'Log Cabin #3' (Updated UFO list; #18). GEEZ! Looks like I can't make anything else than log cabin quilts! LOL Seriously, I love log cabin quilts! The more scrappy, the better! Such a great way to use up some of the 1.5 inch fabric strips I've been cutting and hording for some years. 

So this is #7. (Blog post here
I purchased the backing earlier this year and have the batting as well. I'm eager to finish it and since I don't have anything else important to work on these days, I think I'll empty the table and get going today itself!  


UFO Challenge for February is FINISHED! 

Scrappy log Cabin Quilt, measures approximately 80 x 80 inches.

For the back I have used a gorgeous Stonehenge wide backing

I used the Stonehenge fabric for the binding too. 
How do you do the binding on large quilts; do you hand or machine sew to the back? I used to hand sew, but now I let the machine do it.