Friday, January 9, 2015

1480 charms later... and more UFO's

We are into the peak of summer now and it's so hot & humid so it's no fun at all! Venture out in the middle of the days is like going into a sauna. Phew! Longing for cooler days in April - can't wait! 

If you read my previous posts, here and here, you know I took stock of my UFO's and my goal is to finish at least some of them! 

Progress on UFO #5
The PSQ has kept me busy over the last days. I've added the last row of blocks as well as the border. 
All the charms are from several swaps. Unfortunately some of the charms were not cut to exact 2.5 inch! Some were even less than 2 3/8"! For those, I have cut them into 2 inch charms. I'm very careful when I cut fabric; a 2.5" square should measure 2.5" - not 2 3/8" - or even less! It's disappointing to receive charms not cut to the right size.  Oh well, I swap 2 inch charms too and can use them for that, it's just about the unnecessary extra work!  It has been a tedious job to measure all the 1480 charms that go into this quilt, but now IT'S DONE! :)
I thought I had batting, but no... Had to place an order yesterday and should get it in about 3 weeks.

I was looking for something and guess what?! I found more UFO's! 

UFO #21
Some blocks I started February 2012! The idea is a quilt for our bed. I was looking for my blues. I know they are in a bag, but that bag is hidden very well somewhere, couldn't find it! Oh well, I know I will find it when I'm looking for something else! 

UFO #22
A fun stitchery. It was supposed to be a bag, but........... I think I will turn it into a wall hanging....  

Yesterday I was busy making a Valentine's Day teapot cozy. I have left to hem it. The 'plan' for today is working on a matching table runner, if not sidetracked! :)

Have a great day! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

UFO challenge 2015 - part 2

In my previous post, I posted UFO's for the Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! team's UFO competition. Most of them are bed quilts that will keep me busy the next months. 

As if those are not enough, I have several other UFO's! 2014 was 'the year of creating UFO's'! I hope to finish some of these in between working on the bed quilts, new projects and other stuff. 

UFO #9-10-11
Table runner and two candle mats. 
I found the 2.5 inch charms for the table runner in a box when I was looking for something else. I had pieced together half of the squares and I remember I put it away because I couldn't decide what to make out of it. When I rediscovered it, that famous light bulb lit up and it has become a table runner. Now it is to decide on backing. The two candle mats are ready to be quilted. 

UFO #12
Log cabin blocks. The idea is a lap or twin quilt. 

UFO #13
Log cabin pillow cover. The back has a zipper closure and I was not happy with the first try; rip! rip! rip! I think I have to re-baste the zipper and try again. 

UFO #14
Table topper. Finally got around to order fabric for the back and binding. Should get it next week. 

UFO #15
Another set of four autumn place mats. I'm not happy with the fabric for the back, so perhaps I will change that...  

UFO #16
Blocks for a scrappy Christmas / winter lap quilt

UFO's #17
Cute snowman blocks for.... I don't know! Perhaps a table topper or runner? 

UFO #18
Block swaps from NNC based in Malaysia 
The idea was to applique some Sunbonnet Sue blocks in addition to the blocks we already have, but I have yet to decide on that. 

UFO #19
Grocery bag from old jeans and a rice bag from Pakistan.

UFO #20
Cute summer bag. 
What happened to this one? I wanted to change the pattern to make it my way, but now I can't even remember what that was about - lol! 

It's official; I have 20 UFO's! lol

I'm currently working on some Valentine's placemats. I don't consider them as UFO's since I started working on them after Christmas.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UFO Challenge 2015

Where did 2014 go? 
It's the last day of 2014; exactly 14 hours and 55 minutes to go until midnight (this side of the globe). No celebration at our place, just an ordinary day / evening.

Have you counted your UFO's? How many projects did you start and did not finish this year or previous years? :)
I thought I have less than 10.... I have SEVERAL; about 20!!! EEK!  

Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! on Etsy is having a UFO challenge that runs from January 1st to June 30, 2015. 
I have joined the challenge with 8 of my UFO's; most of them bed quilts. I'm not sure I will manage to finish them all, but some of them should be done! 

UFO #1
I think some of you will remember the BLOGGER'S BOM from 2011/12? I thread-basted it in May 2013, but have yet to decide on how to quilt it.

UFO #2
Scrappy green, cream and yellow log cabin quilt. This is ready to be quilted and I have decided on how to quilt it. 

UFO #3
Gray and purple Irish Chain quilt - ready to be quilted. 

UFO #4
Scrappy disappearing pinwheels - ready to be quilted.

UFO #5
Postage Stamp Quilt - have to add a few more blocks and then work on the border. 
All charms are from swaps.

UFO #6
Just ordered fabric for a border and binding.

UFO #7
Wall hanging for a friend, left to do the quilting and finish it up. 

UFO #8
Easter wall quilt. Waiting for fabric to make a 'Flying Geese' border. 

I have more UFO's, but I think this post should include those I have chosen for the UFO Challenge. 
More to come! :) 

You can see the other entries for the UFO challenge here or here