Friday, May 30, 2014

Custom order - Table runners - Charms PSQ Swap - Log Cabin Quilt

GASP! It's more than 3 weeks since my previous blog post! My intention is to do a blog post once a week, but it seems that isn't always possible. Some finishes, gardening and a couple of hikes have kept me busy. 

UPDATE: I started working on this blog post about two weeks ago. Then we lost our beloved Birre-Liten (cat). He was such a special and loving cat and we miss him tremendously. It has taken me some days to gather myself; life has to go on.... 

The customer order is done and on the way to Canada!
(Received by now and the customer is very happy - makes my day!) 

Four placemats

Teapot cozy - front

... and back - or your choice :) 

Four lined napkins

I love these fabrics and I loved doing the customer order! I have some fabrics left and I'm thinking of a table runner... 

I have a few other finishes; 
an olive green check star table runner. 

.... and a pink/light cream HST table runner

I don't really have a sewing room... My 'sewing room' is the dining-room table, the fabrics and notions are stored in the studio and bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I decided tidy up / clean the studio. I had stored quite some containers and a couple of baskets in one corner of the room - because there are no other place to keep them! Years ago I bought a basket on Rodrigues Island (10th district of Mauritius) and since it is quite big a lot of things can be kept in it. On the top there were lots of plastic bags... Why have I kept all those plastic bags?! 

I removed all the plastic bags and guess what I found?!
Charms!!! 2 and 2.5 inch charms from a swap in 2012! Most of them from the US, but also Australia and Canada. Earlier this year when I collected all the 2.5 inch charms from several swaps, I thought I had them all... I had totally forgotten these! What a treasure! :) 

... and speaking of charms... I have received all the charms from the first 2014 PSQ swap; 900 2 inch charms; from England, Canada and the US. 

I've been working on the green/light cream/yellow log cabin quilt again. My idea was to make it a queen size by adding a 'flying geese' border, but I didn't have enough of the light cream tone-on-tone.... Instead I added two strips to the first border I had already added and it is now a good twin size quilt. Fabric for the back as well as batting is on the way from the US. I was fortunate to get fabric to half price and batting 20% off! 

I had a couple of leftover blocks from the log cabin quilt and made them into table toppers.

Love using up bits and pieces!
Set of 4 coasters.

Set of two black / gray coasters

Our 'hiking season' has started and here's the link to one of the hikes we've done recently.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

WIP's and a couple of finishes

I was supposed to finish the table topper AND runner from my previous post... 
I did finish the table topper, but not the runner. I had such problems with the thread tension so I just put it away. 

I finally hemmed the coffee table runner

Since my previous post, I've started a new project; log cabin blocks! I bought these fabrics at the end of last year, just because they are so beautiful! Purple has always been outside my comfort zone, but I fell in love with these fabrics. So far I have 8 blocks and I will definitely need more fabric to finish up the quilt. 

Old jeans from a friend and cloth rice bags from Pakistan,

this is going to be an upcycled grocery bag. I just have to pull out some more jeans from a box... 

Working on a Christmas custom order; 4 placemats

Yesterday I was cleaning part of the sewing / studio, where I have most of my quilting fabrics, books, magazines etc. I have a huge buffet that is filled to the brim and 'of course' some containers stored on the floor - to hubby's despair - lol. After the cleaning yesterday I felt a little bit lazy today and just wanted to go through some of the containers. Started with a basket I thought contained of things to be thrown... Wrong! Well, it was things at the top that was ready for the bin and what else did I find? Bits and pieces of fabrics from projects that were finished at least 2-3 years ago and lots of HST's!  I started to sort it out and now I have a nice little heap to be cut into 2, 2.5 and 4 inch squares and 1.5 inch strips. There are some orphan as well as error blocks too, which I'm going to re-cut and I will use most of this in a super-scrappy quilt... one sunny day! :) 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

A flimsy, surprise gift and other WIPs

One week has passed since my previous post and what have I been up to? 
Well, I have not hemmed the coffee table runner that I was supposed to do. What I have done is to cut the two layer cakes; each 10 inch square into four 4 7/8 inch squares - instead of 5 inch. Most of the supposed to be 10 inch squares were either 9 7/8 or even 9 3/4 inch! :( For not to get any surprises when adding the squares together, I decided to cut them all into 4 7/8 inch squares. 

I have a flimsy! 320 squares added together! The fabrics are from two layer cakes
'Aviary' by 3 Sisters
'Beach House' by Blackbird Designs
To make it a double size quilt, I need fabric for a border, backing and binding.... not sure when that will be... :) 

There were 16 leftover squares I turned into a small table topper. 

I have sinned!!! 
Being on SSD (Strict Stash Diet) I'm not supposed to buy fabrics and other items UNLESS I really NEED IT! 
I have stuck to my rule so far this year and bought what has been needed; fabric for custom orders, batting and thread. 
Then I read about a 60 degrees ruler and all the possibilities it has... I needed thread as well as refill to a marking pen... and then I saw some beautiful batiks... 
You got it! I had to buy it!!! Aren't those batiks beautiful?! 

Earlier this week I placed an order for thread and insul bright as well as fabric for a new custom order.
Here's two of the panel blocks I'm going to use for the custom order

I received a surprise gift from my penfriend Mayumi  in Japan today! 

It's an ornament / handcrafted ball,  beautifully decorated with thread. 

This form of folk art is called TEMARI 'hand ball'  in Japanese.
Temari are highly valued and cherished gifts, symbolizing deep friendship and loyalty.

It's so beautiful made and I will treasure it forever!
Thank you so much, Mayumi!

I made this table topper and a runner last year, I think it was..... The idea was to hand quilt both, but since it has not happened by now, I gave in and it will be machine quilted instead!

You may wonder about the masking tape? I'm doing straight lines and I find it much easier to use masking tape compared to marking pens on smaller items. Easy to remove and no marks to worry about afterwards.

All the 2 inch fabric squares for the PSQ Charm Swap were shipped Monday this week, so in about one week's time I should receive charms from my swap partners.  :) 

We observed an amazing half arc rainbow yesterday morning, take a look here