Monday, February 27, 2017

Two FLIMSY's and a scrappy backing

Since my previous post, I've been working on UFO's and now I have two FLIMSY! (Flimsy's? Flimsies? How is that written??) 
Don't know what a 'flimsy' is? A 'flimsy' is a finished quilt top and here's my latest 'flimsy'

Some of these greens I've had F-O-R-E-V-E-R. By that I mean fabrics I thought I had to have and bought when I started quilting, about 10-11 years ago. Those fabrics tend to pop up everywhere when I was looking for other fabrics and in the end I got sick just looking at them! 
I could have thrown those fabrics in the bin, but that is a big NO-NO for me, as I cut scraps as small as 1.5 inch squares. I decided to use up those fabrics making an easy green and white scrappy quilt. 

First I had in mind to make a lap / throw quilt. HA! That failed, and it has now ended up a large twin or double bed quilt! Why on earth do I do this to myself?! I know (by experience!) how hard it is to quilt it on my domestic machine! Never learn! lol

After I got the right size on the 'flimsy', it was time for the backing. Since this is a scrappy quilt and I still had more left of some of the 'ugly old' fabrics, I decided to make a scrappy backing as well. 
It took me some days to figure out the backing and here it is

'Old' fabrics from my stash. Feels good! :) 
Now to the 'sandwiching'! 

My second FLIMSY

Scrappy granny square blocks in brown and green batiks. 
I made a few of these blocks back in October last year. Lost interest and they became a UFO. The idea was to make it bigger - 5 x 7 blocks - but after doing the other green one (large twin), I thought this size is big enough (lap quilt). 
Fabric for the back is purchased today and should be here in the middle of March, earliest. 
I have 3 extra blocks that I've made into small table toppers / candle mats (forgot to take photos). No suitable backing for those either, just have to wait.

Today I've been busy quilting some other small table toppers / candle mats. 
I hate PLANS, because plans always fail!!! Better say the IDEA is to get the scrappy green twin quilt sandwiched and quilted. 
That means; empty my sewing table!!! YIKES!!! 


Friday, February 10, 2017

Time to count UFO's and WIP's

HAPPY 2017!

I know I'm a bit late wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, but as it is said; better late than never. I hope this year, so far, have treated you well.
Do you have any New Year's resolutions and do you stick to them? I have given up on them, they fail all the time. That said, I hope to blog more regularly and this year I start out with UFO's / WIP's

I'm not sure if I should refer to them as UFO's, WIP's or both? I work on each of them (except the last two) off and on, when I'm bored with other projects. :) 

I love scraps more and more and #1 are some PSQ blocks I have leftover from one I finished last year. These 2.5 inch charms are solely from swaps over the last years. My idea is to combine charms with pinwheels.... so let's see how that pans out. 

Scrappy granny square blocks I started last year. I'm using green and brown batiks, all from my stash. 

108 scrappy log cabin blocks! These are made from 1-1/2 inch wide strips and the finished block size is 8 inch. 

Another scrappy I started last year. I'm currently working on this one.

The next two are my oldest UFO's, from 2010/11! This one is a real UFO! :) 
Quilting members of NNC (NEEDLESnCRAFTS) yahoo group in Malaysia made blocks for a group swap. Here's one of the blocks I made. I may have enough fabrics for a small lap quilt...

Some of the blocks I received from the NNC group swap.
I have yet to decide on how to arrange them; there may be some other blocks (from the swap) in between. 

These UFO's / WIP's should keep me out of trouble over the next months! lol

What are you currently working on?