Sunday, July 11, 2021

Christmas Flimsy, Preparing Backing and New Projects

 Hello everyone! 
I hope you've had a good week. To those of you in the US and Canada; stay inside, stay cool. Can't imagine the heat some of you're dealing with.  As you know; it's 'winter' in the tropics and to keep my fingers warm, I've been busy sewing! 

If you read my previous post, you know I was sorting 2.5' Christmas Fabric Squares (already cut) on colors. Rather boring, to tell the truth! Good thing there weren't that many!

After the sorting was done, I started sewing, and sewing... and sewing!!! Couldn't stop until I had a flimsy; 20 blocks! Here's a sneak-peek. I had sew much fun piecing these squares together and rediscover fabric I can't even remember what were used for. Sew fun! I'm thinking flannel as backing on this one (which I don't have). 'Of course' I don't have enough batting either! More added to the online shopping list; flannel and batting! 

The 'plan' for today... well, I don't really make plans, because they always fail! Better say; what I had in mind for today... that sounds better... was to continue on a couple of fall WIPs. That didn't happen! Instead I pieced the backing for the Pineapple Quilt (UFO). 

I've had this floral fabric for 'I don't know how long'. Not enough, as you can see, but after I took the photo, I added a beautiful brown to each side, top and bottom. Not the perfect backing for the quilt, but my aim is to use from my stash whenever I can. 

Don't you get fed up on UFO's sometimes, and want to make something new? I do! 

I pulled out some fall fabric and here's the beginning for an applique wall hanging. This is the second attempt...'s the first attempt..

I'm sure my brain had a short-circuit, because almost everything went wrong on this one; the three pieces for the fence are too wide and I managed to cut the background fabric 1/4' too short! UGH!!! I could have adjusted that with the black narrow border, but I got so ****** that I started all over! The error-piece won't go in the bin, I have an idea how to 'rescue' it. 

The beginning of a fall lap quilt

HA! Now I see the two small blocks have the same green center! I think I'll swap the red block with another one. I shall see.......

Amazing what pops up when it has been long forgotten, isn't it? 

Last year, or was it the year before?, I cut fabric, batting and insul bright for an oven mitt, mostly because I wanted to use up the piece of corn fabric. I don't even like corn, but the fabric is quite fun! I like how it turned out, except the thumb could have been longer; blame the pattern! Oh well, my very first handmade oven mitt! 


Saturday, July 3, 2021

Finished UFO's and New Project

It's not often I have two posts in one week, but I'm excited to share some (quilting) news with you!

First, I have some finished UFO's! 
The Scrappy Christmas Quilt was finished in April, but never got around taking photos

I've used red, green, grey, white and gold scraps (I almost ran out of greens!)

For the back I've chosen a beautiful poinsettia fabric

The stocking kit was given to me a couple of years ago (I never buy kits). This UFO was also one of the 'laying on the bench next to the table'.

 I rarely make stockings, so it took me an unpick to get the lining inside and not outside! lol

This photo shows what was meant to be the back of the stockings.  Aren't these too cute to be hidden on the back?! Instead of two, I made four! 

Those of you who read my blog regularly, know I love making scrappy quilts. I'm a member of the Quiltsy Team on Etsy. The team has monthly challenges and for July/August: Scraps! Make anything from table runner to twin size quilt. 

I have cut squares from leftover fabrics for years, separated Christmas from all other themes. 

Big shoe box full of 2.5' squares! 
Not so much sorted on colors,

that's what I did last night; sorted on colors! Phew! Here are only a few. 

Sorted on colors, and one of each. I'm thinking a lap quilt, but it won't be a unique one (meaning: no duplicates!). I have several of most fabric, it has to be duplicates. 
Fun seeing some of these fabrics again, and some I can't even remember what I made. So this is what will keep my fingers warm the coming days. 


Update: 'What's-on-the-table/chair/bench' list:

- 3 Tea Cozies - quilted - fix loop on each
- PSQ blocks 36 patches - ongoing project - no new blocks
- Pineapple Quilt (UFO) - make a pieced backing - not done
- Double Wedding ring quilt (2021) - arcs done
- NYB - 48 blocks done (2021) - layout
- Christmas Stockings (kit / UFO) - DONE!
- Coffee menu - cross stitching - no progress

Updated APQ UFO list, July 2, 2021

#1 -Blue & White Irish Chain
#2 - Black/White Poppies Wall Haning - FEBRUARY
#3 - Got the Blues
#4 - Christmas Lap Quilt - APRIL - DONE!
#5 - Pineapple Quilt - JUNE
#6 - Christmas Stockings Kit - DONE!
#7 - Log Cabin Blocks (Nancy Halvorsen) - JANUARY - DONE!
#8 - Scrappy Quilt / Migration to Africa - DONE!
#9 - PSQuilt - MAY - DONE!
#10 - Basket Quilt
#11 - Kitchen Wall Hanging (Vegetables) - MARCH
#12 - PSQuilt Blocks - JULY - DONE! 
#13 - Crumb Quilt
#14 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt 
#15 - Scrappy 4' Squares



Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Weekend Sewing and Updated UFO / WIP Lists

Happy Wednesday!
(I started writing this post Monday, some paragraphs are updated)
After working hard on WIP's and actually finish some of them  (previous post), it took me a day or so to decide what's next. 

I decided to work on the tea cozies. They are quilted and ready for binding.

Update: 2 tea cozies are done, just have to fix the loop on each. 

I've this one left to do. Insulated tea cozies are a bit tedious to make, especially to machine sew the binding through four layers cotton batting, 2 layers insul bright + the front and lining. For this, I use needle #18/110, slow, and lots of P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E, and COFFEE!!! lol

While hunting for the binding fabric, I pulled out a small piece of poinsettia fabric, just enough to make a tea cozy in a different design. This one is done, I have to bias cut binding for the small teapot mat. I think this tea cozy turned out really cute. 

Well, my to-do list consists of WIP's already on the table and chair. What I didn't count, are the WIP's on the bench next to the table! HA! Guess what I found there?!

40 arcs for a Double Wedding Ring quilt
I'm a member of the Quiltsy Team on Etsy and one of the challenges this year is to make something we've always wanted to do but never made before. For me, that's a DWR quilt! I'm making it in scrappy batik.

48 New York Beauty blocks
These were put aside when I decided to work on UFO's. 

Christmas Stocking Kit
I never buy kits. This kit is a gift from a quilter in the US.

Update: Working on these. Stockings, batting and the back are cut. Have to go hunting in my Christmas stash for lining fabric. 

During lockdown (beginning March 10, 2021) as well as recovering from a surgery, I couldn't move much around. To stay sane, I did counted cross stitching. I used to do it some years ago and really enjoyed it. I made these ornaments more than 10 years ago. For the 'Coffee Menu', I had one color missing and due to the lockdown I couldn't go into the city getting it. Eventually the lockdown was lifted, I got the floss, and no more progress.

 Seriously, I should work on this one too, because I love it! 

The 'What's-on-the-Table' list has shrunk considerably, from this, to this:

- 3 Tea Cozies - quilted
- PSQ blocks 36 patches - ongoing project - no new blocks
- Pineapple Quilt (UFO) - make a pieced backing - not done

NEW to the list:
- Double Wedding Ring quilt (2021) - arcs done 
- NYB - 48 blocks done (2021) - layout
- 2 Christmas Stockings (kit / UFO)
- 'Coffee Menu' Cross Stitching  

Updated APQ UFO list

#1 - Blue & White Irish Chain
#2 - Black/White Poppies Wall Haning - FEBRUARY
- #3 - Got the Blues
 #4 Christmas Lap Quilt - APRIL - DONE!
#5 - Pineapple Quilt - JUNE
#6 - Christmas Stockings Kit
#7 - Log Cabin Blocks (Nancy Halvorsen) - JANUARY - DONE! 
#8 - Scrappy Quilt / Migration to Africa - DONE!
#9 - PS Quilt - MAY - DONE!
#10 - Basket Quilt
#11 - Kitchen WH / Vegetables - MARCH
#12 - PSQ Blocks -JULYDONE! 
#13 - Crumb Quilt
#14 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt
#15 - Scrappy 4' Squares

5 big quilts finished in 6 months. Not that bad, eh?! 



Friday, June 25, 2021

Migration to Africa (UFO) and Other Finishes

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good week and get lots of quilting done. 
It's winter on the Southern hemisphere. We're having a cold front from Antarctica; rain, wind and 3-4 degrees (Celsius) drop in temperature. (Actually no rain the last days!). This morning we have +14C / 57.2F and 65% humidity. The cold gets into my bones! BRRR! Never in my life did I imagine I have to wear wool clothes in the tropics, but that's what I'm wearing!

To keep my fingers warm, I've been working on my list from my previous post and I think I've done pretty good! After finishing 7 items in about one week, am I allowed to work on something else?! My answer is YES!!! ... but what?! The Pineapple UFO? A bit bored with that one. I have more UFO's to finish, but none of them are tempting. The Cardinal Tea Cozies? Maybe... I shall see...

I happy to finally show the finished 'Migration to Africa'! (A UFO from last year).

It started out with the 'Flying Geese' blocks and the 2 blocks in the center. Those are leftovers from this quilt I made for my dear childhood friend in Norway in 2012. I had totally forgotten about those blocks and rediscovered them (last year) in a box when I was looking for something else. The original plan was to use the blocks for a pieced backing for another quilt (can't even remember which one!). I had no design in mind when I started out. I had the blocks and searched my stash for 'ugly' and 'never-going-to-use' fabrics.  

I pulled out some orange pieces, mottled black (for the stained glass look) a small piece brown checks, dancing African ladies and some other small bits and pieces. 

The last piece I decided to use is a not-so-ugly brown and green fabric. For the border, back and binding, I have used my favorite Stonehenge wide back. I just love this beautiful fabric! I had enough for the border, but had to purchase more for the backing. So you see, not all fabric used in this quilt is 'ugly'! lol 
Quilting: All the 17 'Flying Geese' + 2 other blocks are quilted 'in-the-ditch', and to repeat the triangles, the borders on each side of the 'Flying Geese' I've quilted in a 'Chevron' (triangle) pattern and so are the orange rectangles. The 'Dancing Ladies' and brown/green rectangles are quilted in triangles too with 1' in between each seam. 

For the border I've done diagonal straight seams, 1' between each seem. 'Of course' it didn't match up at the end! I pondered about that for awhile, then decided to rip part of the seams and do horizontal straight seams on each side (top) instead. It turned out as if there's never been done a mistake! lol For the quilting I used Superior Threads King Tut #983. Binding is machine sewn to the back. 
I usually don't note how many hours I spend on an item, but for fun I decided to see how many hours went into quilting (only) this one. Any guess? 56 hours!
Size: 69 x 98 inches / 175 x 249 cm. Maybe an odd size, XL Twin?

I managed to stick to my to-do list (without starting anything new) and here are a few more finishes (not UFO's)

Using up bits and pieces, had enough for a Christmas Card Holder

a small Wall Hanging

...and just enough squares for a table topper. The border is from another fabric line and just enough too. 

3 Advent Calendars finished. I don't have to show all 3 of the same, do I? :) 

... and 9 more blocks for a PSQuilt. These blocks are easy to make, a 36-patches takes about 30 min and fun to do in between other projects. 

This is how my list looks like today:

 - Migration to Africa (UFO) - binding - DONE!

- 3 Tea Cozies, Cardinals - all pieces cut - no progress

- PSQ blocks 36 patches - ongoing project - 9 blocks done

- 3 Advent Calendars - quilting/binding - DONE!

- 3 Advent Calendars - purchase backing fabric - DONE!

- Christmas Card Holder - quilting/binding - DONE!

- Christmas Table Topper - quilting/binding - DONE!

- Christmas Wall Hanging - quilting/binding - DONE!

- Pineapple Quilt (UFO) - make a pieced backing - not done



Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What's on your sewing table....

...and chair, that needs to be finished? 

This is my sewing table today. It doesn't look that bad, eh? A couple of projects, right? 

The chair; overflowing! Some WIP's hiding there!  

I'm determined to work on UFO's, but in between I need a break to work on smaller projects. After doing a little counting today, I've decided to finish (most of) the projects laying on the table and chair, before I touch anything else! (Easier said than done!) I've not set a timeframe, because that won't work for me! I didn't take photos of all, here are some of the WIP's.  

- 'Migration to Africa' (UFO) - binding

- 3 Tea Cozies, Cardinals - all pieces cut

- PSQ blocks - ongoing project

- 3 Advent Calendars - quilting

- 3 Advent Calendars - have to purchase backing fabric

- Christmas Card Holder - quilting

- Christmas Wall Hanging - quilting

- Christmas Table Topper - quilting

- Pineapple Quilt - make a pieced backing. 

There are a few other finished quilts on the chair that will be available in my Etsy shop, need to take photos. 

So lets see in about one week if the list is shortened. Wish me luck! 

Since my previous post, the tea themed place mats, mug rugs and teapot mat are done! 'Migration to Africa' quilted and trimmed. (Photos later).


Saturday, June 5, 2021

This, That, a Finish and Christmas in May

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good week and got some quilting done. Since my previous post, I've been busy with several projects. I usually work on one project at a time, although not always get them finished. That's quite normal, isn't it?! :) 

First of all, I have a finished UFO! 

Yep! Another Postage Stamp Quilt! This is #9 (my UFO list). It's the same size as the other PSQ I finished recently; 72 x 95 inches / 183 x 241 cm. 

This is the one I struggled to get the 108" backing straight. We (with help from DH) did manage to stretch and pull making it a little bit better, but still.... UGH! The colors are pastels on almond colored background. I didn't really like it when I prepped the quilt, but after finishing the quilt, I'm in love with it! :) So soft and cuddly! For the binding I have used a dark teal fabric that has been in my stash forever! 

Do you give your quilt a name? Usually I don't, but after spending hours quilting the 'flying geese' blocks for this UFO (that was meant as backing on another quilt), I've named it 'Migration to Africa'. 

It consists of several 'Flying Geese' blocks and dancing African ladies. There are groups of triangles on the dancing ladies fabric. Interpretation; groups of migrating birds. 

Quilting 'Migration to Africa' is time consuming and for not getting bored, or worse; getting fed up with it!, I've done some smaller items in between. Going through my stash, I decided to make a few 'Golf Ladies' mug rugs

Aren't they cute?! 

The Advent Calendar is done! 

While searching my stash for backing for the Advent Calendar, I pulled out some other Christmas fabrics. I had enough to make a card holder, small wall hanging and scrappy table topper. I even found backing fabric for these projects! 

Is searching my stash for fabric good or bad?! LOL Earlier this year (or was it end of last year?), I made this tea cozy. At the time I made it, I intended to make a matching teapot mat, but that did not happen at that time. I pulled out these fabrics again and from what I had left I prepped a teapot mat, 6 mug rugs and 6 place mats! 

This blog post has been in draft mode for some days. I have a few updates: teapot mat is done, all mug rugs are quilted and 2 (out of 6) are done. I'm working on 'Migration to Africa', about half the border is left to quilt. Why on earth did I decide to do diagonal straight seams with 1' in between each seam?! My-O-My! It takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! I love how it turns out though! :) 


Friday, May 21, 2021

A FINISH! ...and that's a UFO!

Good Friday morning from a rainy and windy Mauritius! 

It's the beginning of 'winter', or 'cold season', as the locals refer it to. It's past middle May and the last days the weather is typical for July/August; rain, wind and drop in temperature. Meteo predicts the temperature drops to +11C  / 51.8F on the plateau this 'winter'. BRRR! Some of you may be laughing, but with high humidity and wind, this sort of weather IS cold! Time to wear warm sweaters and socks! 

We took advantage of the sunny weather and did some long overdue yard work. Can't believe how overgrown it was! Not really a surprise; the summer has been hot and lots of rain, perfect condition for all plants, and WEEDS! 

If you have read my latest posts, you know I'm determined to finish as many as possible of the accumulated 15! UFO's. I'm happy to say I do have a few finishes and here's the first one: 

This is #12 (my UFO list).  1728 squares pieced together! Most of the squares are from my stash and others from swaps. There are a few duplicates. 

I made the blocks last year, but never made them into a quilt. 

The back! Yep, I decided to piece the back. Makes it more interesting, doesn't it? 

First I chose the pretty floral fabric and added some matching fabric that picks up the colors of the flowers.  

What was left is cut into strips, and squares measuring 2', 2.5', 3', 3.5', 4' and 5'. Happy to say all these fabrics are used up.

After working entirely on big quilts, I needed something smaller to do. I know I've said I'm not going to start anything new until some UFO's are done......... but.... After finishing 3 quilts recently (posts later), I think it is justified! :) 

I admit it; I have a soft spot for Advent Calendars! I used YLI gold metallic thread for quilting, but I didn't find it easy to use. Usually I use Superior Threads' metallic (my favorite), but I didn't have more and to order to get it shipped FedEx Express costs about $50! Better use what I have, I thought! I've left to hand sew the binding.
Speaking of metallic thread, has any of you tried Yenmet for quilting or embroidery? 

I'm working on another UFO. This is the one that was supposed to be the back for another quilt, but I decided against it.

I've quilted (stitch-in-the-ditch) all the 17 'flying geese' blocks. I'm enjoying the process and due to the nasty weather today I'm going to continue quilting the orange rectangles, I think... that's the plan, but with me plans always fail! I may also find something small to work on in between...