Friday, May 21, 2021

A FINISH! ...and that's a UFO!

Good Friday morning from a rainy and windy Mauritius! 

It's the beginning of 'winter', or 'cold season', as the locals refer it to. It's past middle May and the last days the weather is typical for July/August; rain, wind and drop in temperature. Meteo predicts the temperature drops to +11C  / 51.8F on the plateau this 'winter'. BRRR! Some of you may be laughing, but with high humidity and wind, this sort of weather IS cold! Time to wear warm sweaters and socks! 

We took advantage of the sunny weather and did some long overdue yard work. Can't believe how overgrown it was! Not really a surprise; the summer has been hot and lots of rain, perfect condition for all plants, and WEEDS! 

If you have read my latest posts, you know I'm determined to finish as many as possible of the accumulated 15! UFO's. I'm happy to say I do have a few finishes and here's the first one: 

This is #12 (my UFO list).  1728 squares pieced together! Most of the squares are from my stash and others from swaps. There are a few duplicates. 

I made the blocks last year, but never made them into a quilt. 

The back! Yep, I decided to piece the back. Makes it more interesting, doesn't it? 

First I chose the pretty floral fabric and added some matching fabric that picks up the colors of the flowers.  

What was left is cut into strips, and squares measuring 2', 2.5', 3', 3.5', 4' and 5'. Happy to say all these fabrics are used up.

After working entirely on big quilts, I needed something smaller to do. I know I've said I'm not going to start anything new until some UFO's are done......... but.... After finishing 3 quilts recently (posts later), I think it is justified! :) 

I admit it; I have a soft spot for Advent Calendars! I used YLI gold metallic thread for quilting, but I didn't find it easy to use. Usually I use Superior Threads' metallic (my favorite), but I didn't have more and to order to get it shipped FedEx Express costs about $50! Better use what I have, I thought! I've left to hand sew the binding.
Speaking of metallic thread, has any of you tried Yenmet for quilting or embroidery? 

I'm working on another UFO. This is the one that was supposed to be the back for another quilt, but I decided against it.

I've quilted (stitch-in-the-ditch) all the 17 'flying geese' blocks. I'm enjoying the process and due to the nasty weather today I'm going to continue quilting the orange rectangles, I think... that's the plan, but with me plans always fail! I may also find something small to work on in between...



StephsQults said...

Brilliant finish! So much work in that quilt and so many yummy scraps. Well done!

MooseCarol said...

Another beautiful finish. I just love scrappy and this one is especially gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Wonderful finish! And I'm glad you didn't use that flying geese quilt as backing--it's too pretty and deserves to be on the front! Have fun!

Ivani said...

What? 1728 squares pieced together! This is awesome!!! Gorgeous quilt, I like also the pieced backing. Here where I live Autunm is bringing us Winter days. Brrr

Birthe Marie said...

Gratulerer med ferdigstilt quilt! Den første du viser med scrap av kvadrater er fantastisk. Det å se på de alle små stoffrestene som kan bringe fram minner, enten hvorfor du kjøpte det, hvilke andre prosjekter du har brukt det i, eller kanskje personene du har fått de fra. Nydelig adventskalender også. Ofte er det smart å bruke det man har. Porto fra andre land og verdensdeler er ofte veldig dyrt. :-)

Cathy said...

That's not cold!! ;-)

Congrats on moving some UFOs along! I like the 1728 quilt. What are the size of your squares?
And Advent Calendars seems like a fun thing to be fond of and to collect. I have a few of them that I would fill when the grandkids were younger. I should pass them on to them now since I really don't do much decorating anymore.

Keep on moving those UFOs along!!

Karen S said...

Great to see your progress and a wonderful finish. Great to have goals. Well done.