Sunday, January 26, 2020

Scrappy Quilting and Rainy Week

It has been a wet week weather wise. We had a 'cyclone warning class 3' caused by Moderate Tropical Cyclone 'Diane'. 'Class 3' means 'no venture out'. 'Diane' passed 40 km (24.85 miles) off the North coast before 04:00 a.m. Saturday morning and we did not even hear the wind or rain! Luckily it was not a strong cyclone; no flooding or other damages in our area.

I've been super busy with a couple of my scrappy UFO's and happy to say I have a FINISH!

This is my UFO #10 (my UFO list) and #2 (January challenge) for the APQ and Quiltsy Team UFO Challenge

The centre is made up of 504 squares, all from swaps I've done earlier. For the 116 pinwheels blocks, I have used 'ugly' fabric from my stash. Hmm.... Actually they don't look that ugly now! It is said all fabric are beautiful in small pieces. I think that is true! Oh, and the brown sashing and border is also from my scraps. 

I only had to buy the 108" backing fabric; a beautiful beige with tiny seaweeds pattern.

Friday we had the 'no venture out' (class 3) warning. While waiting for the storm to pass, I attacked another UFO, one of my 'insanity' project. Who told me some years ago I should cut rectangles 1.5 x 2.5 inches?! (I think I'm a bit lunatic!) Well, I can only blame myself, because I try not to throw fabric pieces that can be used. 

I'm pleased with the progress; two rows and the sashing. 

A fun 'I spy' quilt; do you spot the deer and the gingerbread man? 

It takes a little bit of time to piece the tiny rectangles together, but when that is done the rest goes rather quickly. Fun to rediscover fabric I had totally forgotten. I didn't have enough rectangles to finish another row. I still have some cut, but not enough to finish two more rows. No worries, I have plenty more strips to cut! :) 

Aren't these fabrics pretty? The fabric line is 'Zen' by Makower UK and I think they are OOP long time ago. I don't know how many times these fabrics have been in and out of the shelves and never have I come up with what to make, until yesterday....
...but that is going to be another blog post! :) 


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

APQ and Quiltsy Team UFO Challenge 2020

January is the month to start finishing all those UFO's that have accumulated through last year (and years before!). I have already made my UFO list, but since I've joined the APQ as well as the Quiltsy Team on Etsy for the 2020 UFO CHALLENGE, I had to pick 12 out of the 18 UFO's I've already listed.

#1 - Log Cabin Quilt #1
#2 - Scrappy PSQ/Pinwheel Lap Quilt (January Challenge)
#3 - Scrappy 2" strips (maybe a Lap Quilt)
#4 - Black and White Wall Hanging
#5 - Deer Log Cabin Table Topper
#6 - Nifty Nurses Wall Hanging
#7 - Log Cabin #3
#8 - Snowman Village Wall Hanging
#9 - Log Cabin #2 Quilt
#10 - Snowman Village Attic Window Wall Hanging
#11 - Scrappy 1" squares Quilt
#12 - Star Batik Quilt

Didn't figure out how to get all in one photo, so here are the last three.
(Ignore the numbers on the photos, they are for my original (first) UFO list).

I guess working on these should keep me out of trouble this year?! :) 


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Scrappy Lap Quilt, getting it ready to quilt

A couple of weeks ago I got the wide (108") backing for the scrappy lap quilt. 
If you read my previous post you can easily imagine how 'fun' it is to empty the table to get ready sandwiching the three layers together. 

The backing may not look wide on the photo, but it is double! 

UGH! How easy is it to deal with this width?!
Do you see the carton boxes to the upper left? That's the cat's! He loves them, uses to sleep in one and sometimes just hide in one of them, jumps out and scare the heck out of mama! lol

Done! Cut to size on width and length! 

Now to the batting. UGH!! (again!) Not wide enough, have to add a piece to one side. 

I could have used 'Heat Press' tape, but find it much easier to do zigzag on bigger pieces. Trim each peace (with a ruler) to straight edges and the zigzag goes easy-peasy! 

Done, and almost not visible! 

To avoid the backing to pucker, I always tape it to the table before sandwiching the three layers together

It's ready to be sandwiched. I forgot to take photos after I pinned and thread basted the three layers together.
Update (since the photos were taken): it is quilted! Only left to quilt the outer border and then add the binding. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

WIP's and another UFO

It's early Wednesday morning, I'm enjoying my first cuppa of the day and listening to the birds' chirping (before the traffic sets in). 
It's time to update what I've been up to since I counted UFO's! :) You can see that post here I forgot to add one UFO though, the updated list is posted below. 

My creative mess this past Sunday! 
I've been working on so many things I've almost lost count

Close to my heart are mug rugs. They are easy and fast to make. I've had Loralie's 'On the mend' panel for ages and decided it's time to turn it into mug rugs. These are ready to be quilted.

Ran out of a yellow fabric for a couple of Easter table runners. More is on the way, not expected until beginning of February. Are you able to spot the pattern in the tray? It resembles 'orange peel' quilt pattern! The latter has been - still is - on my bucket list. :) Has any of you ever made an orange peel quilt? 

I've made a few Easter table toppers, hand sewing the binding is on the to-do list this week. The black one is one of my many UFO's; the Advent Calendar, almost done! 

I haven't bought a quilting book since as long as I can remember, but when I saw this one, I couldn't resist! It has some really cute pillow patterns. If I make any of them? Time will show! :) 

Updated UFO list #2. I've added #18, which I posted here
I'm currently working on #10; FMQuilting. It's almost done; a little bit quilting left to do and then the binding. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Time to Count UFO's

It's January 3 and time to count UFO's! 

Do you have any NY's resolutions and do you stick to them? Years ago I gave up on resolutions; they failed all the time. I'd rather call it 'to set goals'. 
That said; my goals for 2020 is to blog more often and of course to finish the UFO's - at least some - that have accumulated over the last years.  At this point, I'm not sure how many I have, maybe 8-10? So let's see.. 

#1 - Got the Blues
#2 - Irish Chain in blue and white
#3 - Nifty Nurses Wall Hanging
#4 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt
#5 - Lap Quilt
#6 - Scrappy Christmas Quilt
#7 - Scrappy Black and White Wall Hanging
#8 - Snowman Wall Hanging / Attic Window
#9 - Snowman Village Wall Hanging

#10 - PSQ/Pinwheel Lap Quilt
#11 - Advent Calendar 
#12 - Scrappy Star Quilt Batik
#13 - Log Cabin (#1)
#14 - Log Cabin (#2)
#15 - Scrappy 2 inch strips
#16 - Scrappy 1 inch squares
#17 - Deer Log Cabin TT

YIKES!!! 17!!! How did that happen?! I'm certain they multiply overnight!!!

I'm currently working on #11 (Advent Calendar). 

I was going to finish it last year, but ran out of backing fabric. I was busy with other items when I got the fabric and it was put away. I did quilt the calendar yesterday, now to add the small pockets.