Sunday, February 25, 2018

Custom order done and more thunderstorms

Where did this week go?? Someone must have stolen it, as one said....
We got more rain with thunderstorms the past days, which caused severe flooding in an area not far from where we live. The best way to keep dry is to stay inside and keep busy sewing! :) 

The red and white lap quilt (custom order) is done! 

...and the back...

Red and white are also colors I haven't paid much attention to. I have made several items in for this customer and how can I NOT fall in love with red and white?! Striking color combination that can be used all year. This lap quilt turned out so soft and cuddly, it's reversible and it can also be used as a tablecloth. I just love it! 

...and... drum-roll please! Another UFO done! 

An orphan log cabin block turned into a wall hanging.
First I thought of it as a table topper, now I think it looks better as a wall hanging. 
It can be used as both, of course. 

Remember the 36-patch quilt blocks (made from 1.5" squares) I'm working on in between other projects? 

When an item is done, I cut bits and pieces into squares, sizes from 1.5" to 5". I try to keep up with the 1.5" and made 9 blocks this weekend! That gives 56 blocks and 2016 squares sewn together! 

I'm sold out for Norwegian Flag Mug Rugs in my Etsy Shop and I'm currently working on a few. 

Rain, rain and more rain. More rain and thunderstorms.

Cyclone- and rainy season, but THIS almost every day since beginning of January?! I love tropical rain, at least it cools it down a bit. 


Updated UFO list per February 25, 2018 

#1 - Log Cabin Table Topper (orphan block) - FINISHED! 
#2 - Table Topper Purple Pansies - FINISHED! 
#3 - Wall Hanging Hawaii Dancing Girls
#4 - Christmas Place Mats - set of 4
#5 - PSQ - Squares and Pinwheels
#6 - PSQ - Scrappy Squares
#7 - Scrappy Irish Chain in Blue & White
#8 - Bonnie's 'Provence'
#9 - Sunbonnet Sue - NNC block swap
#10 - Lap Quilt in Red and White - FINISHED!
#11 - Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen
#12 - Scrappy Log Cabin
#13 - Got the Blues
#14 - Nifty Nurses
#15 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt
#16 - Scrappy Christmas Quilt
#17 - Lap Quilt
#18 - Scrappy Black and White
#19 - Scrappy 1 inch squares (sewn into quilt)
#20 - Bag

'See you' next Sunday!

Monday, February 19, 2018

It's Sunday....

... and time for a new blog post! 

What have you been up to this week? Have you finished any items or perhaps some UFO's? 
I've been working on several items and actually have a few finishes. 

Did you know 'Pantone Color of the Year 2018' is Ultra Violet?
Before I started quilting, there were colors I didn't like at all and one of them were purple in all shades from light to dark. Gradually I began to like purple and I have made a few items in different shades of purple.
I had a beautiful fabric depicting purple (violet) and aqua pansies on a very light purple background. When I love a fabric, I want to make as many items as possible. From the pansy fabric that was left, I made a table runner in ultra violet and shamrock green

.... and a small table topper or candle mat

Available in my Etsy Shop

Progress on the custom order

Since my previous post, I've thread basted and quilted the custom order quilt. The quilting is done in diagonal straight seams (crosshatch pattern). 3 mug rugs, all different, are included in the order too and I finished them yesterday. I think they look great, all being different and each with a different backing. 

I've been working on bindings this week and when I counted them all; 17 items I have to hand sew the binding! How did that happen?!?! I've done a few already, only 12 left! :) 

2 table toppers and 1 table runner that need some hand sewing

This gives:

- 3 mug rugs - DONE! 
- 1 purple candle mat / table topper - DONE! 
- 4 Christmas place mats (UFO)
- 2 Valentine's Day place mats
- 1 table topper (poppies)
- 1 log cabin table topper (UFO)
- 1 blue/yellow table topper
- 1 blue / yellow table runner
- 1 table runner (poppies) 
- 1 table runner (pansies) - DONE!  
1 wall hanging (UFO) 

I don't have any finished UFO's this week, except added binding to the log cabin table topper and working on the custom order. 

It's not been raining here for the last 24 hours! What's wrong with the weather God?! lol That means some long overdue yard work this a.m. (Already Monday!)


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Progress on a Custom Order and more

It's Sunday again, a hot and humid afternoon here in Mauritius. 
The rainy- and cyclone season. We had some nice, cool rainy days, but now the heat is here again. I hate this time of the year! Can't wait for April when it starts to cool down a bit! 

I have accomplished quite a lot this week and I'm happy with the progress on a custom order that actually is a UFO. 
Last year, I made several items to a customer in Canada. She loves red and white and this time the order was several items made from a mix of cotton quilting fabric and woven fabrics; squares and stripes. I had quite some fabrics left and we decided on a lap quilt and mug rugs. We agreed on small and big squares randomly placed for the lap quilt and squares and rectangles for the mug rugs. I cut the squares last year, (see this post), but 'life came in the way' and first this week I have been able to work on it. 

Since my previous blog post, I have pieced the quilt, added the border, pieced the back and made the mug rugs. This morning I cut the batting and the next steps are thread basting and quilting. For the mug rugs I have left to add the binding. 
Don't you love these red and white's together? I do! 

In between, I have done small jobs on a few other items

Pieced a table runner that is ready to be quilted and added binding to another table runner, table topper and small candle mat. The most boring part left; hand sew the binding! :) 

I have two mug rugs ready to be listed in my Etsy shop
Aren't these poppies gorgeous?! 

...and look what landed in our PO Box earlier this week!
Thanks goodness I didn't have to go to the Customs in Port Louis this time!!! 

I bought an Island Batik Charm Pack; 'French Roasted' together with a coordinating black/tan batik. Gorgeous batiks! 
Have you tried the 'Bloc Loc' rulers for HST?  I bought two; 2.5" and 3.5". Can't wait to try them! ...and more blues for my scrappy blue/white Irish chain quilt! :) 
Don't worry, I didn't break my SFD! (Strict Fabric Diet)! This order was placed and shipped at the end of last year! 
I'm doing good on my SFD; no fabric shopping this week! :) 


Sunday, February 4, 2018

WIP's and UFO's

What have you been up to lately? Any progress on WIP's or UFO's? New ideas?

The heat, rain and humidity this time of the year makes me unwell. I don't take this climate very well and I don't venture out unless I have to. Some days ago I made the 'mistake' by going to the Custom in Port Louis to pick up a parcel. It was the day before two public holidays and the motorway was packed, long lines at the Custom, and even crazy shoppers at the supermarket (as if there were NO days AFTER the public holidays)! :( Needless to say I was totally drained when I returned home! Note to self: never go to PL this time of the year if you don't have to!!!!

I've been busy sewing and proud to say I have a finished UFO! :) 
Available in my Etsy Shop

I've been working on this, that and everything. I bought some gorgeous poppy fabrics some years ago, but couldn't decide what to make. Now I came up with a few ideas and I had enough fabric for a TR, TT, a couple of mug rugs and a bed runner. 
Now to finish them all! :)

The bed runner was supposed to be a TR, but since I made the green/yellow border first, it turned out too wide for a TR, I think.... I'm quilting straight seams and it takes forever! LOL I have yet to decide on how to quilt the border, any suggestions? 

I've made - and finished! :) - another TR for my shop. I have had 'bad hair days', and I can add 'bad photo days' too! :( Most of the photos I took of this TR turned out horrible, even after editing I can't use them for my shop. I have to take new photos. UGH! 

What do you do when there's no I-net connection or the CPU doesn't want to cooperate? 
I made 6 new blocks for my PS Quilt! :) Now I'm running out of 2.5 inch squares from swaps! I have quite some greens, blues and yellows left only. To make more blocks I have to start using my own cut squares. High time doing so; too many boxes containing squares - to hubby's despair! He claims there's no space for him anymore! LOL 

Not going to buy fabric, batting, thread etc UNLESS I NEED IT!!! 
...and look what I've bought already!!!! 
Well, the first photo shows fabric I ordered last year but received this year, so that doesn't count, right?! :)  They are for the blue and white Irish Chain UFO. The 2nd and 3rd photos are the fabric I went to pick up at the Custom in PL. Well worth the sweat that day, wasn't it?! Aren't those fabric gorgeous? I just couldn't resist! 


Updated UFO list per February 3, 2018 

#1 - Log Cabin Table Topper (orphan block)
#2 - Table Topper Purple Pansies - FINISHED! 
#3 - Wall Hanging Hawaii Dancing Girls
#4 - Christmas Place Mats - set of 4
#5 - PSQ - Squares and Pinwheels
#6 - PSQ - Scrappy Squares
#7 - Scrappy Irish Chain in Blue & White
#8 - Bonnie's 'Provence'
#9 - Sunbonnet Sue - NNC block swap
#10 - Lap Quilt in Red & White
#11 - Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen
#12 - Scrappy Log Cabin
#13 - Got the Blues
#14 - Nifty Nurses
#15 - Scrappy Flannel Quilt
#16 - Scrappy Christmas Quilt
#17 - Lap Quilt
#18 - Scrappy Black & White
#19 - Scrappy 1 inch squares (sewn into quilt)
#20 - Bag