Friday, September 30, 2016

Jelly Roll Race Quilt - Quiltsy Team Challenge

I'm back in blog land! 
My previous post was 6 months ago. I think I needed a break from blogging, it took me days to finish a blog post and I felt I didn't have anything to write about...
A break from blogging, but not from sewing. I have been busy with this, that and everything and now prepping Red Needle Quilts for the upcoming Holiday Season

This August, the Quiltsy Team on Etsy had a fun challenge for members to make a 'Jelly Roll Race' quilt. I must confess I had never heard of it, yep, had to google it! :) If you don't know what a JRR quilt is, click here .

I didn't have any 'jelly roll' so decided to cut 40  2-1/2 inch strips from some of the  batiks I have 'saved' - because they were too beautiful to be cut! (I know it's not only me! lol) I don't really like those precuts; jelly roll, charm packs etc, they are too 'linty'.


It was a fun quilt to make and I was rather surprised how fast it was done. So if you have a 'jelly roll' just sitting there and you don't know what to do with it, why not turn it into a 'JRR' quilt? It is said it can be done in one hour (or so). I didn't look at the clock when I started or finished, but I know it took me more than one hour! Important coffee breaks in between! :) 

Love how it turned out, bright and colorful.

I quilted it in an allover loopy swirls pattern.
Quilt size: 56-3/4 x 71 inches / 144 x 180 cm

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop

Want to see more? Take a look over at Quiltsy Team to see some of the other 'Jelly Roll Race' quilts .


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