Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Custom order off to Canada and two finished UFO's

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on a custom order and now its on the way to Canada.
The lady wanted a teapot cozy and four matching placemats. I didn't have more of the fabrics she wanted, so I suggested some other fabrics that I had to purchase from the US. If she was willing to wait for the shipping time etc? Yes, no problem. 
Fortunate the fabrics arrived in reasonable time (less than 3 weeks). Gorgeous country themed fabrics with roosters and plaids. Immediately I fell in love with these fabrics, which made it even more fun to create something. 

The lady wanted me to use my creative skills (gasp!). The teapot cozy wasn't a big deal, easy to make.

The lady decided on four fabrics and wanted four different placemats. 
Since the shape of the placemats are rather rectangular, I suggested a pocket for cutlery on the right side and a band for a napkin on the left side. 

I had the idea in my head for some days before I drew it on paper. I know! I know! I could have done it in EQ7, but..... 

Since the roosters are the focal points on two of the fabrics, I fussy cut to make them fit the best I could. 

Love these colorful roosters! :)

When the placemats were done, I suggested I make matching lined napkins; one of each fabrics using the same backing as for the placemats. 

I just love the country charm of these items. I hope the lady will love them as much as I loved making it all. 

I've been working on a couple of UFO's...
A pair of whimsical dancing snowmen potholders

... and a teapot cozy! :) 

I have a Christmas / winter table topper (UFO) that is not finished. It's ready to be quilted, but I'm not sure how to quilt it... Forgot to take a photo...

I made 'healthy' muffins a couple of days ago. Turned out very yummy.  :) 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

WIP's and UFO's

Do we ever get rid of them? I don't think so!
I admire - no, better say I'm in awe for those quilters who start a project and work it all through to the finish without starting a new project before the one they work on is finished. Tell me, are you able to do it? Tell me honestly! :) 
Speaking for myself, I tend to work on one project at a time. That said, I have several other WIP's and 'f course' those famous UFO's that sits there forever. Does it sound familiar?! I'm sure it does! :)  I can work on one item only, but seldom do I work from start to finish without working on another project - or two - in between. 

If you read my previous post, you know I have been working on a custom order - a teapot cozy and four placemats. They are finally done this morning and should go in the mail one of the first days. (That will be another post). 
Last week was not without a little 'drama'. First I realized I didn't have enough batting to finish the custom order. To purchase batting from the US (don't get cotton batting here), minimum shipping time is about 2 weeks and it may take up to 5-6 weeks. Got in touch with my dear (quilting) friend here and luckily she had the batting I needed! Thank you dear Elzaan, you saved my day! :) 
The day I got the batting, my dear 'Nina' decided enough is enough and refused to sew! :( I'm not very technical, but I understood something was wrong with the feed dogs; everything worked, except it didn't want to sew. The feed dogs worked up and down, but not forward or backwards (not sure if these are the right words?). Had to get in touch with the dealer in Port Louis and he said most probably it is a broken spring.... 
Poor hubby had to take that heavy monster - by bus - to Port Louis the next day! Luckily it was only a broken spring and the dealer managed to fix it temporally and has ordered a new spring from Switzerland. Phew! Relieved it was just a minor issue!

Not much I could do while waiting for 'Nina'... I cut some coffee fabrics for a table runner...
Love those coffee fabrics!

... and tread basted 4 placemats, now ready to be quilted.

I've done 4 more blocks for the PSQ.
Now I have 18 blocks - 36 2.5 inch squares per block - 648 squares sewn together. 

These UFO's were suddenly staring at me!  I know! I know! Christmas in March! Haha! 
A pair of potholders I didn't finish last year because I didn't have enough insul bright. Now they are quilted and ready for the binding. (Wonder where that fabric is??) 

A teapot cozy I was supposed to finish last year too, but for same reason; not enough insul bright. 

I'm not sure what I will work on today. If I find the fabric for binding the potholders, I think I will finish them and then perhaps continue with the teapot cozy... I shall see. Usually I get sidetracked.... :) 

Craving for cranberry muffins..... Think I'll have to do something about that.....

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Custom orders, Finishes and WIP's

I've been rather busy since my previous blog post. Except from sewing and gardening, the usual boring stuff; house work and grocery shopping. 
I know! I know! I'm repeating it all the time; the heat & humidity! The last couple of weeks have been hot! Hot! Hot! I'm tired of it! I'm longing for cooler days and hikes! Hikes in the wonderful Black River Gorges National Park... 

Oh well, while waiting for cooler days, I've been busy sewing. 
I'm excited to say I'm working on a custom order that goes to Canada; one teapot cozy with four matching placemats!

The teapot cozy is done. 

Today I finished the last of the 4 placemat tops... Here's a sneak-peak...
Love these fabrics! 

I've ran out of batting to finish the placemats, but fortunate my quilting friend came to rescue! :) 

Last weekend I finished another custom order;
A mug rug that is on the way to the US. 

A few other finishes - Set of 6 coasters.
(Soon to be listed in my shop). 

Set of 4 country inspired placemats

A table topper

Another table topper, almost identical to the one above. I've used another pink as well as green fabrics.
(These two table toppers will soon be added to my shop

A pair of mug rugs I put together while pondering over the placemats I'm working on... :) 

A pink/cream HST table runner.... Don't have matching thread for the binding so it has to be put 'on wait' until I get the thread from the US. 

GOSH! I have been productive! LOL
I'm also happy to say I have used fabric from my stash, except for the coffe fabric (mug rug) and the custom order (teapot cozy and placemats) I'm working on! 

For the first time we have avocados in the garden! 
Check out here what we had for lunch some days ago. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mug Rugs, Coasters, a win and some WIP's

Welcome March! The first month of spring for many... For us in the tropics - we are still having hot and humid days and the cyclone season is not over.... 

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks - since my previous blog post. I've not done anything to the log cabin quilt... The plan is a 'flying geese' border all around it. I prefer to do it paper-piecing - print it from EQ7 - but I don't have any printer right now. My beloved HP is dead... after almost 10 years working, so what to expect?! :( 

I'm in for a scrappy year and I have some finishes where I have used up bits and pieces. 

8 coasters in green / hunter green with 'gold metallic' butterflies

2 coasters - Easter eggs

3 coasters - cherries

... and of course, I can't avoid making some mug rugs...

Set of 2 mug rugs where I have used fabric scraps from the 'Spring Spectacular' line

Another set of 2 mug rugs from the same fabric line as above

Set of 2 Easter egg mug rugs

These mug rugs and coasters are listed in my Etsy shop

It's not often I enter giveaways, but back in January I entered a giveaway at this blog - and won! :)
It's a Riley Blake charm pack 'Twice as Nice' and a Quilter's Calculator from AQS.  
Charmaine - thank you so much! Love it all and I can't wait to make something out of the charm pack! :)
Check out Charmaine's blog and have a look at her gorgeous scrap quilts!  

If you are are follower of my blog, you may remember I (finally) started working on the PSQ back in January. At that time I had 7 blocks - 36 charms in one block - 252 squares. At that time I got sidetracked - I get sidetracked all the time - lol - and it took some weeks before I got into it again. Over the last couple of weeks I made 6 blocks - 216 squares. 

One block was made earlier (don't remember when), altogether I have 14 blocks - 504 squares - it's growing! :)
Don't you love how it looks? I do! :) And I love these charms are coming from different countries on the globe! What a travel they have had.... before landing on this little island in the middle of nowhere - lol!  

I have several WIP's right now and here is one of them.
A piece of beautiful (big print) Easter lilies. It's going to be a wall hanging. The idea is to add a 'flying geese' border all around it (yes, this one too!), but I don't have enough 'hunter green' fabric. You all know I'm not going to buy fabrics 'just for fun' this year, but I am allowed when there's fabric I need to finish a project. 'Hunter green' is on its way from the US! :) 

I have a few other WIP's, but I think this post is long enough as it is... I hope to finish 3 of the WIP's within a couple of days.