Monday, February 24, 2020

Using up a few Fabric Stashes

It's already Monday and the last week in February, how did that happen?! 
Last week we took advantage of the nice weather and spent almost every day doing some long overdue yard work. 
Not much time for sewing, but I'm happy to say the scrappy log cabin UFO is FINISHED! I've also made a couple of Easter Table Toppers, just have to take photos. 

We all have fabric stash, don't we? I have fabric I bought long time ago - I won't say 'years ago', that doesn't sound good, does it? lol. You know, this 'in and out of the shelf fabric', trying to come up with 'what to make of this and that fabric', but it always ends up in the shelf again. Does it sound familiar? 

We took the weekend off from yard work and I put in some hours sewing. For the umpteenth time I pulled out that specific fabric; a beautiful firewheel flower fabric. 

Matched with yellow and white, I came up with a pattern for a table runner

Some paper piecing and some 4-patches

...and voila! Here's the block! I made three blocks (for the TR).  

I did the set in triangles and have left to add a border. First I thought maybe the yellow fabric fits, but it didn't look nice. I think I'll go for the firewheel fabric. I may have enough of it for a small table topper, but don't know until I've completed the TR top.


Friday, February 14, 2020

Scrappy Log Cabin Under the Needle

If you read my previous post, you know I - at that time - have a flimsy. 
Monday this week, I received the batting and backing for this quilt and since then it has kept me super busy! 

I took this photo two days back and last night I finished the quilting! Phew! 
There are some thread tails to be taken care of before I add the binding. 

Clear sky this morning and no rain during the night, which means it's time for some gardening / yard work today. 


Friday, February 7, 2020

Scrappy Log Cabin Flimsy and Tea Cozy

First of all; THANK YOU  EVERYONE for your comments on my previous post
Currently I have an email problem, which I hope to sort out soonest.  

I got so excited and almost out of breath about the scrappy log cabin quilt (UFO) that I couldn't stop until it was done! 
Well, I did eat and sleep in between! LOL

100 blocks later, this is how it looks like. It measures approximately 80 x 80 inches (2 x 2 meters). In my previous post, I said I have 122 blocks. That's wrong and I don't know how I managed to miscount?! The quilt flimsy consists of 100 blocks and I have 12 left, how can that be 122?! Not sure what I'll do with the remaining blocks, maybe add them to the back? I shall see when I receive the backing fabric. 
I love how it turned out! Log cabin is one of my favorite blocks/patterns; so many possibilities. 

I've been working on and finished some Easter items lately (yet to take photos). 
I had a little bit of this fabric left and decided to make a tea cozy.

Isn't this the cutest bunny? 
Last night I quilted the tea cozy (no photos) and I may finish it later today. 

Don't you just love it when this is all that is left from a fabric? I have a few squares already cut from other projects and this is all that is left after I cut the pieces for the tea cozy.

I've enjoyed first cuppa of the day while writing this blog post. Cuppa is empty, a sign I have to get off from here and do some house cores. 


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Scrappy Log Cabin WIP and other stuff

It's February! That means another UFO to finish!
APQ UFO Challenge for this month, is #9. For me, that means 'Log Cabin Blocks #2'. 

There are so many possible patterns for a log cabin quilt, difficult to choose. I had to decide, and ended up with this: 

When you are reading this, I've already pieced together these blocks and a few more. I started working on these scrappy log cabin blocks in March 2016! The idea was to make one block each day. It worked pretty well the first 3-4 months, but then I got bored. Last year I did some blocks off and on and the result is now 122 blocks! (8 inch sewn into quilt). I think I have enough blocks for a double/full bed quilt, yet to calculate. 

My little helper! I just had to go away when he came to 'help', because I know what he would have done; 'killed' the blocks or made a mess out of the block layout!!! This time he behaved! LOL

Since my previous post, I've been working on another UFO and a couple of Easter Table Runners

I've added another row to this scrappy quilt. It needs another row to make it a decent size.

These hip chicks are soon to be listed in my shop. I've left to hand sew the binding and add 'eyes' to the chicks. 

Oh, and I almost forgot

Last year I got a custom order for 24 Norwegian Flag Mug Rugs!!!
I ran out of red for the flag as well as backing fabric and had to order more. The backing fabric was sold out from where I usually buy fabrics so I had to hunt for it. I found a seller and the package was caught up in the Christmas Mail Rush. I finally got the package about 2 weeks ago and was able to finish the last 3 mug rugs. The mug rugs are now on the way to the US! Thank you Mark! 

In between sewing and rain, we managed to do a little bit in the overgrown garden last week. I was thinking I do some weeding today, but it's already hot and stuffy. Better stay inside and work on the log cabin UFO!