Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrap quilt and two baby/toddler quilts

I can't believe 3 weeks have passed by since my previous post... Where does the time go?! House works, gardening, hikes (click here) and sewing have kept me busy. I'm happy to say I have finished 3 quilts; one UFO from last year and the two others are from this year.

Here's my 'Messy Scrap Quilt'! :))
As you can see, Birre-Liten has approved it already. :))

This quilt was supposed to be backing for the 'Jiffy quilt', see my previous post. DH was almost screaming when he saw it! He suggested I make it into another quilt, and here it is! Well, now I agree with him; it didn't turn out that bad! :)

It's a 100% scrap quilt. I have used bits and pieces from 'old' fabrics; fabrics I bought here when I first started quilting as well as fabrics I received from my friend Ragna (no blog) in Norway. Some of the fabrics I bought here, is not 100% cotton. It is of a mix, but I'm not sure what kind of mix. The sellers say it is 100% cotton, but it is not...  

This is one of the first 'complicated' block I made! (It was complicated for a newbie!!!) It was supposed to be a pair of potholders, but instead they (2 blocks) ended up hidden somewhere! :)) Guess who hid them?! I did, because I didn't like them! :)

Another 'complicated-newbie-block' - lol! They were supposed to be a pair of potholders too, but I hid them! :)) There are a few other 'error-blocks' too, and some log cabin blocks. I found it difficult to throw the blocks, instead I added them to this quilt.
The quilt police should not come and have a look - lol!  

Part of the quilting. I did FMQ on the roosters, because I found that piece was too big to do crosshatch quilting, which I have done on the other squares and rectangles.
I washed the quilt in the washing machine - 40C/104F - to remove pen marks. I love that crinkled look! :)

Approved!!! :))

UFO #6 (this year) finished!
I started this baby/toddler quilt at the end of last year, if not mistaken, but never got it right. I had to put it away for some months, to see if I got some better ideas how to proceed. I got the idea how to make it, after half a sleepless night. I got it out from its hiding place; the shelf, and it took only a few days to finish it. :)

Close-up of the sheep. :) 

The backing. I've used two different flannels, to make it a little bit more interesting. :) Well, the truth is; I didn't have enough of the 'elephants'! :) I used leftover fabrics for the binding.  

Since it went so well with the UFO baby/toddler quilt, and since I had enough fabrics for another quilt.... well.... I made another one! :) The pattern is different, but I have used exactly the same fabrics, even the white tone-on-tone is the same.

I've done FMQ on this one, using two different yellow threads; Superior's King Tut, a very light yellow on the white tone-on-tone and a bit darker on the colored pieces. 

The odd sheep, here on blue background.

Fabric used; Sherbets Amazing Garden from Red Rooster.
The backing; I've used one piece of very light blue flannel.
Binding; 'strawberry' from Moda Marbles.
Batting; Hobbs Heirloom 80% cotton/20% polyester.
Both baby/toddler quilts are machine washed on 40C /104F.