Monday, November 30, 2009

Table runner & table mats

They were supposed to be potholders.......................... But again the blocks ended up something else! (If you take a look here, you'll see how it all started). I did make potholders too! I intended to make a set, but using from my stash I didn't have enough of some of the fabrics used on the table runner, so I had to use something else for the table mats. It doesn't really matter - I think! :) I love blues and I'm quite satisfied how they turned out.
The table runner measures 17" x 27" (43 x 69cm).

The two table mats measure 16" (41 cm) square.

I've used the same fabric on the star on all three, but on the photos the color on the table runner (star) turned out darker than it actually is. Perhaps it is because the background is ligther blue....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disappearing 9-patch attempt

This is not meant as a tutorial for "disappearing 9-patch" blocks. There are so many tutorials on the net/blogs, so I don't see any point to make another one. What I want to show is my very first attempt on this block. I have heard/read so much about it recently, got so curious about it that I had to try! :)
As you can see of the photos, I have used three colors (fabric) only; light, dark and one accent color. As I see it - there are no "rules" when it comes to using fabric/colors. I have seen many other quilts using this block, but instead of three colors only, there have been used several light and dark fabrics and of course the accent fabric.
Months ago I bought the "leaves" fabrics, which I really love. When I bought it, I bought only a fat quarter of the dark pink one, which didn't last to more than four blocks. Fortunate the web shop where I bought it has more in stock - even on sale :)) - so I purchased more, which I won't get until after Christmas - I believe. It doesn't really matter, I have more than enough to do these days and I don't know if I have much time for sewing at all.

Here are the four blocks - so far. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa & the Quilted Goose

I don't know why, but Santa came early this year... I must have been an extremely good girl?! He even brought me a fat goose! :)
Well, this is a pattern designed by Judy Golder (Australia), which I bought earlier this year. Christmas is soon approaching and I love to either make a Santa or buy one - if I find something interesting. (I'm quite sure I'll buy one too! Hehehe!) It was easy to make him, and the greatest of all is that I used from my stash; didn't buy any flannel or other materials at all! :) Santa's clothes are made of flannel as well as his hands. The "boots" are made of black linen. The star on his hat and the beard (wool) were included with the pattern. The goose is quilted. Santa is 52 cm / 20 inch tall.
Cute - aren't they? :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello Betty & Potholders

The last couple of days have been hot and sunny, after the rain from cyclone "Anja" we got earlier this week. Fortunate "Anja" went East of us and was never any threat to the island. I did quite some weeding and trimmed some trees before the rainy days, and yesterday I spent more than half the day in the garden. I love to work in the garden, to see improvement, cleaning up etc, but my poor old knees and back don't like such work that much... :( Today I'm taking a rest-day and have time for a few updates on my blog.
Back to the rainy days this week... I did some sewing, and was surfing some fabric web shops, when I came across one shop having jelly rolls, layer cakes etc on sale - 35% off! :) Earlier this year I bought two layer cakes for another project, but have I started that project??? NO!!! The variety of layer cakes and jelly rolls on sale aren't that good, but I just wanted to buy it because
1) it was cheap
2) because it has retro colorway
Perhaps I got inspired without knowing it when I made these?! :) The fabric is from "Hello Betty" collection by Chloe's Closet for Moda. I have yet to decide what to make out of it of course - hahaha! :)

I intended to do some garden work in the beginning of the week, but the rain prevented me from doing it. Forced to stay inside, I made another pair of potholders. I have used the same pattern as for the pair in my previous post, but these with Christmas fabric.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Storage bags & Potholders

I'm hit by a virus called "brettepose virus"! I don't know the word for "brettepose" in English... perhaps "storage bag" or "basket", since they are small bags for storage. OK, I'll call them storage bags. :)) I'm a member of the quilt group "Quilt Skandinavia", where there is an outbreak of "storage bag virus" these days. :) I'm not quite sure how many storage bags have been made within the group - I have made eleven! Here are three of them. They are perfect as gift bags, where almost anything can be added; sweets, tea & coffee, nuts, shampoo etc. The sizes may vary; the two small ones are 4,5" x 8" (11,5 x 20cm) and the bigger one is 4,5" x 10" (11,5 x 25,5cm). They can be made bigger too.

Do you remember this post - where I got obsessed by 9na's "Jule-sy-mysterium"? I made quite some blocks that is not going to be potholders - perhaps a lap quilt... I wanted to make some potholders too, and here is one pair made of some coffee fabrics and Moda Marbles steal blue. I like the color combination - perhaps I'll make some place mats too, but not right now. :)