Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Christmas blocks -what to do?

A week ago or so Nina had a "Jule-Sy-Mysterium" (Christmas-Sew-Mystery) on her blog. I was a bit too late to sign up for the "mystery" - one day before the "mystery" was shown. Actually I did sign up, but changed my mind..... The next day I had a look at her blog again; the "mystery" turned out to be a pair of potholders! :) Excited by the way the potholders were made - quite easy - I decided to make a pair. I made one pair, two pairs and even three pairs when I finally realised I'd made a mistake on all of them! BLUNDER!!! :((( Sometimes I'm amazed by how silly it is possible to be!!! Brain dead - reset! We used to say that at my previous workplace, but do you believe it worked?! NO! :)) Well, the "blunder-potholders" didn't turn out that bad after all; I've completed them all. (Forgot to take a photo - will do that later).

After I finally realized the blunder I made, I decided to make a pair the right way - without any mistakes! I also decided to use some other fabrics and ended up with Debbie Mumm's "Arctic Holiday". After making two blocks I was over-thrilled by the prettiness of the blocks and made more and more.... altogether 11 blocks - done in a jiffy! I just can't make potholders out of the blocks - they are too pretty for that - aren't they? :) Just too cute! :)) 11 blocks are not enough for a bigger project, so guess what I did? You are right; I've purchased more fabrics from the US! :))

I had another "Santa Blocks" from "Arctic Holiday" too. I wanted to make something a bit different. I wanted to try "Churn Dash" blocks, which I'd never done before. Oh what fun!!! And so easy to make! I made them all during the weekend. I was breathless by excitement! LOL! I made 6 red and 6 green blocks. Eeerrrmmmm...... Purchased even more fabrics from the US!!! I have yet to decide what to make out of all the blocks; tablecloths, place mats, quilts - who knows....... I'll keep you posted! :)

Sunset on Divali night - October 17th 2009.


Nettie said...

these blocks are superb Astrid, Nettie

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

very cute for Christmas!

Linda G said...

Hej Astrid
Tak for kigget til dine fine blokke, meget inspirerende og hyggeligt, og en rigtig god måde at bruge motivstoffer på. Blokkene vil jo være lige velegnede til næsten hvad som helst fra juleblomst grydelapper til et dejligt juletæppe. Knus fra linda G

Gudveig HN said...

Flotte juleblokker!

Sigrun said...

Juleslumreteppe, det må jo være tingene, eller kanskje en juleduk? Flotte blokker iallefall.

Unknown said...

The blocks are looking good Astrid! Can't wait for your next production! :D