Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quilting the Scrappy Green


Tuesday is at its end this side of the globe, but for some of my readers Tuesday is about to begin. 
If you read my previous post, you know I had to order thread for quilting the 'scrappy green'. I finally got the thread yesterday, after the package was stuck in local custom for one week. I could have gone to pick it up, but no way do I bother to line up in the heat and humidity to get a package of thread! I'm not in a hurry to get the quilt done! 

I started the quilting last night. As you can see, it is possible to quilt a big quilt on a normal throat size machine. It took me some time getting the hang to it, but as it is said; 'practice makes perfect'! I won't say the quilting is perfect though; I do the best I can and if I'm not happy with some stitches, there's always a seam ripper next to 'dear Nina'! :)

When doing such a big quilt, I always start from the center. As you can see on the photo above, one half is quilted and I have just started on the second half, hence the folded part of the quilt.

It went very smooth to quilt this one. For me, the trick is not to quilt more than a square of 6-7 inches at the time and keep the quilt 'loose' on all sides so it is easy to move. 

I'm not thrilled about the color of the King Tut I have used. On the color chart it looks 'medium/light' green, but on the quilt I find it a bit dark on the cream and on some of the light green squares. I could have come up with a more creative quilting pattern instead of loopy swirls and chosen a matching color on the cream fabric, but........... well, I wanted to get it done without too must fuss! :) Done is done and I can't change it now! Overall, I'm happy with it! 

Now to take care of some thread ends and prepare the binding.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting ready to quilt the 'scrappy green'


First of all; THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to leave comments on my previous post! Much appreciated!

I think I've never showed you how I prepare a quilt for quilting? 
There are different ways to do it; on the floor, on the table, with or without a plank, the easy way (?) on the frame, longarm etc. No longarm in this house, not even a plank! :) 
I'm fortunate to have a considerable large sewing table. Actually it is MIL's old dining table (seats 12) that I've refurbished with new top and re-painted. Love that table!

The 'disadvantage' when preparing for quilting a big quilt, is that I have to empty the table! This is how it looked like a some days ago...

...and then...

An empty sewing table causes anxiety!!! LOL

... but it didn't last long!

Here I'm getting the quilt back ironed before it moves to the table.

I'm using masking tape to hold the quilt back in place (on each side). 

Getting the batting in place is the fun part! NOT!!! :(

There we are! The batting centred, smoothed and lightly ironed. 

The quilt top centred. Since the backing is pieced too, this took some time to get the top adjusted to the back, but I got there! :) Very little margin (each side of the backing), about 2 inches on each side on the backing so had to be very careful and do the right measurements! 

See that little yellow basting thread that pops up from the white rectangle? 
That's the centre of the top and it has to fit exactly with the centre of the backing. 

First, I pin baste the part that is on the table. When that is done, I thread baste the same area and remove the pins. Yes, I can hear you; 'why does she pin baste AND thread baste?!' 
Bad experience! I've tried several times to quilt without thread basting (pins only), and it ended up puckering (every time!) and I had to spend wasted time ripping. For not to talk about the umpteenth times of broken needles (several swearwords and more coffee!) because the needle hit the pins! So, that's why I prefer to take the time to thread baste before quilting. 
When the centre is done, I continue doing the the top and bottom. 

OK! All done! Now it's ready to be quilted and I just realised I don't have enough quilting thread! Should have thought of that earlier! DUH! Oh well, have to put it aside for a couple of weeks until I get the spools. 

Have a nice week!