Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drawstring bag obsession

Yes, at the moment I'm obsessed by making drawstring bags!
After making two big birthday quilts over the last 3-4 months, it feels wonderful playing with smaller projects.
I have been collecting Christmas fabrics (for what?!?!) since 2007 and this panel is what I pulled out from my stash some days ago. I'm not sure what it is, but I believe it is Moda.... The squares are 6.5 inch square, perfect for drawstring bags!
I have used Moda Marbles Christmas Red and Green for the bags, and I was fortunate to get some suitable ribbons and even glass beads here.
This is the smallest bag, measuring about 9.5 x 10.5 inch.
This is one side of bag #1.... 
... and here's the other side.
I've used the same fabrics - red and green - for the lining.
Bag #2 - slightly bigger; 11 1/4 x 10.5 inch.

...the other side...
Bag #3 - 11 x 10 inch - I made two of these, but took photos of one only.
...the other side...

After making several projects some years ago and some mug rugs a few weeks ago, I still had some leftover fabrics from Debbie Mumm's 'Christmas in your heart'. I love the fabric line and came up with the idea to make some wine bottle bags...
Here are the first two I made...
...and three more...
...and finally... just for fun, I made some egg cosies.
Here I've used Debbie Mumm's 'Elegant Santas' fabric.
During my friend Kari's visit, I got her to help me finishing a bag (UFO).
That will be another post! :)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogger's BOM #12 and #13

As you surely know, this year has been 'the year of visitors'.
It all started at in June when we had friends over from India. Then August came and my dear friend Johnny visited. Four weeks almost on the day after he left, dear girlfriend Kari and lovely daughter Nina landed here - for three weeks. Needles to say it hasn't been much quilting lately, except the birthday quilt to Kari as well as to Johnny.
Three days after my dear friends left, I'm almost back to normal routines. It certainly take some time to 'recover' after being together with friends and having a wonderful time....
Today though, I decided to do the last two blocks on 'Blogger's BOM', hosted by Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works. If you have missed the links to some of the blocks or haven't started yet - you can find the links to all the blocks at Jackie's blog, on the right side bar.
I started out with block #12 (August) - from Amy Ellis over at Amy's Creative Side.
For the tutorial of this block, click here.
I'm not sure I like the way it turned out.... it's too busy. I should have used more contrasting fabrics...:( But done is done... I don't think I'll bother to change them or even make two new blocks... I shall see......... They will be 'hidden' together with the other blocks...

 Block #13 (September) - from Sarah Fielke over at The Last Piece
For the tutorial of this block, click here.
I love this block; a star in the star.

Now all the blocks are done! When it all started one year ago, I decided to go for two of each blocks, which means I now have 26 8 inch blocks. That will be a good size quilt.
Jump over to Jackie's blog to see the setting....
I think it looks great - doesn't it?!
I hope I have fabrics for the setting.... For all the blocks I have used bits and pieces, hence I do not have enough for the setting, so I'll have to look for something suitable from my stash. Yesterday I had in mind to finish at least the quilt top, but this morning I came up with an idea for a few small Christmas projects that I'll do today! :)  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday quilt #2 revealed

After Johnny left in the beginning of September, I had only four weeks to finish girlfriend Kari's 50th birthday quilt! The sandwiching was done - managed to do that when Johnny was here. I put it away and then started quilting only a few days after Johnny left. If you are new to my blog, you can see the quilt I made for Johnny's 50th birthday by clicking here.   
 I did finish it on time, but taking photos was done early morning before we headed to the airport the day Kari and her daughter Nina landed here!
I first saw the pattern in one of the lovely Australian quilt magazine a few years ago. I knew there and then that one day I'll have to make it and started collecting rose fabrics.
The original pattern does not have the green sashing and the square's border, those I have added to make the quilt bigger - a snuggle quilt on chilly days. That is definitely something Kari needs, coming from the Northeasterly part of Norway - Finnmark county - not far from the Russian border. The winters there are harsh!
Each of the 12 blocks has a stitchery with friendship quotes.
It took me some 'deep-thinking' figuring out how to quilt the stitcheries. In the end I decided on stitching in the ditch around the stitchery and a loop pattern around each pattern.
Kari and I have known each other since beginning '80's, we have been through different 'life-experiences', which has made our friendship grow stronger.
Kari is into a little bit quilting too, but closest to her heart is sewing clothes and knitting.
...and of course... being close friends, we love to have tea or coffee together
I love the fact that I didn't have to buy any fabrics for this quilt, all fabrics from my stash. The floss used on the stitcheries as well as the backing (flannel) are from my stash too.
After reading this post almost to an end, you may wonder how such a wonderful friend looks like - don't you? Just admit it - lol!
Here we are - on one of the 'tourist spot' on the island.
once again;

Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas Mug Rugs

I love making Christmas items! Who doesn't, if I may ask...
I love to use up bits and pieces too. When I sorted out the Christmas fabrics some weeks ago, I pulled out some scraps from Debbie Mumm's 'Christmas in your heart' and turned them into mug rugs.
Two Santas and trees
Three Angels and Stars
Another Angel and Star - I had only one of this one...
Not much sewing these days... Having a great time with my friend and her daugther from Norway. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another UFO (2011) finished! Place Mats

How are you all doing? I have been MIA for some weeks... I felt a bit 'burnt out' after finishing Johnny's BD quilt. It took me some time after he left to get into quilting again, but over the last couple of weeks I have been clever! :) 

I don't know how many times I have pulled those place mats out from the shelf! They have been sitting there for months... I remember I ran out of fabric - about one year ago - to finish them. I wanted to finish them before Christmas last year.... took me one year to finish! :) When I finally got the fabric, I was already working on another project so had to put it aside. I have been working on them off and on; did all the binding some months ago. 

What took time is that I couldn't decide what to do with the Santa's and polar bears... To leave it undone was not an option; it had looked unfinished... I finally decided to outline all the details, using the sewing machine, which I do not regret at all! They look so much better now! :)

Tedious job to do, but now it's finally done! :)
Being on a SSD (Strict Stash Diet) this year - I have sinned!!! 
When I saw the panel of 'Too many men' - I couldn't resist! Those snowmen are just too cute, hiding here and there! :) I didn't buy one panel only, but TWO!!! :) 
One panel consists of one big 'picture' and four smaller ones. Out of the latter, I've made four place mats. 
Just too cute! Hiding there, behind the tree - and believes no one sees him!
All details are outlined using my sewing machine. 
Love how it turned out! 
I'm afraid it won't be much quilting this month.... We're having visitors again from middle of this week.... :) Can't wait!
Before they land here, I have to finish some mug rugs that I started working on a couple of days ago... Almost done, just left to hand stitch the binding...