Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogger's BOM #12 and #13

As you surely know, this year has been 'the year of visitors'.
It all started at in June when we had friends over from India. Then August came and my dear friend Johnny visited. Four weeks almost on the day after he left, dear girlfriend Kari and lovely daughter Nina landed here - for three weeks. Needles to say it hasn't been much quilting lately, except the birthday quilt to Kari as well as to Johnny.
Three days after my dear friends left, I'm almost back to normal routines. It certainly take some time to 'recover' after being together with friends and having a wonderful time....
Today though, I decided to do the last two blocks on 'Blogger's BOM', hosted by Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works. If you have missed the links to some of the blocks or haven't started yet - you can find the links to all the blocks at Jackie's blog, on the right side bar.
I started out with block #12 (August) - from Amy Ellis over at Amy's Creative Side.
For the tutorial of this block, click here.
I'm not sure I like the way it turned out.... it's too busy. I should have used more contrasting fabrics...:( But done is done... I don't think I'll bother to change them or even make two new blocks... I shall see......... They will be 'hidden' together with the other blocks...

 Block #13 (September) - from Sarah Fielke over at The Last Piece
For the tutorial of this block, click here.
I love this block; a star in the star.

Now all the blocks are done! When it all started one year ago, I decided to go for two of each blocks, which means I now have 26 8 inch blocks. That will be a good size quilt.
Jump over to Jackie's blog to see the setting....
I think it looks great - doesn't it?!
I hope I have fabrics for the setting.... For all the blocks I have used bits and pieces, hence I do not have enough for the setting, so I'll have to look for something suitable from my stash. Yesterday I had in mind to finish at least the quilt top, but this morning I came up with an idea for a few small Christmas projects that I'll do today! :)  


Karen said...

I am pleased that all is getting back to normal for you. Lovely to see the blocks getting done, too.

Trines hobby said...

Det er kjekt å ha besøk, men så er det greit å være i normalt gjenge igjen også. Blokkene dine er fine, er spent på ferdig resultat:)Her har snøen kommet så jeg skal ut med snøfresen,ha ei flott helg!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have certainly been busy! yes the block you mention is busy but with all the other blocks in the quilt it should work out.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I thought August's block was very busy also. I used prints but wished I hadn't. Anyways, like you, I'm just glad it's done! I bought fabric for the sashing yesterday. Hope to get to it soon. Your blocks look lovely! I love the fabrics you chose.

PJs Lapperier said...

De är så fina dina block.
Mina blir inte sydda. Var på båtsemester hela sommaren och kom av mig.