Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stitchery Quilt

The break didn't last long!
I finished Johnny's birthday quilt last week (it will be revealed in a two weeks time) and when the last stitch was done and all the basting thread removed, I said to myself ; 'I need some days break from quilting'!

Did it last long?! NO! Not more than a couple of days! :) Guess what I did those two days?! I cut squares for the October PSQ charm swap! Once addicted - always addicted - lol!
After working almost every day since middle June on the BD quilt, I wanted to do something more relaxing. I have promised myself not to start any new projects until next year (I wonder how long I will be able to keep that promise?!)
Back in February I started working on a stitchery quilt. Some years ago I subscribed to a couple of Australian quilting magazines and when I saw the pattern for this quilt I knew I had to make it! I have worked on the blocks off and on, but not taken any photos. Here is the first block I did.

The quilt consists of 12 blocks, where 3 of them are duplicates. I didn't want the duplicates, so I found two patterns that suit the others and the third one I designed myself.

Here's the one I'm stitching today - isn't it cute?! :)

...and another one... The marks from the hoop will disappear after steam pressing.

The finished quilt measures about 51 x 63 inch (130 x 160cm), but I think I'm going to add sashing in between the blocks to make the quilt a bit bigger.

Such a sunny and blue sky this morning. I hope it lasts, because our garden needs attention.
See the bird in the filao? It's a Red Whiskered Bulbul

The locals say August is the month where it starts heating up again... I say NO WAY! To me August is always colder compared to July. We are living halfway on the plateau and we get the 'winter-rain' almost every night/morning... Yes, we are in the tropics - and I'm wearing wool socks and several layers of sweaters -  even a wool sweater - lol!
Minimum temperature here in town yesterday was +15C / 59F and max +23C / 73.4F. In addition to that; high humidity and southeasterly wind - BRRRR!

We always have to talk about the weather - don't we?!  
Now I'm off to make a mug of tea - warming me and my fingers! :)  

Monday, August 6, 2012

The craze is on again! / Progress on BD quilt

Do you know what I'm talking about?! :)

The sign up for the July swap is closed (of course - we are already into August). If you have missed the previous swaps, don't despair, there will be another swap in October.

Over the last week I have been busy organizing and packing all the squares. Last week I sent out
- 12 matching sets of 100 2.5 inch squares
- 4 newbie gifts - 50 2.5 inch squares
- 3 newbie gifts - 50 2 inch squares

Today I have sent out
- 11 matching sets of 100 2 inch squares

The squares are now flying out of Mauritius, to the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Croatia. Now I can sit down patiently and wait for squares flying in to Mauritius! :)

I don't have much to show and tell, because I'm still hooked up on Johnny's BD quilt.
I'm happy to say though, that all the quilting is done - just a few thread ends to be taken care of. I hope to start working on the binding in a couple of days.
Here it is - sneak-peak.... I've used flannel (made in India) for the backing. It doesn't match very well the top, but since it is a scrap quilt and it's going to be a bedspread, does it really matter?! :) To make this quilt I have used all fabrics from my stash, except only one fabric that I just had to buy! :)

Yesterday I made a fruit cake - check out the recipe here.