Saturday, March 19, 2011

Polar Bears out of Hibernation - other WIP's and FMQ

I have no idea where the days have gone since my previous post! It feels like I have missed some days... It also feels like I have done nothing, but actually, I've done a lot.

You may wonder what the first part of the heading of this post has to do with quilting? :) I believe those of you who has followed my blog for some time, remember what I'm talking about, don't you? Last year I started working on a polar bear quilt. It's a challenge, because I don't have a pattern and I have limited fabrics. The quilt - or better say the little I did on it last year - has been hibernating, because I ran out of ideas how to proceed.

Earlier this week I was looking for some fabrics in my stash, didn't find it, and continued to the shelves where the "dreaded" UFO's are. There I found the fabric I was looking for - actually fabric for the binding to the pinwheel quilt (below) as well as the plastic bag with the polar bear quilt! I pulled that one out too, and my brain started spinning..... I came up with new ideas and I think - by now - the quilt top should be done over the weekend. The "problem" is I have run out of the fabric I use for sashing, so now I'll have to go hunting my stash for something suitable.....
The pinwheel UFO is almost done! Left to hand stitch the binding and a little bit more quilting. Can't believe I did FMQ (free motion quilting) all over on that huge quilt! A couple of weeks ago - or so - I sewed around all the pinwheels, then put it on hold because I didn't know how to proceed.
I haven't done much of FMQ, so it felt a bit scary doing it on such a big quilt! My sewing machine has the standard size harp; 7.5" / 19cm (if it is measured to the needle position?), so I dreaded pulling and pushing the quilt through the harp!
I didn't have to worry! Last year I bought "Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy" by Eva A. Larkin. (It's cheaper at Amazon) It's a step-by-step instructions, practice exercises and loads of hints and tips about FMQ. I have not done any of the exercises in the book, but by reading the first pages, you'll get many tips how to get going with FMQ!
So I thought; jump into it with both feet! :)) And so I did! :))

This is FMQ "newbie-version".... I hope to improve, sure I will - by practicing. It didn't turn out that bad - did it? Do you hear the bragging?! :)) Well, I don't like to brag, but I am a little bit proud I did manage FMQ on such a big quilt! :) It won't be the last one to do FMQ.... :) It's FUN! :)
I can also mention I use the "Supreme Slider" - a teflon top that prevents friction when quilting. Here are some reviews about the "Supreme Slider".  As you can see, there are different opinions about it, but to me; it does work!
The baby/toddler quilt is almost done too. I've left to hand stitch the binding. 

As you can see, I didn't do FMQ on this one.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Sewing Weekend

First of all I apologize for not reading and commenting on blogs I usually do. The I-net connection is horrible, due to rain! Yes,  heavy rain = no connection!!!! To do this blog post seems to take me several  hours (if not days) and I'm near to go insane! I'm half-insane already (lol), and I think one day I'll throw that darn RABBIT (modem) out of the window!!! I'm not able to read blogs - well, I am able to read them if they load properly - but photos are not loaded at all! Emails go fairly OK, but often I have to reload and reload emails without any success! Often I get so ...... that I go away and do something else!

Friday last week - or was it Thursday - was one of those days I tortured myself in the garden. Due to the heat and humidity these days, the grass and weeds grow with record speed, and before you know you have to start over again!
I was forced to take it easy for some days - my body told me - and what was better than sit in front of the sewing machine?! :)
I have started to quilt the Star Burst quilt.

I intended to hand quilt it, but as a "hand quilting newbie" I realized a 60" square  (150cm firkant) will be a bit overwhelming, so I decided against it. I decided to quilt inside the stars and squares - phew - what a job! :) I have used Superior Threads King Tut #917, to brighten up the quilt even more. The background fabric is marbled "charcoal". I have purchased thread from the US, hopefully I'll get it within the next 2 or 3 weeks, so this quilt is put on hold until I get the thread to finish it.
The pillowcase is done! :)
I've used batiks. 

And another mug rug! :)
I'm afraid I suffer from "mug rug virus"! :))

Yesterday I started quilting the pinwheel quilt.
It's big - it's a mess - as you can see! :)) Difficult to get it through the harp... I wish the harp had been bigger.... A lot of pushing and pulling... But I'm determined to finish it now! It's not so visible on this photo; I have quilted around (in the ditch) all the pinwheels, now I have to decide how to quilt the rest...


A very warm welcome to my new followers;

Susan M -  over at Sew Sue  
Mercedes - over at Mi Rinconcito
Lainee - over at A bit of a Novice Quilter's Life
Bev - over at Quilton's Doings
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I hope you all will enjoy my blog!


I made "Callaloo Quiche" for the weekend, take a look here.
It turned out so yummy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been featured / I have a QI - too

I have been featured!
By nobody else than Angie Padilla in Ecuador!
Angie is doing a research about quilters in countries where quilting is not a tradition or where it is not very popular, what kind of problems we face etc. due to fabrics, notions etc we don't get in the country we live.

Angie has interviewed some women from other "not so known quilting" countries too;

Theodora from Greece - visit her blog here.

Irene from Guatemala - unfortunate no blog yet, but you can see her quilts on Flickr.

Geta from Romania - visit her blog here. Geta does amazing shadow trapunto quilts.

And here you can read my interview! :)

Angie is a quilt maker, teacher, designer and author.
Visit her wonderful website.

Thank you!


I didn't know I have a QI (Quilt Inspector) - too - until I read Michelle's latest post!
You have already met my QI; Birre-Liten...
The latest quilts he inspected, are my finishes from this post.

First of all; the morning toilette is very important! First the right side...

... the left side....

... and after several turns...

.... quilts inspected and approved! :)

My dear cutie! :)