Sunday, March 31, 2013

UFO's and another finish - March 2013

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter Sunday!
Easter celebrations here in Mauritius isn't that big, but of course there are Easter service in the churches etc. It was supposed to be a wonderful Easter celebration for many people, but it took another turn after the torrential rain that hit the island yesterday. Worst hit is the capital Port Louis. We were lucky, not much rain here, compared to Port Louis. You can read more about it here.
It's better to talk about something more cheerful; FUFO's! (Finished UFO's)! :)
My goal for March was this, and this is what I have accomplished.
Four coasters. I love this Debbie Mumm fabrics, got carried away and here you can see what happened! :))
I finally got the quilting thread for the baby quilt.
It's done! :)  
I think straight stitches suit this quilt. It looks a bit wonky, but it is washed and line tried. It was blowing quite strong when I took the photos....
With some leftover fabrics, I made a pillow case too.
I think the backing fabric is so cute, with its butterflies! :)
The PSQ... I have only been looking at it this month... almost.... I came to the conclusion that I'm not 100% happy with it as it is now; it looks like something is missing... Therefore, I have decided to add a border and piano keys around it... Since I used two jelly rolls for this quilt, I had to buy more of the solid fabric, which I got earlier this week. That will be one of my goals for April... have yet to decide on other projects...
Those of you who know me, know I'm a huge coffee lover... :)
Therefore, I couldn't resist making a coffee themed drawstring bag! :)
I think making drawstring bags has entered my brain - LOLOL!
This early morning I dreamt I was making a drawstring bag - the pattern is in one of the quilt magazines I had a look at yesterday - LOL! :))
I think that means it is meant to be I make that bag! :))
I'm going to link this post up at A Passion for Applique - Nothing but UFO's in 2013.
Why not join us? :)   

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rustic Retreat - last projects

Can anyone tell me where the days, weeks and months go?! It feels like it was Christmas and New Year only some days ago and now - 'suddenly' - Easter is here!
Since it is already end of March, and I haven't done a blog post for three weeks, it is time to show what I have been doing this month. :)
Yes, I have been working on the UFO's mentioned in my previous post!
The coasters are done and 'of course' did I get carried away by making the most out of those fabrics; 'Rustic Retreat' - Debbie Mumm.
The first set of coasters - those I promised to make for my dear friend Johnny last year.... 'Sorry dear,  for the delay - they will be on its way next week!' :)
I have more of those log houses, so decided to make another set of coasters...
I had more of the loon / duck stripes left and couldn't resist making some mug rugs...
Isn't that loon beautiful?!
...another one...
... and two more...
If those weren't enough... a wall quilt too! :)
It all started with the log house in the center... and the first idea was to make a table topper... After some debating with myself as well as emails to/from Johnny, we decided to make a wall quilt.... I added the loon/ducks and feather stripes and the cream sashing... then came the idea to add the canoes... Then I got stuck for some days.... until I one early morning remembered the bed cover I made for his four-poster bed.... I knew I had to add log houses around this one too! :)
The quilt top is done... I have the backing and batting, but don't ask me when it will be completed! :)
Making these small projects, I used up almost all the fabrics! Hurray! What is left is a small piece of the cream, small pieces of the stripes and log houses... Perhaps there will be enough for two more mug rugs... (got an idea just now...) :) What is left I will cut into 2 and 2.5 inch squares for a postage stamp quilt... :)
I love the idea of using up as much as possible of fabrics and I think I succeeded very well making these projects! :)  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nothing But UFO's - My goal for March

March is here - already!
That means working on more UFO's and of course - NewFO's - in between. :)
My goal for March is to sandwich, thread baste, quilt and finish a Postage Stamp Quilt. This was a Quilt-Along in this group last year. As the quilt top is now, it doesn't have any borders. I will have to decide on that, but first of all I have to check out what I have left of fabrics. I don't want to import fabric from the US only for some inches of border! :)  

Last year I promised a dear friend to make some coasters. I ran out of the crackled fabric and fortunate I managed to get more. When the fabric finally arrived, I was busy with other projects. The log houses are leftover fabric from 'Rustic Retreat' - Debbie Mumm. Four years ago I made this quilt (using the same fabric) for his fourposter bed.
OOPS! This crackled fabric turned out too yellow using the flash and lamplight. Cloudy here today - was raining cats and dogs a few minutes ago - so not the best weather for photos.
I hope to finish at least these four coasters. I have a few more, but the photo shows four only.
I do hope the quilting thread for this quilt arrives this week! It's about 4 weeks since it was shipped from the US, which it normally takes from that shop.
Now over to the NewFO's I'm working over the last couple of weeks.
I decided to use up some pink leftover fabrics from earlier projects. Pink isn't my favorite color - definite not pink pastels / pastels in general - which means I do not have much pink / pastels in my stash. Adding white tone-on-tone and darling teddy bear blocks from my stash, I put together a very baby girlish quilt. It is quilted - straight seams - and now ready for the binding.
And one - same size - in blue. I pin basted and thread basted it this morning and is now ready to be quilted. I've used the same darling teddy bear blocks on this one and planned the layout a bit more compared to the pink one.... 
Now I'm going to link up at 'A Passion for Applique' and to see what others are working on this month.