Wednesday, April 8, 2015

UFO WIP's and a few finishes

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter time! 
For us it was just normal days. No public holidays here. In Norway we have 3 public holidays at Easter; Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. You can learn more about Easter in Norway here

The days since my previous blog post has kept me busy sewing. I have a few small finishes and a couple of days ago I decided to work on some UFO's.

Do you remember the Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! on Etsy UFO challenge that started earlier this year? I entered 8 UFO and so far I have finished 4 of them - 4 to go! 

I got the fabric for the border and binding for this one  awhile ago, but needed some courage to quilt it. Isn't it so; quilting a big quilt on a small domestic sewing machine requires courage - LOL! I added the border last week, sandwiched, pinned and thread basted and the quilting was done yesterday. It's ready for the binding. 

Usually thread tension is an issue, but no such problems occurred while I was quilting this one. 

Actually it went so smooth that I decided to quilt the log cabin quilt too! It was already sandwiched and thread basted last year, but I couldn't decide on how to quilt it. I had in mind some floral pattern, but in the end I decided on FMQ. I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning quilting it. I have left to quilt the border, which will be straight lines. Wrestling these two big quilts around for 1.5 days, I feel it in my neck and shoulder! :) 

A few mug rug finishes

I sold a mug rug like this some days ago, and the next day I got a convo if I could make a similar one. I had the fabrics so no problem. Both are on the way to the US! 

While I was at it, I decided to make a few more

The last one, with an applique heart. :)

My coffee mug is empty so I guess that means continue working on the UFO's?! :) 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

OPAM March finishes - Trivets, Mug Rugs and Table Toppers


April started with a sale in my Etsy shop! That feels good!

Some of the items in this blog post are already listed in my Etsy Shop and the others will be listed soon.  

Shame on me, I haven't worked on UFO's at all since my previous post! That doesn't mean I have not been sewing, I have. As you may remember, I love using up bits and pieces and that is what I have been doing. My latest craze is trivets! LOL They are so easy and fun to make. I love mug rugs too and have a few finishes as well as a couple of table toppers. 


This floral stripe was leftover from a few other finished items and was sitting here forever before I decided to add some matching fabric and make it into 3 different trivets. The piece of stripe was just enough for these 3 trivets. 

A piece of beautiful rose fabric, just enough for the center of this trivet. 

A piece of fun lobster fabric turned into 2 trivets. I got the fabric from my dear friend Kari (no blog) a couple of years ago. I still have enough for 2 more trivets, which will have a red border. 

A piece of rose fabric surrounded by dusty sage green. 
No bragging, but this one is definitely my favorite. 

Another leftover stripe and pink floral fabric - 2 trivets.

Table toppers

I'm a proud member of THE HOT BOBBIN team on Etsy. Every month there's a challenge to make a new item with a theme. So far so good, but for March the challenge was to make an item using purple and green fabrics. OOPS! I think the purple fabrics I have can be counted on two hands only. I had to gather a few here and a few there and it took me two weeks to come up with something. Green fabrics was a 'problem' too. In spite of having quite some greens, it's never the right green, isn't it?! :) 

I finally came up with this design for a table topper or candle mat. I used one light and one dark purple fabric, together with shamrock green and pretty pansies fabric. It was a fun challenge, far outside my comfort zone! :) 

And working with purple... I had totally forgotten this beautiful pansies fabric. I added some purple with tiny white dots, and voila! A table runner.

Mug rugs

I have had these coffee mini panels forever and now the right time came to make them into mug rugs

Cafe Latte



Cafe Americano


I loved making these small items. It feels good doing small items after finishing 3 big quilts. Well, #3 I have left to hem, but that seems to take forever! 
Today I got fabric for the border on yet another UFO. I have the batting and backing so I think I should empty my sewing table and get going with the sandwiching - PHEW! :) 

To all my readers; HAPPY EASTER!