Sunday, December 29, 2019

Scrappy Log Cabin

Oh my! I can't believe I haven't blogged since July! 
No excuse! Priority has not been given, but now I feel the urge to start blogging again. (Let's see how that goes!) 
December came and in a few days this month is history too. Christmas Eve was spent together with dear friends and it could not have been more fun with two kids 3 and 6 y/o! 😊 Thank you dear friends, for spending the Eve with us!

There comes to a point when one is fed up making Christmas items. I believe we all are there, to a certain degree. That said; I love making Christmas items, but not 365 days a year. 
After pondering 'what to make next', I couldn't come up with any ideas. It ended up I pulled out my scrap strips (I'm making log cabin blocks from scraps off and on). For some years now (don't remember when I started), I have cut and collected 1.5 inch strips in different lengths from scraps and I'm quite sure they have multiplied every night!!! 

I have some traditional log cabin blocks (ready to be pieced together), but this time I got totally addicted to making this version. They are fun and super fast to make. Each block consists of 13 pieces and measure 7 inches finished. The only thing I had to keep an eye on, was not to get two pieces of the same fabric in the same block. These are fun 'I spy' blocks. Can you spot the two naughty kittens, wrapped Christmas presents, another kitten, spiderweb, fall leaves, cardinals, nurse hats? 

I have spent almost each day this month working on this large twin size quilt and last night the last row was added to the quilt. It measures about 70 x 91 inches (178 x 230 cm). It consists of 130 blocks, 1690 pieces sewn together. One has to be a bit insane to stay sane, isn't it?! 

I'm pleased with how it turned out. I don't have anything big enough for backing, have to hunt for a bargain! 😊

It's Sunday today, the weather is so-so; cyclonic weather conditions and I just saw we have a 'cyclone warning class 2'! Oh well, what would be better than a mug hot chocolate and chocolate muffin?! 
Have a great day!