Monday, November 14, 2016

Happiness is Scrappiness

So, I didn't live up to what I had in mind about one month ago; to blog more often. 
One month has passed without me writing one single word, and I have missed a lot in blog land.  I have been busy with custom orders and new items for my Etsy shop and have not given priorities to other things. 

I haven't touched the granny square blocks I blogged about one month ago. They are still sitting on the sewing table, staring at me. 
In between Etsy and custom orders, I have played with my scraps. 

These are 1.5 inch squares (cut), 1 inch finished. I made 2 blocks the other night and now I have 31 blocks. Each block has 36 squares x 31 blocks = 1116 squares. This is not going to be a unique Postage Stamp Quilt, I'm using several squares of the same fabrics because I want to use up bits and pieces instead of tossing them away. 

I pulled out a bag with flannel the other day, I needed some for a Christmas gift I'm working on. Question to myself: 'what do I do with these flannels'? SCRAPPY! Of course! :) 

In the bag I found some already cut 2.5 inch squares and 2.5 x 4.5 inches rectangles. Can't remember what I had in mind when I cut them? The idea now is to make one quilt with squares and another one with rectangles. Let's see how that pans out! :) 
First of all I have to finish that Christmas gift! 


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Granny Square Blocks - the beginning of a new quilt

Do you love (crocheted) Granny Squares
I do! I even have a GS UFO! Take a look here. Looking at the shelf next to where I'm sitting; they are still there, in a plastic bag! 

To make a granny square quilt has been on my bucket list for quite some time, but other items were given priority. While I was working on other items, the granny square quilt didn't slip my mind. After I made my first batik quilt, there were no questions; it had to be a batik granny square quilt! 

I've chosen a combination of green and brown batiks, to make a man cave quilt. These are all from my stash. I don't have many greens, as you can see, but it has to work with what I have! :) The light one is a very light mint green, it looks almost white. 

One of the blocks I've made. I cut 3 inch squares and trim the blocks to 11 inch square. 

After I took this photo last night, I've made 3 more. I still haven't decided on size, sashing or not, or how to place the blocks, it all depends on the fabric I have. I'm NOT going to buy more (she says! lol) except backing, don't have anything that is big enough whatever size it will be. 

Happy quilting! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Jelly Roll Race Quilt - Quiltsy Team Challenge

I'm back in blog land! 
My previous post was 6 months ago. I think I needed a break from blogging, it took me days to finish a blog post and I felt I didn't have anything to write about...
A break from blogging, but not from sewing. I have been busy with this, that and everything and now prepping Red Needle Quilts for the upcoming Holiday Season

This August, the Quiltsy Team on Etsy had a fun challenge for members to make a 'Jelly Roll Race' quilt. I must confess I had never heard of it, yep, had to google it! :) If you don't know what a JRR quilt is, click here .

I didn't have any 'jelly roll' so decided to cut 40  2-1/2 inch strips from some of the  batiks I have 'saved' - because they were too beautiful to be cut! (I know it's not only me! lol) I don't really like those precuts; jelly roll, charm packs etc, they are too 'linty'.


It was a fun quilt to make and I was rather surprised how fast it was done. So if you have a 'jelly roll' just sitting there and you don't know what to do with it, why not turn it into a 'JRR' quilt? It is said it can be done in one hour (or so). I didn't look at the clock when I started or finished, but I know it took me more than one hour! Important coffee breaks in between! :) 

Love how it turned out, bright and colorful.

I quilted it in an allover loopy swirls pattern.
Quilt size: 56-3/4 x 71 inches / 144 x 180 cm

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop

Want to see more? Take a look over at Quiltsy Team to see some of the other 'Jelly Roll Race' quilts .


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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My latest scrappy craze and Dear Nina

While waiting for 'Dear Nina' to return home, I came up with a zillion ideas for new projects. 
I know, of course, that only a few will be put into action! :) 
In this post I talked about the 1.5 inch wide strips I have cut from scraps, cutting some of them into 1.5 inch squares for a Postage Stamp Quilt. Looking for something else the other day, I discovered another small box with strips! Yep, I had totally forgotten about that one! More strips to play with, can't be better, can it?! 

Well, while 'Dear Nina' was 'ill', I came up with the idea to turn the 1.5 inch strips into a scrappy log cabin quilt! 

Here's the test block I did today. 
For the center, I have used a charm from the swaps I have participated in earlier and the strips are from projects I have made over the last years. The block measures 8 inch square sewn into quilt. Love the scrappy look! 

A few of the strips. I figured out I have to sort it all into light and dark fabric and cut the strips into the lengths I need for each block. A tedious job, but it will make life easier when I piece the strips together. 

'Dear Nina' returned home yesterday! Yippee!

... and here's the culprit (most probably); the L-board / power supply.
'Nina' has a new power supply now and I hope she won't do more jamming (I've learnt a new tech word!) now! If she acts up again, the next to be done is to change the S-board (motherboard). HOPE NOT! (That's an expensive thing!)

Now that 'Dear Nina' is up running again, I have a custom order to work on and several UFO's. Got the backing fabric for a baby quilt and some table toppers. 
What do you do when it's more fun to work on scrappy projects than any other things?! 
Well, I have to do that custom order! That is going to be fun too! 

Happy Quilting! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Postage Stamp Quilt (PSQ) ready to quilt

In my previous post, I said there will be another post for the PSQ I'm working on and here it is

... it is ready to be quilted.
I took this photo before it was pinned properly and thread basted

I don't think it had happened if not 'Dear Nina' had decided 'it is no fun to sew'! 

Not sure what the problem is. Had the same problem back in December and the tech guy didn't find anything wrong after running test programs etc. I took her home and it has worked perfectly since then, for now to act up again! It could be dust on a sensor and I also believe the high humidity here has an impact.... cotton dust + high humidity = cotton 'glue'? 
Well, here she is in her 'sulking' (carrying) bag ready for the tech guy on Tuesday. 

An empty sewing table! It's scary empty!!!
This had NOT happened if 'Dear Nina' had behaved! 

What else to do when you can't sew? Quilt top, batting and backing ready! 

It is made of 2.5 inch squares and all the squares are from swaps
I counted the squares some time ago but have forgotten how many there are... 

I did this post as a draft some days ago and here's an update on 'Dear Nina'.
The tech guy had to connect with Switzerland for support on 'Dear Nina's illness'. He called back yesterday and could tell it is the power supply and that the L-board (power supply) has to be changed. Fortunate he has one in stock, he said, and hopefully 'Dear Nina' will be home today or tomorrow! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Do I really have a problem?

Some days ago - after talking about boxes and boxes with squares, and that hubby threatens to move out because it's not space for him anymore - one said to me; 'you have a problem'! LOL 

... and here is my 'problem'...

Yep! Boxes with squares in different sizes!
The squares are sorted on sizes and some boxes had squares in different sizes. Spent some time today organizing and cutting more scraps. Reduced the amount of boxes with three, a good sign! :)

I think I have to show you what is hidden in some of the boxes

This one, it's the large black one to the top right on the first photo.
It consists of 5500 2 inch squares, all from earlier swaps. Still it's not enough squares (from swaps) for a King size quilt (108 x 108 inch)! :) lol I do not plan to make a King size though, even if that had been fun! The problem will be to quilt it on my 'Dear Nina'. 6400 2 inch squares are needed to make a King size quilt! 

Christmas fabric - 2 inch squares. I have no clue how many there are, I haven't counted.

These boxes consist of 2 and 2.5 inch squares. Some are for a possible next swap (it's not confirmed it will be another swap this year) and some are just for me. :) The box to the right consists of orphan blocks and HST (half squares triangles). The idea is to make a 'wild' quilt using up all those HST's. 

2.5 inch squares. No counts. 

Batiks..... need to cut more.... The idea was to cut and sell small packages containing 50 squares each. I did it 3-4 years ago and sold it all on Etsy as well as eBay.

You may wonder; 'what does she do with all those squares'? 
My answer is; 'I'm addicted and I'm working on it!' :) 

I have just finished thread basting my second Postage Stamp Quilt where I have used squares entirely from swaps. 
That will be another post. :) You can see the first one I made from swaps here 


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Finishes

Can you believe we are into March already?! Where did the two first months of the year go?? 
I haven't done a lot of sewing lately, it is too hot and too humid. OK, I promise; I'm not going to say more about that, except that the last days have been bearable. It's cloudy, thunderstorms and it has cooled down a bit. 

I have a few finishes for February 

If you read this post earlier this month, I was working on an Easter lilies table runner.
It's finished! 

A set of two placemats. Love this fabric line, beautiful summer placemats for the porch.

A nurse mug rug I finished long time ago, but since the photos didn't turn out as I wanted them, I had to retake some of them. 

A couple of Easter Egg mug rugs

A custom order popped in just before the weekend

... two 'plain' mug rugs - 8 x 11 inch - to a repeat buyer in the US.
Thank you Karen! 

I'm currently working on some Easter placemats. The 'plan' was to add the binding today. It's noon and I haven't touched the sewing machine! Not a surprise; me and plans don't work together, that's a fact! :)

I usually buy batting from Hancocks when they offer 20% off site wide. I ordered two 'Queen' bats at the end of December and I finally got it a few days ago (February 24)! It took 7 days before it was shipped, it took exactly 4 weeks to land in Mauritius, 7 days at the custom before I got the notice to pick it up at the custom. We don't go to custom if we don't have too, we get the package sent to our local PO. That again took another 7 days! I have received other packages from the US this year that have not gone through custom and it seems to me packages take longer time compared to last year, why is that? Perhaps there are more check points? Doesn't really matter, the most important is the packages find their way to this tiny fly shit in the middle of nowhere! :) (That's hubby's words!) 

Wishing you all a happy and creative March! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lack of motivation ends up in.....

.... attacking two shoe boxes containing 1.5 inch wide strips in various lengths. 

I hate this time of the year in sub tropical Mauritius!
It's hot! It's humid! It's sticky! It's icky! We don't have extreme heat; we are halfway on the plateau and temps are about  +30C / 86F. Not that hot. It's the high humidity, it's rare it goes below 70% during the rainy- and cyclone season. Yesterday afternoon we had rain, wonderful rain! I love it! It cools it down a bit, for so to heat up again when the sun shines. 

So, not feeling motivated to sew, I have been sewing. HA! Yes, I have been playing with 1.5 inch wide strips and squares

Two shoe boxes - on small and one big - 1.5 inch strips in various lengths. The idea when I cut them was a strip quilt, but now I'm not sure what will be left if I continue to cut the strips into 1.5 inch squares. 

Not motivated to work on other projects, I loved playing with these small 1.5 inch squares. 
Each block measures 6-1/2 inch square before sewn into quilt.

I made quite some progress and have 13 blocks. 
I have yet to decide on how I want it; plain PSQ (with duplicates) or an on point quilt. For now I will continue to make the blocks. OOOOOH! I love them! :) 

I went totally crazy when I saw 'Rural Jardin' by French General / Moda some years ago!
I bought the fabrics just because of the beauty and had no projects in mind. I have pulled out the fabrics again, washed them and here they are; 26-1/2 yards + one charm pack! What do I make out of all these fabrics? Any suggestions? I have decided to make some table runners, but I can't make TR's out of all those yards! lol

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A WIP and some January finishes

Low pressure and rain over the last days. I love it! Yesterday morning I had to go to town - in the rain. It doesn't take more than 15-20 minutes by foot. I did the grocery shopping, walked home and came home soaked. It doesn't bother me at all to get soaked, as long as I'm on my way home to a shower, dry clothes and a yummy cuppa thereafter. Love the tropical rain; it's warm! 
Not a good day today though; torrential rain and the worst hit is the Northern part. Schools have been closed for the last couple of days, offices closed at 11:00 today, houses flooded, roads closed etc. We are fine, we got less than half of the rainfall they got North. 
No venture out for me today. I have spent the day working on an Easter table runner

This is the layout from yesterday. Blocks and set-in triangles are sewn together and it is ready for quilting.
The fabrics for the top are washed so I washed the backing fabric yesterday afternoon. How do I expect it to dry on the line in 94% humidity?! lol 

UPDATE: This was written earlier this week. Weather has improved, but we still have localized thunderstorms.

I have several finishes and most of them are for sale in my Etsy Shop

A pair of Valentine's Day place mats. 
SOLD to the US. 

Valentine's Day wall hanging

Nurse mug rug. Love making these!

Table runner

Another one...

Last one...

... and a table topper or candle mat.
Love these fabrics!

Actually I have made three like this one. I made the first one in December that sold. The customer loves it and placed an order for a second one that is now off to the US. The third I made is for sale in my shop. Love these fabrics too! 

A fall table runner that I finished last year. It has been sitting on my sewing table, waiting for me to take photos. 

Nurse mug rug

Another one... 

We are having a break from hiking during these hot & humid summer months. Instead, I'm trying out some new recipes and here's one I did some days ago.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

QQQ UFO Challenge 2016

How often does life come in the way? .... I'm asking myself this question today - February 2, 2016. 
Why, you may ask? Because I intended to be a better blogger this year, but it is already February and I have done only one blog post at the beginning of the year! 
The plan was to do a blog post last weekend. For me, to make plans is a waste; plans always fail and 'of course' the plan to blog last weekend failed too! Not my fault this time; I-net connection was off for 6 days! One week without access to I-net or access to my Etsy shop, is that acceptable?! NO! Fortunate the local Post Office has I-net access and I was able to check in a couple of times during the week.

Well, that's history now! :) 
Today I'm going to show you my UFO's. Yep, we all have UFO's, don't we?! :) 
Quilts Quilts Quilts! Etsy team is hosting the UFO Challenge 2016 and deadline for the entries was January 31, 2016. You can see the entries here. I've added only a few of my UFO's and hope to finish them all before end of July 2016 (deadline). 

This is my favorite UFO; Postage Stamp Quilt. 
I have used 2.5 inch charms from swaps only. The quilt is ready to be quilted, hope to get the batting this week.

Heaps with HST (Half Square Triangles). It should be enough for two small baby quilts.
For this one, I have to buy backing, don't have anything suitable.

Flannel baby quilt. I've had these fabrics F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Time to make something out of them. Have everything that is needed.  

Another heap with squares. The idea is a lap quilt, but time will show what comes out of these fabrics. 

This butterflies bag has been sitting here another year! I intended to finish is last year, but it's still the same! :) 

The same with this one; ZERO PROGRESS! The 'Izzat Biryani' is a rice bag from Pakistan. These bags are strong and perfect for reusing together with old jeans for grocery shopping bags. 

...and a few other UFO's not listed for the challenge...

An Advent Calendar that needs binding. Don't have anything that fits...

Boring place mats! Not sure I like them... I don't have binding for these either... 

Two Christmas stockings, I'm turning them into two small wall hangings. 
I think I have fabrics for the red one, but not sure about the other one....

I have a few more UFO's, but not sure I'm going to do anything to them in near future.