Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My latest scrappy craze and Dear Nina

While waiting for 'Dear Nina' to return home, I came up with a zillion ideas for new projects. 
I know, of course, that only a few will be put into action! :) 
In this post I talked about the 1.5 inch wide strips I have cut from scraps, cutting some of them into 1.5 inch squares for a Postage Stamp Quilt. Looking for something else the other day, I discovered another small box with strips! Yep, I had totally forgotten about that one! More strips to play with, can't be better, can it?! 

Well, while 'Dear Nina' was 'ill', I came up with the idea to turn the 1.5 inch strips into a scrappy log cabin quilt! 

Here's the test block I did today. 
For the center, I have used a charm from the swaps I have participated in earlier and the strips are from projects I have made over the last years. The block measures 8 inch square sewn into quilt. Love the scrappy look! 

A few of the strips. I figured out I have to sort it all into light and dark fabric and cut the strips into the lengths I need for each block. A tedious job, but it will make life easier when I piece the strips together. 

'Dear Nina' returned home yesterday! Yippee!

... and here's the culprit (most probably); the L-board / power supply.
'Nina' has a new power supply now and I hope she won't do more jamming (I've learnt a new tech word!) now! If she acts up again, the next to be done is to change the S-board (motherboard). HOPE NOT! (That's an expensive thing!)

Now that 'Dear Nina' is up running again, I have a custom order to work on and several UFO's. Got the backing fabric for a baby quilt and some table toppers. 
What do you do when it's more fun to work on scrappy projects than any other things?! 
Well, I have to do that custom order! That is going to be fun too! 

Happy Quilting! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think I am glad that I do not have a complicated electronic sewing machine - I would hate to have to get the electronic parts replaced costing a lot to do. I like your scrappy log cabin and that gives me a perfect idea to use some of my strings for - I should look through them and get them sliced to 1.5 inches like you did, separate to light and dark and get busy - but will I? LOL

Janie Bettis said...

Love your scrappy log cabin, Astrid. You are pretty amazing, tackling all those bitty scraps. You sure turn them into great quilts!
Hoping Nina stays well.

StephsQults said...

Love you chatty blog posts and of course your scrappy log cabin idea, goes without saying as I am a scrap addict myself LOL. So glad Nina is back safe and sound, do hope no more troubles.

Sharon said...

Love that scrappy log cabin! Lots of fun to make and so many ways to set blocks together. I made mine with 2.5" strips. And then a tiny one with 1/4" strips. Crazy but cute. :D

Sharon said...

Fun scrappy cabin! If you want to get really crazy then try using 1/4 " strips...

Birthe Marie said...

Ja, scrap blir det mye av etter alle prosjektene våre. En fin blokk du har sydd, og det en fin måte å få brukt restene på.. Kjedelig nåe symaskinen svikter, men bra du har fått den hjem igjen, og håper den holder seg frisk nå. Takk for hyggelig kommentar på min blogg! :-)

Karen S said...

So pleased to see your machine is home and in good working order.
Love to see the blocks you are playing with. Love log cabins.