Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jiffy-quilt (UFO #5) finished

I'm happy! I have finished UFO #5 this year!
Do you remember this quilt? It was supposed to be backing for the  split hourglass quilt (using scraps from that quilt), but decided against it when I saw how it turned out - too pretty for backing! :) You can read more about the Jiffy-quilt here.

It feels wonderful to have used scraps for the entire quilt! Some of the fabrics I bought here when I started quilting 5-6 years ago and others I received from my friend Ragna (no blog) in Norway. Ragna, if you read this, I'm sure you recognize "your" fabrics! :)
For the backing I have used an "old" bed sheet, which was too good to be thrown. For the quilting I have done straight lines.
I have done the same "mistake" for this quilt; made (supposed to be) the backing out of "error-blocks" and scraps.... DH was almost screaming when I told him "this is the backing for the Jiffy-quilt"! He said; "NO! This "backing" is too beautiful for backing, you have to make it another quilt"! PHEEEW!!!!!!!!! So now that backing has turned into another scrappy quilt top, which is already sandwiched and pinned, ready to be basted and quilted! Seems like I never run out of work - haha! :))
More about that "backing" / quilt in another post! :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1200 inches binding in less than one month - part 2

Since I have some finishes and quite some photos, I thought it is better to do two posts instead of overloading you with photos in one post! :)

This morning I got DH to stretch a line from the coconut tree to the neighbor's wall, for easier taking photos of the big quilts. This side of our garden faces East, and since the sun has to "climb over a small mountain" to reach this area, it should be one of the more convenient places to take photos out of the strong glare from the sun.

Second UFO finished is the Star Burst mystery quilt.

Brave enough to do FMQ on this one too! :) I have chosen Superior Thread's King Tut #1003 for the quilting, and I just love the effect the black & red thread does on the charcoal background! The reds look like small worms - lol!  To enlarge, click on the photo.

Third UFO finished, is the Pinwheel quilt...

I wasn't sure I liked this collection when I bought it, but after adding it together with the white tone-on-tone for the pinwheels and the light, narrow border, I changed my mind; I do love it! :)

More practising on FMQ...

I have quite a bit to go before all the stitches are even, but as I have mentioned earlier; it is all about practising!

Fabrics used in this quilt is "Evening Mist" by Sentimental Studio (Moda). I've used one layer cake and some extra fabric for the border. For the pinwheels and narrow, light border, I have used fabric from my stash.

I still have an "Evening Mist" jelly roll, but have yet to decide on that one...

The baby quilt is not a UFO. I began working on it just after New Year, if not mistaken.
It's a scrappy quilt, all fabrics from my stash.

I've used blue, pink, green and white tone-on-tone for the background.

No fancy FMQ on this one; quilted in the ditch.

The last days I'm working on another UFO; the Jiffy quilt, which I hope to finish within 1-2 or maybe 3 days. :)

1200 inches binding in less than one month - part 1

Hi there! I'm back again and I hope you have missed me! :) (I'll feel bad if you haven't - lol!)
The reason for being MIA (missing in action) is our laptop died almost 4 weeks ago. We haven't taken it to the repair shop yet, have to go to Port Louis (the capital) for that. The technician (where we bought the laptop) suggests it might be overheating, which is a weakness on Acer's. We don't know how much damage is caused and if it is worth repairing it. It is not more than 2 years old, so it should last longer, but.... OK, we shall see...
In the meantime, we have bought a brand new CPU, which I hope lasts many years to come. My oldie (10 years old Dell) still kicks, but I use it only for pen palling etc and not on I-net, too slow for that. I'm happy, because I can still use my ergonomic keyboard, where I can rest my underarms while typing, and the 19" monitor! :)
Well, an advantage not being able to fuss on the I-net, is I have been busy finishing some UFO's from last year and a few new projects, hence the heading of this post. The disadvantage is I have missed you all! I have missed many blog posts, but now I hope to be able to catch up regularely again.

I have quite some photos to share, so I will have to do two posts. First UFO out is the TG-quilt, the biggest of them all! After I did FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) on the Pinwheel quilt - previous post - I gained courage to do it on this one too! FMQ is all about practising; I don't know what you are made of if you do it perfect the first time you try! :) The more you practise, the more hooked you get! I know! It's FUN!!!  

Most of the fabrics used in this quilt are Tina Givens design, except the turquoise and brown for the sashing.

Part of the quilting...  

... the sashing...

I love this brown and turquoise fabric!

...the corner...

It's never easy to take photos outside; either the glare from the sun is too strong, it is too dark (lots of greenery around), or it is too windy! Rarely there's a perfect day for photographing! I did the photos in the early morning. It was calm when I started, but "of course" it had to start blowing before I got finished! That is why some of the photos are out of focus - sorry about that!

I have finished some mug rugs too...

All fabrics for the mug rugs are from my scraps. Wonderful way to use scraps!

Yes, I have a new mug too! :)

I've done some cooking too, take a look here.