Thursday, July 15, 2010

Backing turned into jiffy quilt

Have I confused you with the head line? Read on...
You may remember I made this quilt some time ago? The top is done, but I didn't decide on backing at that time. After some deep-thinking over the last couple of weeks, I decided to use leftover fabrics from the quilt to make the backing. I already had some pieces that were already cut into 4,5 inch strips, so I decided to re cut them into 14 inch long. I divided the fabrics into groups of colors; red, blue, purple/lilac etc. I thought I had enough fabrics, but I had to add a few light colors from my stash.

I kept cutting and adding strips horizontal and vertical....
As the supposed quilt backing progressed, I slowly changed my mind...
I love it too much using it for backing! A new quilt top was born - in a jiffy; hence the name "Jiffy Quilt". :)
It went really fast adding the strips together.

I'm very happy with it, because I have used fabrics from my oldest stash! Most of the fabrics I got from my friend Ragna (no blog) 4-5 years ago and some of the other fabrics I bought here (that long ago too) - when there still was a shop selling suitable cotton fabrics. No idea what happened to that shop; it's no more...

After finishing the quilt top, I was left with some strips. I've made two tops (in blue) for small table runners for our kitchen/dining room (forgot to take a photo of them), and two other table runners in purple/orange.

These are far outside my comfort zone when it comes to colors, and I think they look a bit dull too, don't they? My idea is to applique either some hibiscus in orange or green leaves to brighten it up a bit - what do you think? I'm also thinking of fussy cutting some hibiscuses for the applique....
Dear readers - I'll appreciate your opinion! :)


Diane (no blog) at NNC is organizing a 9-patch blocks swap. We voted for bright floral and white tone-on-tone, and to make two 12,5 inch blocks each. We are only five participants.
Here are the two blocks I've made for the swap.

I have already received two blocks from Janet - thanks Janet! :)


And finally.... "Marion's Quilt" (from my previous post).
I thought a border would be nice, and here it is. I added red, yellow and red strips together and did a mitered border. It's the first time I didn't have to struggle with mittered borders! :))
Now it's ready for batting & backing! :)


"Winter-weather" in Mauritius!

The photo is taken from my sewing room a couple of days ago, when we had such a lousy weather. On sunny days I see the sea from here.... Do you see the sea?!
Right now I'm seeing the sea, from where I'm sitting. :)


The Heart of Paul said...

LOL I think it's a waste to be used as a backing. Just make another quilt since you're already on a roll. LOL

Yes I think hibiscus and leaves too for the blue one. Just go ahead since the borders already have radical colours.

Is that greyish part of the picture the 'sea'?

Janet C said...

I like the way you put together your 'Jiffy Quilt'. However, I not quite sure about purple/orange table runners. I think the borders clashes with the centre strips. Perhaps you could just use a solid bright colour for the borders to brighten it up!
You're welcome to the 9-patch blocks and I do have a blog, but be warned I'm not frequent in posting! :p

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello, what a great quilt you have made...and all coming from making the backing!!!
No I don't think the table runners look too dull...they look perfect for warm weather!!! Your weather looks like ours did last week!!! Have a great Friday...Dzintra♥x

Notjustnat said...

You are on your way to become re-purpose queen like me - Another great quilt for someone lucky - Hugs Nat

Dirt Lover said...

Astrid, you are so clever!! I love your new Jiffy Quilt. And you've used up some of your stash! When I make quilts, I usually do some sort of back art on them. Oh, my niece, Patricia, made a reversible quilt. One that had no back. It turned out great. -- Your hibiscus question; I think you should do some sort of applique bringing the colors of the border into the middle. Hibiscus would be very pretty. Definitely put some leaves in it. I really like Marion's Quilt. Love the boarder. Be sure to show us when you get it done! Seems so funny to see your winter weather, when it's supposed to be over 100 here today. Stay inside and quilt!

Michelle said...

LOL! I agree, if you'd have allowed that beauty to be the backing, no one would know which side of the quilt was the front! Wonderful.

Um, yes orange hibiscus would be lovely. :-)

Lovely floral in your 9 patch blocks!

Your border on Marion's quilt is just perfect. :-)

You've got a gorgeous view. One day you'll have to tell us how you came to retire to Mauritius, you lucky gal!

karenfae said...

yes that quilt is too good to be the backing! great job and yes a backing turned into a quilt top can be a good thing can't it.

Joanne said...

I haven't been visiting in blogland for over a month and I have sorely missed you. You have been busy girl! Love your new shelves ! It is like getting a new room when piles are cleared away!
The log cabin quilt came out gorgeous! The colors are stunning and the binding was perfect. I like the way you finally put the squares together... it is square but looks like a rectangle! Very cool optical illusion!
And at last the Jiffy Quilt ... it made me laugh to read the story. We quilters are so very clever, aren't we? It is good to be back. See ya!

Joanne said...

P.S. The fabrics for the table runners are definitely an unusual mix, but I like it. I like the idea of the applique ... Big bright flowers on it .... red, or orange or yellow with pretty bright green leaves. Yep, that would be good!!

heather said...

The Jiffy quilt is definitely too fabulous to be a backing. But now you have twice the problem since you need to come up backings for two quilts! Lol.