Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday out - Mahebourg and Blue Bay

I don't know for how many days we've talked about going South, but the weather has not been on our side. Friday last week there were no down pours in the morning, so we headed out. We decided to take the Mahebourg Express bus from Port Louis, which takes the shortest time; approx one hour to reach Mahebourg. It means a 20-minutes walk to the bus stand, but that is OK.
We had decided to walk from Mahebourg to Blue Bay, but first of all we had to meet aunt Lila. It was so great to see her again, after more than 2 years! Yes, we should be ashamed, shouldn't we?! 2 years is a very long time, especially when it doesn't take more than approx one hour to get there.... But sadly that is how it has turned out to be; family members/relatives get to meet only at weddings and funerals, because they "don't have time" to meet each other more often!

We had a stroll in town to find something to eat before we started our walk to Blue Bay. I had to take a short walk down to the Waterfront, just to drool over this beauty of a place; the tiny island with the cute, little house...

Isn't it idyllic?!

Majestic Lion Mountain, just outside Mahebourg. It is possible to climb the mountain, but so far we haven't done it.

On the way to Blue Bay... This is a huge rubber tree! I remember when living in Norway I struggled to get a rubber plant growing - here they become monsters! DH is standing under the tree.... look how tiny he is compared! :) 

The entrance to Preskil Beach Resort, one of the many resorts on the island.

Part of the resort.

We reached Blue Bay after approx 1,5 hours walk - a distance of 6,5 km (4 miles). It is said Blue Bay is the most beautiful beach on the island, and yes - I agree.
This is the area most people gather and during the weekends it is very crowded. Children in Mauritius have 4 weeks school holiday now, so there were quite some people here. We knew this area from earlier, so we went to the left, out of the crowd. That part of the beach was deserted - wonderful! We met a nice police guy, chatted with him and spent some time just relaxing after the walk, and smelt the sea air.

Here I am - enjoying a rest and the fresh air!

Instead of walking it all the way back to Mahebourg, we took the "short-cut" from Blue Bay to Beau Vallon. OMGosh what a long and boring road! In the beginning, it goes through part of Blue Bay and then all it is to see are fields after fields with sugarcanes - on both sides of the road. The only exciting thing we saw, were a few planes that took off from the airport. (If that is exciting!)
I believe the distance of this road is approx 4 km (2,5 miles). We waited approx 10 minutes for the bus back home, and had another walk of approx 1 km (0.6 miles).
All in all we did approx 13 km (8 miles) walking, which we really enjoyed.

I didn't take as many photos as I wanted, because the batteries of my camera went flat even if they were charged the whole night. This area of Mauritius is very picturesque. We'd like to do another trip to the Mahebourg area soon again.... More interesting places to be seen.


karenfae said...

I am just amazed at how much you have to walk and ride buses there. Do only a few people have cars to drive? I couldn't imagine not having one. Thanks for sharing your trip it all looks so pretty.

Michelle said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing your beautiful holiday pictures. Of course, your home area is really pretty too. Lucky gal!

What language is spoken there?

PJs Lapperier. said...

Ser helt underbart ut!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

A beautiful place you have shown us...Dzintra♥x

Kjerstis løse tråder said...

Jeg leser om turen din til Blue Ray, og så vidunderlig deilig det ser ut! Nydelige bilder!

Fleurette said...

Oh the beach is beautiful! Love all the photos, thanks for sharing.