Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's under the needle! A win and a new project

I haven't done much sewing over the last couple of weeks.... Thinking back... what have I been up to?! Well, I have been cutting squares and jelly roll strips... I don't think I have mentioned it here earlier; I sell squares, jelly roll and fabrics on Etsy and eBay. I came to the conclusion last year that I have way too much fabrics that never will be used, so why not try to sell some of it? And for the little amount I get, I can buy new fabrics - LOL! :) Cutting and preparing those little packets with squares and jelly rolls takes quite some time; hence not much time for sewing.
Over the weekend I worked entirely on the Postage Stamp Quilt. Yesterday I started quilting it. I do straight seams, which I think will look best. I'm halfway through the long side. My goal is to finish it this month! She said... hahaha! :)

Any of you who are using these quilt clips or something similar for holding the quilt in place when quilting?  I bought them from Keepsake Quilting some years ago... They make quilting easier, because they hold the already quilted part in place.
I've started a new project! :)) An autumn wall quilt!
I bought the fabrics 5 years ago! Love the panel blocks and the stripe! :)  
I always say 'I never win'! But look; I've won! :)
Every month this year I've signed up to join 'Nothing But UFO's in 2013', hosted by Carrie at A Passion for Applique. Every month we list three UFO's to work on and at the end of the month we have to finish at least one of the UFO's to be in the draw for a prize.
I am one of the lucky winners for March 2013 draw! (Yes, I know, a long overdue post!)

Two pieces of beautiful fabrics, two skeins embroidery floss from The Gentle Arts (which I love) and a gorgeous sewing companion from KaHolly.   

There are treasures inside the sewing companion;
scissor, seam ripper, needle book and a cute charm 'I love to quilt'. :)
A HUGE THANK YOU to Carrie who is hosting 'Nothing But UFO's in 2013' and Karen at KaHolly for donating the sewing companion! I LOVE IT ALL!!! :)  
I have been baking too, take a look here and here. :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

On slow motion, but still some progress....

I've been on slow motion for the last week... First today (after 9 days), I'm feeling much better from the flu. Hurray! :) I haven't felt for doing much and I have not even been out of the house! Before I got sick, I finished some mug rugs....
Here's a set of two with a matching teapot mat. 
Another pair of mug rugs......
I haven't felt for any sewing, but in between several breaks (catnaps in the middle of the days) I have done some progress on the UFO's.
This is the 'Blogger's BOM'. I finished the top at the end of last year. I was not supposed to work on this one this month - see my previous post - but when I got the backing fabric in the mail early last week, I couldn't restrain! :) Here it is thread basted and ready to be quilted. Since there are different blocks, I have yet to decide on how to quilt it...
'Love is'..... Another UFO...  This is a twin size quilt... Couldn't decide on backing and I didn't want to purchase more fabric from the US right now... the quilt is almost 80 x 90 inches, which requires about 7 1/4 yards fabric... With the shipping it had cost me approx $100! Not that I am stingy - LOL - but I really want to use what I already have.... I remembered I had an 'old' flannel bed sheet, which fit perfect to the quilt! It is pin basted and ready to be thread basted. 
I've also thread basted the 'Rustic Retreat' wall quilt to my dear friend Johnny.
Ready to be quilted. :)
Before I got sick, we went to the Tamil festival 'Sittirai Cavadee' - if interested, you can see photos here.