Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April UFO finishes and my goal for May

It had to happen; the flu found its way to me too! :( Coughing, sneezing, sweating... you all know it! I must say I have been very fortunate; no flu for about two years and I do not take any vaccination. I had almost forgotten how it feels when it hits - LOL! Life has been very slow over the last couple of days, but I believe if the bug hadn't hit me, most probably I had not managed to finish one UFO! Feeling slack, I don't feel for doing much, except a little bit hand stitching.
The 'Love is' #1 crib quilt is finally done! :)
The last stitches were done this morning.
All the text in each block is outlined using 2 strand DMC embroidery floss.
Are you tired of seeing the Postage Stamp quilt once again?! I'm tired of showing it still as a UFO! :) Well, since this post I have added the borders and it is now ready to be sandwiched. I was so sure I had enough backing.... NO! :( More is on its way from the US, so hopefully it will be finished during May!
'Love is' #2 is slightly bigger and more squarish than the crib quilt.
It is quilted, and what has to be done now is to outline details and text on the small blocks (as I did with the crib quilt). It is a bit confusing since I have used the same fabrics, same backing and same binding... :)
The third UFO I want to work on for May is yet another one where I have used Nancy Halvorsen fabrics. I was rather hooked on her fabrics, but there are limits to everything, isn't it?! :) 
For this quilt I have used a mix of different fabric lines; 'Love is', 'Cidermill Road' and I think there are a few fabrics from one of her Christmas fabrics too. Since it doesn't look very Christmas-y that doesn't really matter! :) Good thing with this one is there's no blocks where I have to outline most of the details! :)
I have finished a UFO that has been sitting there for about two years... if not mistaken!
A pair of Capri pants! Capri pants is usually what I wear all year round in this tropical climate. I had one that was almost going into powder - lol - so I ripped all the seams and used each piece for pattern. It worked well! This pair is one size too big, but that doesn't really matter since I'm going to wear it at home. :)
I bought some linen/cotton fabric some years ago... I think I will make one or two more, because they are something I badly need.  
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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I need to make some capri pants as well - good idea to rip apart an old pair to use as a pattern.
I love all of the quilts.
Sorry you have been sick, I always get the shot and have only had the flu once years ago - about 20 - and it was a very mild case. Get well soon it takes a lot out of you.
Don't forget to enter my give away!

Hilachas said...

Astrid, it's sad that you got the flu. I hope you are recovering quickly. Still, it seems like you are accomplishing a lot with your sewing. Your postage stamp is way ahead of mine and looking good.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

You have been very busy Astrid! And I like those Capri pants...what a good idea to pull some apart and take a pattern from there!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, you poor thing. So sorry to hear you are sick. Get well soon. Your finished quilt is fabulous. I like the borders on your postage stamp quilt. Looks great.

PJs Lapperier said...

J├Ąttefina toppen/Pirjo

Karen said...

Great to see the little quilts finished and the big one making progress.Hope you are feeling much better!!